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September 22 2019

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Thread Author: -SD-
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Xbox One
As with the PlayStation 4, I thought it'd be worth having a single thread with all the news and rumours now the One has been officially revealed.
Edited by -SD- on 21. May 2013 20:50
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Very nice htpc. Instant win for Sony.
So now they are calling it Xbox One? Seems a bit backwards.
The most unexciting console launch in history! They dont even seem to have revealed full specs. did they reveal any games? since most of the pages on the net I looked at didnt seem to show any. I guess they must have done...

The most amazing thing was how Microsoft managed to keep the name secret. That really was impressive.

also is this it?

it looks like my old Sony Betamax

(btw I only own an XBox 360 this gen so no problem with Microsoft but they have to do better than this to get my money. hope to see something better soon. All that connectivity/social media stuff is dull by itself)
Edited by RiKo on 21. May 2013 23:04
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Yeah, I'm gonna take a total pass on this that some of the rumors going on this system are indeed true and/or modified as of late...

No Backwards Compatibility
Disc Authentication (and other random BS in place of that)
and some random stuff too.

So yeah...>_>
They didn't announce many games because that's what their E3 conference is going to be about. This way they don't have to waste time at E3 revealing their new system and they can just do nothing but show games, which is an awesome idea.

Right now it's hard to say I'll jump on board right away. I don't care about Call of Duty or EA Sports which doesn't leave much for me just yet. We'll see how I feel after E3 though.

Oh, and why is backwards compatibility such a big deal for people? When you bring the new system into your home do you expect your old one to just explode or something? My Dreamcast doesn't play my Saturn games, doesn't mean that Nights doesn't exist anymore.
Yeah, but some people are like that, I know its either not a good/bad thing, but how about all the $$$ spent over stuff like XBLA, On Demand, and DLC Add-Ons all across the 360, I know they're still gonna support it even when the X1 is out, but hey, would have been nice if the carried all that stuff over. :/
Horrible, horrible, horrible name even worse (name) than WiiU. Good heavens, I thought that wasn't even possible.

As reelmojo has already said, this was the console reveal, not a game reveal. Games won't be revealed until three weeks from now. With that said no specs? They're scared to reveal them. The current rumor is it's only half as powerful as the PS4 is said to be.

Am I the only one who thinks Sony's claim of high power is just smoke and mirrors? In other words, if the Xbox isn't as powerful as the PS4, won't the PS4 only be marginally more powerful than the Xbox (not close to a super high end processor of today, as implied)? Not to derail, but this rumor makes me call bullsh*t on Sony's claim...

And it's confirmed: always online; I love how they kneaded that gently into the mix. The devil comes in sheep's clothes folks.

Oh, and that cross style d-pad makes me want to get violent (I jest)!
Edited by shion on 22. May 2013 18:13
I think the main concept behind the name is that most people are just going to refer to it as "The One" which I have to admit makes it sound pretty damn awesome. On the other hand, whenever I read XBox One it just makes me think of the original XBox. Not sure I'll ever get over that.

The always on thing is both disheartening and interesting with the way it's being implemented. Time will tell if it's just fancy new DRM or if it actually greatly enhances gameplay experiences. Tying each purchased game to one console/profile also sucks big time, although we don't have all of the specifics yet. If I borrow a game from a friend and have to pay a $5 fee to play it on my console that sucks but it's no where near as bad as if they make us pay the full price as if we bought it new. Again, time will tell exactly how all of this works.

The console's actual features look very impressive and I'm very interested in how the interface works. Switching seamlessly from games to TV simply by telling the console you want to do so, and with almost zero load time, feels like a futuristic pipe dream. The possibilities for this new interface seem endless and are pretty exciting. Also, reading how the new Kinect works is like reading science fiction. It can read your heart rate just by seeing your face, it can see in the dark, it can fully track the smallest movement details and facial features of six people simultaneously... just wow. And the fact that it's integrated into every system and not just an add on means game support for it won't be relegated to mostly gimmicky family games and screaming "audible!" at Madden.

