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September 22 2019

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Thread Author: shion
Thread ID: 4423
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How hyped are you for the "real" next gen?
I'm just curious what the general consensus is regarding the "real" next gen PS4 & 720? Once again Sony is promising the world to the masses: lag-less netplay and near instant downloading. Good luck with that considering the Internet industry in the U.S. is severely watered down; residential DL/UL rates and bandwidth consumption are heavily limited (and have always been). I've heard a lot of negative stuff about the 720: for the system menu to even work, it must always be connected to the Internet. This means even solo sessions require Internet. Also, Monkey Boy Steve Ballmer is pushing for all digital downloads, meaning no more discs! Sadly (to me), it looks like both consoles are going to continue to depend on first person shooters as their primary offerings (seriously, when will this damn sub genre fade into a cultish level??) It just seems the more details I hear about this fall's releases, the more disappointed I get.
Well the next gen consoles are nothing more than low end game pcs we could play on pcs with that kind of specs two years ago and with that kind of money they will sell the consoles now you can get really good gaming PC with specs higher than that they are offering...
Not hyped at all... every new generation of video game that comes out I seem to get less and less interested. It used to be something that was crazy exciting, but now it's more of the same... but with a new controller and box. It used to be leaps beyond what the previous generation was, and now it's barely a step.
@bojan I believe you have the right idea; there are desktop computers out now that are more powerful than the PS720 (heck, that's what these consoles are based off). The computers that can pump out the kind of power we're talking about are now considered high end. In five years, though, when these consoles have hit their stride, maybe said computers will be mid tier.

@DT I agree with you, excitement now seems so forced from everyone. I believe the problem is related to bojan's post, that the line between PCs & consoles is so blurred now. Take the hype goggles off, and there really is little reason to justify the existence of consoles as the only means of gaming. Twenty years ago, "computers" and consoles were different enough (from each other) to justify coexistence. That's my take on it.
Console vs PC still boils down to one thing for me. On a console I buy a game, put it in the system, it works. Now-a-days it might update first, but it still works out of the box. Buying a game on the PC? Not always the case. Plus, you're only spending a couple hundred bucks on a console instead of thousands for a high end PC that will still need to be upgraded or replaced in a few years. Plus DRM issues... so I guess it's not just one thing but several.

I wouldn't say I'm really excited about the next generation. They'll both inevitably have games that I want so I'll get them both eventually. Right now Infamous: Second Son has me excited for the PS4 but I still won't buy the system just to play it. And we know nothing about the next XBox yet. Always on DRM and/or all digital downloads are both purely speculation at this point. While I'm sure they are both options that Microsoft has looked at there's no telling whether or not either of them will actually happen, and I'd honestly be very surprised if either did. Put always on DRM on the next XBox and you've just guaranteed Sony is getting my money.

And don't forget the Wii-U! It still has a handful of games that I want to play at best. So, much like the Wii before it I don't see myself running to the store to pick one up anytime soon. The next system I buy will either be a 3DS or Vita as they both now have plenty of games that I want to play.
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