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January 18 2019

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Thread Author: priest
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GAROU - Mark of the wolves: NGFL Highscore Challenge
BTW, you can introduce yourself here http://www.neogeo...forum_id=2
lee gray
Zakatek wrote:

A little tip; if you put T.O.P to the first part of the life bar you can get more points when you hit.

Wow you are correct, I never knew this, i just got over a million points and 2 miracles.

I must admit when I saw people posting really high scores and getting miracles, I was a bit skeptic but now i see how much easier it is with the T.O.P at the start, I can understand.

btw I have also posted a video of me getting my miracle. It took me ages to film it and had to lose the second round of my fight to get it in third round as I notice in the first fight the fighters are not as sharp.

lee gray: Score: 1035600, Character: Terry, completed, Played on: AES, Difficulty level: 4

YouTube Video
Nice video. You can get two miracles at first stage by just doing his strong burning knuckle . After you hit you shoud keep the distance, make a back dash quickly or jump. Once i got 4 miracles, Grant too, and beaten by Kain Grin I can make a full gameplay video sometime.
lee gray
The end punch was meant to be a burning knuckle but I messed it up lol
Against Grant I usually jump kick him and land then punch and repeat. I actually lost to that little shit Hokutomaru a couple of times yesterday.

just ashame the game is over in less than ten minutes.
Zakatek wrote:

BTW, you can introduce yourself here http://www.neogeo...forum_id=2

Will do.

lee gray - that "miracle" shout was awesome Grin!!!
Yes, the first two fights usually are not that hard (but not aways and depends on character and with whom you are playing by my experience). About the TOP bar, I was experimenting with different positions, but (I can confirm too) when it is at the beginning, ratings are high for most of the time. My fastest was with Kevin - beaten till 52 second mark, and the faster it goes it seems to be better result wise.

However, when I use different characters the time it takes to give me miracle is not the same. With Grant, my two miracles were at he 46 and 45 second mark, and no damage taken. Using others, that finished the fight for the same amount of time, gave me triple SSS. So probably it watches how "flashier" you do as well.

If you want to play more against other people, online on PC is good choice (if you have controller for this type of game:(). Sometimes, there are around 20 people on GGPO, but most of them are crazy good, and that can be discouraging and lessens fun at times (at least for newbies like me).

Yesterday, I continued trying other characters and started playing more with basic/normal attacks. At the beginning it did not show much of an improvement, but in time and focusing (at last) on one of my favourite guys Hwan, I managed to reach Grant and lost to him:

The result was surprisingly high, and I started to comprehend it's because of me not losing rounds in comparison to other tries.

Here is my best and new entry:

User nickname: freebie Score: 1,254,200 , Character: Kim Dong Hwan, End level: Beat the game, Played on: mamepgui (MAME32 plus?), Difficulty level: MVS/4

After losing some battles with Grant, I reached Kain and kick his butt Smile. Not that great rating wise, but I'm sure the last three fights went without losing any rounds. Can't be sure about the previous ones, should've taking notes.
Btw, Grant seems to be giving me more troubles than Kain:(.
How did you manage to get that score without any miracles or SSS? I find Grant harder than Kain too.
Hehe Smile, probably without losing rounds as I speculated. But it was hard nevertheless.
Odd... I figured you would get more points by losing 1 round per character to pad your points.
So it's time to grab my arcade stick again.
And here is the result:

Zakatek: Score: 1,394,900 , Character:Terry Bogard, Beat the game, Played on: Finalburn Alpha, Difficulty level: MVS/4
lee gray
Nice score.
I filmed another miracle today with a super move finish
YouTube Video

Also I was using B Jenet today and she is more handy than i first thought
Nice lee!

DarakuTenshi wrote:

Odd... I figured you would get more points by losing 1 round per character to pad your points.

Yeah I see the logic here, it was not until yesterday, that I noticed the score can be seen above the players health bar hah. But at the same time, a loss is a loss, so it would seem strange to add the score. With some observation it can be cleared out.
Here is a score I did, losing one round to Grant (sadly) and beating the game:

The ratings is higher than my previous entry, but score wise it is behind. I have no other explanation except that one round loss Smile.

Zakatek wrote:

So it's time to grab my arcade stick again.

Hand over one of those Pfft.
Great score! I most likely won't be able to beat it, but I will try.
lee gray
I have not been able to get last 750k today, however earlier I got 3 miracles and 3 SS In my first 3 fights and just over 500k so was heading for a good score but lost to butt in straight rounds.
Yeah, good starts can be encouraging, but latter stages are (more) important to be taken.

Yesterday I tried a few new things. Firstly, changed the way I use to play on my keyboard - right hand for directions and left for buttons. It was a bit confusing at the beginning, but after a few attempts get used to it. Also I started to mix up more moves, with some specials, and here is my new high score:

User nickname: freebie Score: 1,410,600 , Character: Kim Dong Hwan, End level: Kain beat me:(, Played on: mamepgui (MAME32 plus?), Difficulty level: MVS/4

I was a bit angry that Kain was the only one that defeated me, and I couldn't even take at least a round of him (though they were relatively close). I will try to do better next time.
Clap That's very impressive you got this score without beating the game.
Thanks, appreciate it Thumbs Up.
Here is an update, I did it just a few minutes ago:

User nickname: freebie Score: 1,490,200 , Character: Kim Dong Hwan, End level: Kain beat me again Angry, Played on: mamepgui (MAME32 plus?), Difficulty level: MVS/4

lee's mentioning of his good starts inspired me to try again, although I was thinking for a break today.
Kain beat me again:(.
I tried a few times today but didn't do well:( . You should get an avatar Smile
I figured out how did you get that much score with Dong Hwan. I got 320,000 at first stage but i need more practice to beat the game with him.
Edited by Zakatek on 25. June 2013 14:11
Noo, my secret have been found out Shock.
I usually get around 260k, if I get two miracles (but I recently start observing the score more and I can be wrong). 320k is better than me Thumbs Up. Also miracles on later stages seems to give more points, however I'm not sure for that too.

Yesterday I improved just a little bit my latest score (hit 1,5 mil) and took one round of Kain, but hopefully when/if I get him, shall post new entry.

p.s. I was thinking of getting an avatar (the question mark of the default gray head stands out in a not very graceful way Pfft), but didn't know what it should be related or look like. As I'm new and posted in this thread for the first time I leaned towards Garou, but couldn't find anything that includes all characters (or most of them) and was to my liking. So I decided to mash-up something from the intros of the game. So far it looks quite cheesy haha (bunch of faces around Garou's title). You can expect it soon.

Actually I wonder if it's going to be good as avatar.
I tried other characters today. I got 1,360,000 with B.Jenet and beaten by Grant. The game really pisses me off sometimes Angry
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