Like I always say in these situations though, I'm not buying a damn thing unless it has games I want to play. PS4 already has one exclusive game announced that I really want (Infamous: Second Son) so we'll see what E3 brings for The One. We already know one of Rare's old franchises is getting a new game. But as much as I'd like it to be the long lost Kameo sequel or a new Snake Rattle 'N Roll it'll probably be Killer Instinct.
This will of course be graphically amazing if the negative things being said about it are true however its gonna be a pass for me. Used games make up way over half of the gaming I do so having to pay a fee for that can not and will not work for me and a lot of other people I suspect. Concerning the Rare news I figure it may come down to KI or maybe even Battletoads...hard to say but either way it will be awesome(maybe)
Microsoft recently obtained the rights to Killer Instinct, that's why that's my guess. I hated KI back in the day so I can't say I'm looking forward to a new one. I do like the idea behind it though. Games that the fighting game community really latches onto are almost never exclusive to one console, so it'd be great for MS if KI was a huge hit. I don't see that happening though.

I stand by my hope that it'll be a new Kameo or Snake Rattle 'N Roll. A new RC Pro AM would be amazing too!

It just now dawned on me that it could also very well be a new Viva Pinata.

Unrelated: Crytek's Ryse is going to be a One exclusive. So that's something.
So which other consoles have backwards compatibility? ps4doesnnt have and everybody say that they choose ps4 over one putting that aside i think they just made a pc and named it xbiox one they said to themselves we will nake load of cash with this one Grin which i doubt that is going to happen well time will tell
Update 3: Xbox Support's Twitter has announced that there won't be a fee to share games with friends.

When asked if one could lend a game to a mate without them paying for it, Xbox Support confirmed, "You will not have to pay a *fee*. I can confirm that those reports are wrong."

As for a fee for buying and playing used games and providing it goes to the developers... well honestly if The One turns out to be a good machine and the games are good and the fee isn't high then it wouldnt bother me that much. Why? because used games are killing the games market. It's like a legal form of piracy.

This is a chart from 2011 but the used games market share is increasing year on year. These are huge amounts of money not going into making new games, and probably making new games more expensive.

Almost all of my games are used for 360 and that meant the developes got no money when i bought them. Good for me, bad for them. Ultimately bad for the games developers and a lot of them are closing down. People seem to expect to own 100's of games these days. but do we really need that many?

Also backwards compatability - if it's not going to be *exactly* the same then don't bother. I never play my Xbox 1 games on 360, mainly because most of them don't emulate exactly. Jet Set Radio Future being a good example, runs much better on Xbox 1 than 360.

I'm keeping an open mind about The One and I am looking forward to seeing more games in future announcements but I do like like how so far Sony have focused on the games as a priority. So far they have shown they have learnt from the mistakes they made with the PS3 too by making a console with a much simpler architecture, yet still very powerful.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
"Used games are killing the market, it's a form of piracy." Wow... really??

When is it ever my flipping problem these businesses can't compete with used game stores? The money that goes into these ridiculous triple A games is part of the problem. Money is still being spent on used games, and hopefully staying in your respective economy (just going to different people). If you buy from a mom 'n' pop store or through Craigslist, you're definitely giving it to someone more deserving of the money. My two cents. That you feel bad for these soulless, faceless corporations is a real head scratcher.
Edited by shion on 23. May 2013 17:56
I rarely buy new games unless I know they are going to be something that I really want to play. The problem is that I enjoy older games as opposed to the crap that most companies put out today. In the past year I have only bought maybe 3 new console games. On the other hand the handheld market is something I put much more money into, because most of those games are still fun.
Stunningly disappointed by the "unveiling" of the new XBOX. Having so many mandatory features, operational requirements and user restrictions that few people will willingly embrace could be an absolute disaster for Microsoft and the XBOX brand (of which, up to this point, I've been a dedicated and loyal supporter).
All gamers, however casual or hardcore, need choices and options catering to our individual preferences to be satisfied with the consoles we purchase. The XBOX "1" seems an unprecedentedly demanding, restrictive and high-maintenance console. Not everyone wants to use Kinect or pay for a mandatory subscription to XBOX Live to even use the damn thing. Add to that, new complications in lending games to friends and the probable complications concerning the purchase of pre-owned software and we have a roiling stew of discontent for many, myself included.
As it stands, I'm not likely to buy the XBOX One when it launches, if ever at all, unless Microsoft somehow manages to "wow" the shit out of me and re-earn my support after a troubling unveiling that completely deflated my enthusiasm. Until now, I thought buying the next XBOX was a no-brainer for me. From what I've seen so far, I couldn't have been more wrong.
Without some amazing reveals of must-have software and some kind of appeasement to relax my concerns over all the requirements and restrictions, I might end up defecting to Sony and the PS4! This is no small thing for me to consider since I've disliked Sony ever since their entry into the hardware market. At the end of the day, I can put that aside if the PS4 is ultimately closer to what I'd hoped the new XBOX would be.

