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August 18 2019

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 4455
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There are 101 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 42858 times.  There's also files attached.
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GAROU - Mark of the wolves: NGFL Highscore Challenge

Lavabeast (2nd attempt) Score:541400 Difficulty: Default Character:Kim Jun Hoon Played on: FBA Emulator Beat game(excluding Kain)

LOL if anything I have gotten weirdly good at playing this with a keyboard. If only I could have gotten Kain to show up I may have gotten a close 2nd. A blast the whole way through anyway. Hats off the the rest of you guys Clap
I'd say... that's about my score with a joypad.
It was an extra challenge that's for sure. Ironically the guy that gave me the most trouble was Mr. Butts lol!!! Grant didn't even seem as much of a pain.
Lavabeast: Welcome back 'master of keyboard gaming' Wink

Scoreboard is updated.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I always respect people who can play with keyboard because i really suck at it. My score actually isn't very impressive, i just played offensively. I'm sure Running Wild will come up with a much better score.
@Daraku. make sure you enter no matter score you get, we want to make it so everyone that enters has a chance of winning the second mug.

I have now taken a photo of the Hotaru mug. Back design is the MOTW logo like the Bonne Jennet one
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Its not something I am accustomed to doing but I couldnt resist a Garou HSC. He has been playing SNK/Neo Geo games a good while so he will do good no doubt.
I decided to give it another go before uploading the image. I used Butt on level 4 and got slaughtered by Kain.
Edited by DarakuTenshi on 28. May 2013 22:26
DarakuTenshi wrote:

I decided to give it another go before uploading the image. I used Butt on level 4 and got slaughtered by Kain.

Daraku: WelcomeThumbs Up

Scoreboard is updated...

Any more entrants...? Perhaps we should decide a deadline for this one...?

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Murikov: Score: 757,600., Character: Gato, Beaten by Kain, Played on: MAMEUI, Difficulty level: MVS/4

My newest try on this one, I actually made it to Kain for the very first time. Any strategies on beating him or tricking the A.I.?
lee gray
lee gray: Score: 983600, Character: Grant, completed, Played on: AES, Difficulty level: 4
The b's were against Kain plus i went to 3 rounds a few times deliberately, which helps add up points
Edited by lee gray on 15. June 2013 17:24
lee gray
Just see those mugs, they look cool
Hi there Smile.

I've been asking myself if there is point to get in the challenge, because I'm quite new to neo geo stuff. Though I've been familiar with it to some degree (there was arcades around mid 90-ties in my small bulgarian town, but not that many). And latter thanks to a friend who introduced me to mame. Since that time (maybe 8-9 years ago) I promised to myself to get educated/informed.

Well, that's what I was doing for nearly 2 months (that's how I come about this site - reviews Smile). A great platform indeed. Pure joy, that is rarely seen those days.

Enough blabbering. Garou Mark of the Wolves is the game that got my attention for about one of those two months. I tried it even online (where my butt got kicked, and still is, pretty hard:().

A single playthrough with any of my favourite character didn't led me anywhere near Grant.
So I decided that I should play it dirty and use him for the run Grin. Because his attacks sure does a lot of damage.
It turned out to be the character that is doing the best for me... sadly.

Here are some of the results I could achieve with him since yesterday:

That was the best I could do before this day. Only reached Grant and could not defeat (maybe I took one round) him.

Today I managed to beat him, and after that, Kain did a fast job on me:

Strangely (and sadly) the score was weak, although it looks better in terms of results and rating...

Latter after some bad confrontations I got this:

Kain again beat me, but I managed to get one round. Still the score was not that far above, although my expectations for the good run.

I continued nevertheless, hoping to beat that f....., or at least reach 1 mil. result. And I managed to get my first miracle, and second one (and figured out when/how it's done). "Damn - I thought - if get Kain, the score should be a at least million". And sure I did. Close to losing the first round against Kain, I managed to turn around it and beat him. The second round was to be mine too. The score was way above what I expected:

I think I lost only one round in the entire run. And this helps the score to be better. Other than that, I do not know what else the game looks, when giving result (that could explain my weak second result despite the better ratings).

User nickname: freebie Score: 1,205,000 , Character: Grant, End level: Beat the game, Played on: mamepgui (MAME32 plus?), Difficulty level: MVS/4

p.s. I saw down the pages, that no newbies can participate:(... damn, that Jenet cup looked so nice and was giving me hopes.

p.p.s excuse me if there is any mistakes in my english speech.
Hi Freebie, welcome to NGFL. Sorry that you can't participate. Nice score but i think choosing bosses isn't allowed for high score challenges.
Edited by Zakatek on 18. June 2013 19:51
Thanks, Zakatek.
Yeah, I saw it latter in the added rules:(.

I didn't know that about the bosses (not mentioned in the rules), and there is a member who used Grant for his run too (above me Smile). Also I think bosses are used for regular plays in tournaments (judging by videos I watched on the net), and they are not count as overpowered or something (although they may seem like it).
Rules don't say you can't choose bosses, i could be wrong if they are not overpowered as in other fighting games so it is up to Priest.
lee gray
lee gray: Score: 667200, Character: terry, completed, Played on: AES, Difficulty level: 4

just incase bosses cant be use, I played with
A little tip; if you put T.O.P to the first part of the life bar you can get more points when you hit.
Zakatek wrote:

Rules don't say you can't choose bosses, i could be wrong if they are not overpowered as in other fighting games so it is up to Priest.

Oh they are strong Smile, and especially facing against other good players can be big pain:( (Kain). But still good knowledge and technique is required, so that they can be played well. I tried Kain among other characters and did very very poorly.

Probably Grant just suits me (a lot of aggression and pure power, plus good zoning specials).
Although I don't like him:(.

I tried other characters again as well, and the best results were with Kevin (:( - don't like him at all - was badly beating online by him probably Grin, and he seems to be doing a lot of damage), and Butt with results closely 700k. Both manage to reach Grant.
Kevin does easy two miracles at the beginning, and is quite powerful, but I swear using keyboard is like playing with one hand:( (or something along the lines). Sometimes, things you want does not come out, come at wrong time or come latter.
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