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March 25 2019

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Thread Author: DarakuTenshi
Thread ID: 4384
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Collecting MVS or AES
I’ve been recently listening to the banter of people who say MVS is a better way of collecting Neo-Geo games. Though, on some levels I really can’t disagree with this, I have to say I much prefer the AES. I’m by far not a rich person especially since I have no job at the moment as I am a full time student (2 months left).

I started thinking, “What is it that really draws me to the AES?” The MVS has the same games plus a few extra that were never released for the AES format. The only time I ever played the Neo-Geo was in the arcades on the big red cabinets, so any kind of connection that I had to the system it should have been there.

When I was growing up the only time I saw the AES or games was in a Babbage’s, and could only dream about ever owning one. I think that is why the connection to the AES is even stronger. It was always something that was out of my reach. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been able to afford the AES, yet there is so much still outside of my grasp.

I would still love to get an MVS after I leave school… preferably a 2 slot cab. But, I’ll be happy if I can find anything once I move.

Anyway… I guess the point of this post was just to get it out there. I enjoy the AES both for collecting and because the Neo-Geo has some great games.
I'm with you Daraku. This was my first contact with the Neo Geo - a dodgy article an Amiga/ST magazine.


I hadn't heard of it before this. This is going to sound strange given what they said about it but I really wanted NAM-1975! I thought it looked awesome in the screenshots! I also saw a screenshot of Samurai Shodown in another magazine and I thought that looked incredible although back then I assumed it was a horizontally-scrolling beat-em-up *ahem*

So it's AES for me, I did own a consolized MVS for a while when the original Fast Striker came out (the first version wouldn't play on AES even with a convertor) but i didnt like it. If I could have a MVS cabinet maybe it would be different but I just can't have one (no space). Also the AES is probably the most stylish-looking console ever! it has to be JAP AES games for me because i love the 'fullscreen' box artwork.
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lee gray
For collecting and not gaming purposes I do prefer AES over MVS even if all are shockboxed as still that parts unofficial.
I do love MVS kits though but once the kit is closed its just basically a cardboard box you are looking at, atleast with AES you have the nice insert to view.
RiKo wrote:
Also the AES is probably the most stylish-looking console ever! it has to be JAP AES games for me because i love the 'fullscreen' box artwork.

Yes, I forgot that point! And I too collect the JAP versions, but for a different reason. My first game I wanted to buy was Fatal Fury... well, we all now what the ENG version of that game art looks like. Ever since then I've been doing JAP, but I never turn down an AES game that I find in the wild EUR or Dogtag
Think AES is the ultimate for collecting and always will be.

I'm more into the MVS side now though purely as the big titles are more accessible and wallet friendly.

Would love a nice lottery win so could have a full AES collection!
My connection has always been with the MVS. I spent hours and hours playing them at arcades around town growing up. I was always aware of the AES, but neither me nor any of my friends could ever hope to own one.

Now that I'm older, I could own an AES if I wanted to. I am a collector by nature and could definitely see myself getting into it, but I went MVS for a few reasons. The first is obviously price. If I made a list of my 10 most-desired games, I could afford to own them all on MVS. While buying the same 10 games would likely be too expensive for me to ever do. Also, I fear that I would buy games that I didn't really want just in the interest of fleshing out AES collection. It's probably tempting to buy 4 or 5 Super Spy-type games as opposed to 1 Garou or Blazing Star.

Secondly, I just love the arcade. In Nebraska, where I live, the arcade is almost completely extinct. I've always loved the experience of playing games on a cabinet. In the future, I'd like to expand my arcade a bit with a pinball machine and maybe 1 or 2 more cabinets.

So, while I love console gaming, I am ultimately a child of the arcade.
Caprica Orange
I started with AES years ago, sold everything, went into MVS price wise, and ended up selling the entire MVS collection. Maybe it was the challenge to save up for that one particular game, I dont know... Its not hard or expensive to get all the games you want for MVS and perhaps it's the challenge that I missed, saving and searching for that AES title you truly want.

Now back a while into AES and for me it's how it has always should have been. Yes some games are hard to find (legit) and expensive, but once you have it in your collection it gives you that special feeling of owning a piece of gaming history, the smell, the style and the empty wallet. I actually like that Headbang
One of the games that I'm still looking forward to getting either AES or MVS is Ganryu. That game is so hard to find though.
I love AES collecting, but recently I bought a MVS system for the more expensive AES titles. I can afford them but I just don't want to spend more then 1000 EUR for one game (Metal Slug for example).
I'm backing my MVS collecton up with shockboxes and chosen inserts to personalize them. It isn't official but price wise for me the best and neatest solution.

Does anyone know a up to date price guide for AES/MVS?
The most up-to-date one that I know of is and
Thanks, the list is a big help, it looks genuine.
I have doubts some full kits are worth the price if you can just buy a loose cartridge.....these prices are going towards AES....
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