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March 19 2019

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 4455
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There are 101 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 40559 times.  There's also files attached.
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GAROU - Mark of the wolves: NGFL Highscore Challenge
Well guys, quickie update, also be really surprised too...And yes, still legit...>_> (Forgot to post this though, did this quite a while back.)

Also, can we also add Survival times if that's purely optional?

(Other than that, I see no reason for me putting the score thing, because obvious reasons, even though really legit, just doing it for fun, and I'm not really interested in the mugs, because accident prone, lol.)
NeoStrayCat attached the following file:
You are not allowed to see attachments in this thread.

Edited by NeoStrayCat on 28. June 2013 11:21
That's an amazing score Clap Will be hard to defeat.
Great score NeoStrayCat (btw, what do you mean by accident prone?)!

Zakatek, don't give up, that Jenet score is amazing. If you did it once, you could do it again. I like her a lot, she is one classy woman, but my experience playing with her was very bad:(. The game can be really hard sometimes - it feels like it is reading my mind and moves just beforehand Grin.

Here's some of my progress past few days:

That's the 1,5 million result I mentioned previously. I lost to Kain but took one round (that's what I've written as title Smile).

The next one I remember very well, cause I had a little accident with my right hand that day. Pressing buttons was painfully and I was quite tired. Good start but latter rounds it just got hard and hard to pump buttons (it shows rating wise):

I lost to none, not even a single round Smile, but cursed my fate/hand.

Lastly, the best I made so far, and my new entry:

You see that B rank, it was the last round of the final stage against Kain. It went right to the last second literally. I was so pissed off, maybe I could've hit 1,7. But at least didn't lose to anyone as the score above that one.

btw, I scraped the previous idea of an avatar (not enough imagination) and come up with that one. It is not very clear and visible (needs more work), but it should suffice.
Wow, lol, that's some insane progress Freebie, lol. :3

And for what I mean, I might accidentally break it or something, but looks like Freebie's got skills, lol. Think I might go for another round at this and get better at it, maybe, lol.
lee gray
lee gray: Score: 1259400, Character: Terry, completed, Played on: AES, Difficulty level: 4
managed 2 miracles against rock on the semi stage....will delete my other scores soon as not needed wasting web space.
Nice score Lee, but it seems a bit low for 6 miracles and 4 SSSs. Could aes scoring system be different? Also to gain more points in round you should hit your opponentw with CD attacks as much as you can. It is possible to make more than 90,000 in only a round.
lee gray
I have not used the CD attack .I think the scoring system is weird as sometimes u get less points when had better ranks and vica versa
Edited by lee gray on 30. June 2013 09:32
NeoStrayCat - go ahead man Thumbs Up! I could agree to be called skilled if I ever reach 2 million score Pfft.

lee - good work and very good ratings. Try not to lose rounds either, that will improve your score. To add, I think that is the reason it hasn't been higher. Can you affirm that?

No need to delete your old results, they only show how you progress Smile.

Zakatek - I can try out the AES version on emulator, to see if there are differences on the runs I make with Hwan. Otherwise, I know the versions are the same, except a few small changes. Like for example size of the TOP bar can be changed in AES (though I think it is considered unbalanced and not used by players), but that is probably in favor, not a negative.
Btw, I never really manged to hit that 320k score from one round you did, the best I made was 280k.

As for my progress it is slowing down, I did a few 1,5-6 mil., but couldn't do better. Nevertheless I continued trying because I knew there is more that I can improve upon and finally succeeded:

User nickname: freebie , Score: 1,830,400 , Character: Kim Dong Hwan , End level: beat the game , Played on: mamepgui (MAME32 plus?) , Difficulty level: MVS/4

I almost did the maximum to my ability thus far. The double A and the single S were against Kain. I'm glad with the result, although would've preferred to not have rating under S. Kain is one of the guys that I have to play defensively for large part of the rounds and that results in a slow and hard victories plus not very good rating.
lee gray
Well I tried the CD out and it worked best with kevin and I virtually used it non stop although sometimes couldnt get it to work and it worked a treat and got over 1.6 mil. Will upload pic later as out to eat now.
One thing though I got hit performing it once and still got a miracle which makes no sense
If your TOP bar is at the beginning of your health bar, and the hit you received was not hard, your health will replenish in time to full (another one of TOP's advantages) and will result in miracle. I had the same experience and was wondering at the time too.
Above 1,6 mil. is great score, congrats!
lee gray
freebie wrote:

If your TOP bar is at the beginning of your health bar, and the hit you received was not hard, your health will replenish in time to full (another one of TOP's advantages) and will result in miracle. I had the same experience and was wondering at the time too.
Above 1,6 mil. is great score, congrats!