With the current majority opinion of dissaproval following the One's reveal, MS had better blow our minds at E3 or it's gonna get real ugly for the current-gen king.
Tobalman wrote :- Used games are killing the market, it's a form of piracy." Wow... really??

I said its like a "legal form of piracy" because if you pirate a game - the developer gets no money and if you buy a second hand game - the developer gets no money. So the outcome is the same. Yes there is an argument that the money you save you put back into the industry in some form, but that argument was there with piracy too.

Tobalman wrote:- When is it ever my flipping problem these businesses can't compete with used game stores? The money that goes into these ridiculous triple A games is part of the problem. Money is still being spent on used games, and hopefully staying in your respective economy (just going to different people). If you buy from a mom 'n' pop store or through Craigslist, you're definitely giving it to someone more deserving of the money. My two cents. That you feel bad for these soulless, faceless corporations is a real head scratcher.

I don't know your buying habits Tobalman, i was talking about mine as an example. I think I have had about 40+ 360 games, maybe only about 5 I have bought brand new. Clearly not sustainable if everyone is like me. I personally know people who work very hard making those games and yes i do fell sorry for all the developers in my country that have gone under in the last few years and would happily give a fee to them for playing their game. This situation will also makes publishers more risk-averse and hence more games like Modern Warfare and Gears of War will be signed up and less like Mirror's Edge, Godhand, or Shenmue. It's worth remembering you have never been able to buy download games secondhand on PSN or XBLA and i haven't seen an outcry about that.....

Also given that the games store will always make more money from selling a 2nd hand game than a new one. Is there any way new games can compete with them?? It's this situation that is making everyone think about DRM in the first place....Not just DRM but a whole load of other crap like online passes and early-adopter bonuses
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Well... if things keep going the way they are I probably won't bother getting either of the consoles and just stick to my Wii U.
All I'm going to say, for now, is this new concept shakes what a game is down to the very core; a piece of physical media has always been the symbol of ownership of said game. It's yours, period. Of course, this doesn't mean the owner possesses the copyright to said game, but he (or she) has the right to then share it and profit from it as the person sees fit. When a game maker releases a game, they have traditionally been consenting to giving the buyer this right (to sell/use as buyer legally pleases). It's been cool up to this point. Why the sudden change? Greed! Throw numbers in my face all you want. I am absolutely convinced this doesn't need to be done. It's sort of like the Great Irish Famine; there really wasn't a shortage of potatoes, just the impression that there was one. Microsoft is doing to games what they've done to software. Everything is under lock and key for them (Monkey Boy and company). When you give them money, you are never doing it to own something, you are merely paying for the privilege (Ha!) to use something they (Microsoft) own: Windows, Office, now games on their new system. I don't want to live in a world where media ownership totally remains with the distributor. The way I see it, the majority of hardcore gamers have been using Microsoft software for so long, they've become desensitized to getting shafted by all these anti-consumer schemes this company has been subtly pushing on its users. I will end by saying, do we really want to talk about legality and ethics when Microsoft is the main topic?

Off topic: now as of late, Microsoft isn't the only guilty one; hell Microsoft is probably using Apple's App Store as the blueprint for Xbox's store. For the record, I don't approve of Apple's policy of tying games to one's account, and the inability to trade/share games between iPhones, for example. As far as I know, you still do own the games your purchase in the App Store though. Steam is deplorable because they don't sell you games, they take money for giving you the privilege of playing their games, just like Microsoft.
Edited by shion on 25. May 2013 05:13
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