thanks, i did wonder why
User nickname: lee gray , Score: 1,672800 , Character: kevin , completed , Played on: aes level 4

Just played it again just now and had my best score start ever after the first round but then lost in the second round with a score of 365300,My own fault though as was trying the cd move instead of playing my regular way, I was so happy too after the good start lol
Edited by lee gray on 01. July 2013 00:03
Damn, i hate you guys Grin

Freebie, i got 320k in one stage with losing a round and after hitting opponent with CD i waited to gaing some life with top bar, one more CD attack Smile
lee gray
My mistake in my second match was as I got hit a couple times I delib lost the first round so i would win the next 2 but it didnt work out as planned lol
I think my score was just under 300k after the first fight and the rest of the points were from the second fight.

Its a fun game but think I will have a rest now. I use to think miracles were impossible but now if I dont get any im dissapointed.
lee gray wrote:

freebie wrote:

If your TOP bar is at the beginning of your health bar, and the hit you received was not hard, your health will replenish in time to full (another one of TOP's advantages) and will result in miracle. I had the same experience and was wondering at the time too.
Above 1,6 mil. is great score, congrats!

thanks, i did wonder why

No problem lee.

Zakatek, ah ok Smile, for me losing rounds is no-no. It really lessens the score. I'm using CD/TOP attack/special mostly at the beginning for a safe measure and easy big points, but it is still not as good as I want it. I can occasionally make 2 miracles out of 2 matches:( and rarely more.

I'm thinking of a break too, but probably will play a few games from time to time. It's hard to reach that score again and my plays become more of a waiting game for the perfect situation to happen again sometime. AI so far doesn't want to give me that chance.
I made 1,69 something mil. once and that was the best for the past day.

p.s. I tried the AES version, the game is practically the same judging by my experience, except the possibility to change the TOP bar size. I reached two above 1.3 mil. scores and beat the game, but lost two rounds and ratings weren't that good.

I don't know if it is allowed make new post if I'm the last who posted in a thread, so I'll use edit.

This is probably (already) the last score I will get to be that high:(:

(edit 2)
User nickname: freebie , Score: 1,904,800 , Character: Kim Dong Hwan , End level: beat the game , Played on: mamepgui (MAME32 plus?) , Difficulty level: MVS/4

Once I made 6 miracles with 5 triple S and 3 double S and Kain beat me the first round and then the second, and I was like so disappointed. I'm not sure if it was going to beat the 1.9 mil. result but, who knows:(.

Now I'm testing The Last Blade to see how am I gonna do there, but so far my butt is all blue Smile.
Edited by freebie on 30. August 2013 13:50
Do you have to do this? Grin Also try some KOF games.
You improved?

Yeah, KOF will be tried at some point, but in a order of their releases. Delving in a new fighting game is always a challenge (and some moves are pain in the ass to pull of when playing on keyboard, not that they will be, or are necessarily needed, but:(...). When I start, I plan to take on the series at least till 98 (I read/heard it is one of the tops together with 2002).
Priest - I need you to tell me who to send these mugs to. hope you are ok Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Since I didn't get any medals, I suggested that I'm not trusted, and decided to make a video to show how I get my scores with Hwan.

Here it is:


My computer is very old (ten years) so it was kinda challenging to figure out how to do it without slow downs while I play. Fortunately, GGPO's emulator - Final Burn Alpha - have a save during play option (it can be loaded as replay latter). After a few hours of getting use to how I played (I hadn't done so since the scores in this thread), I made (and saved) a good run.

To record replay I used Fraps and Camtasia Studio to make the video smaller. Unfortunately on my machine fps weren't that great - below 40 - and I decided to go for better quality than higher fames (though it seems sites for video uploading limited themselves to 30 FPS).

As you can see it wasn't my best run. I got only one miracle the first two matches, and missed at least two more latter. I made quite mistakes against Grant, and the second round versus Kain.
My play style isn't flashy (on keyboard is hard to be), but, I do believe it shows how I play and how I've done those scores.

p.s. for some reason video got age restricted...
I don't think you're not trusted. Priest isn't around and i think that's the reason you don't get any medals.
Never fear The Priest is here....MohahahahWink

Sorry for my absence, but as we all know 'life happens'.

Seems like IŽve got some catching up to do...

RiKo: IŽll PM you in this matter. Thanks for asking, IŽm fine. Hope you are OK too?

Freebie: YouŽre trusted but since NGFL was revised some time back, I have not been able to give out any new medals. But IŽll update the scoreboard with your MOTW HS.

To everyone that have posted a score which have not been presented on the scoreboard (1st post of this thread): Please post your score again, thanksThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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