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September 17 2019

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Thread Author: Chiba3010
Thread ID: 4336
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This sucks. Neo Geo A(m)E(xtremely)S(ad)
Need some NGFL moral support for what I'm about to do. My wife and just got sidelined by some substantial, unexpected and time-sensitive expenses and to help bridge the six day gap until finances are rectified to adequate extent, I've solemnly resolved to sell my the boxed AES system I considered my "backup" console to a nearby retro game store for a little extra cash. Bye

I still have my primary-use deck and games, but am sentimental about saying goodbye to this one as, between the two, it was the first AES I bought and will always associate it with the elation of holding in my hands the system I'd longed to own for over 15 years and the moment I saw the splash screen light up my television, accompanied by that chiming SNK opening tune we all know and love.

The time will eventually come when I obtain another (probably with Component video output which my wife hinted she might surprise me with a year or two down the line), but nonetheless I'm very sentimental and this is hard for me to do.:( If anyone can understand why this is such a sad thing to let go of, it's my fellow NGFL members. Thanks for providing a place for me to share this. And with that, I'm off to the store to turn in my poor little AES.
That really sucks, man. Years ago I was broke to the point that I had to sell a bunch of my videogames too. Just about my entire Dreamcast and PS1 collections had to go. Many go unreplaced to this day, although I did eventually buy back my Dreamcast from the same shop before anyone else picked it up.

So anyway, I feel your pain. And at least you still have an AES.
I'm sure we all feel the sadness that you are feeling right now over your loss. There have been many times when I've had to sell off large parts of my collection because of financial needs. I hope that something like this will never have to come to pass again for me or for you.

Like Mojo said... at least it was a 2nd system, even though she was your first.
Thanks, guys. Yeah, the shop owner was pretty excited about having a Neo Geo in the store and I got the impression he might have it up and running on a display kiosk in the shop like several other consoles I saw there. If this is the case, I'm happy it'll get some much-deserved attention. We settled at a higher amount than he'd usually give someone after I talked games with him for a bit and he recognized the value of what I was bringing him both in capital and sentiment. Silver lining, I guess... Still feeling down but like you both said, I have my other Neo and it's not leaving my home without a John Woo-caliber explosion fest in it's defense.
Well it sounds like a cool shop, so that's good news too. At least you didn't sell it to douche bags. I would love to walk into a videogame store and see they have an AES playable right there in the store. Hopefully he puts something good in it since you said you didn't sell him any games. If that means this shop already carries AES games then it definitely is a great game store.
Well if you had 2 neo-geos why did you sold the first and not the second one?
I can understand that must have been disappointing for you Chiba having to sell off the first AES system you bought. Understandable that you had a sentimental attachment to it. Good to hear that you were able to get a good price and at least you still have an AES console and didn't have to sell any of your carts. Fortunately, so far, I've not been in a position where I was forced to sell off any consoles/games.
Now that's quite a shame, bro, sorry. Actually I'm afraid to be forced selling my AES stuff one day, I just hope I never really need to in the near future. But on the other side it's understandable that personal financial issues need to be solved first.

At least you still got your second system, so you still can give it a go. Thumbs Up

Chiba3010 wrote:
...., I have my other Neo and it's not leaving my home without a John Woo-caliber explosion fest in it's defense.

THIS! Headbang
Not long ago I to had to part ways with my dreamcast and a massive ps1 rpg collection :'( never an easy thing my friend.
Commiserations on having to sell your neo geo Chiba, at least you are selling it for a good reason and maybe like you say if things go well fininacially in the future you can hopefully get another. First consoles always mean a lot though:(

I hope i never have to sell any of my Neo Geo stuff. There's quite a few games i bought at a relatively low price that now sell for loads, but i dont care about the money i like to have the games. So i would only sell if things got bad for me and i had to
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Thanks for the sympathies, all. I've had accept the reality that when sudden crisis arise, unanticipated sacrifice may be necessary to overcome them. Long story short, over the course of a single week my wife and I were blindsided by numerous, finance-depleting events adding up to a crippling sum of money. Most of these hit us with only five days before our monthly rent was due, leaving little time to fill in a substantial deficit. Selling off my backup Neo was a necessary step in managing to make ends meet. I've never had to do something like this before and hope I'll never have to again. The only game I was coaxed into parting with was Super Baseball 2020 which I brought to prove the system was in working order. The loose cart originally came bundled with the same system I turned in and is a title that never really interested me anyway as I rarely enjoy sports games. It was the weakest link in my eyes and I negotiated towards a price worth letting it go.

@ Bojan: Though it was my first acquisition of SNK's killer console, I chose the higher serial # AES to sell as some lower serial units have better video output in general and particularly when using an X-NEO SVHS converter. I know it's possible to get the same visual performance from high-serial units with some hands-on internal modification but that's not a process I'm familiar with and wouldn't risk ruining the system through a careless mistake.:(
Chiba, while the serial number has nothing what so ever to do with the video output, the 3-5 and 3-6 have the best output of all consoles, once the 3-6 has the tracks under the XTAL cut.

Ive compared them on my EM focus CRT, and every revision has the exact same sharpness and all equal to any MVS, just that the 3-5 and 3-6 have a much better and more accurate contrast ratio due to the correct capacitor / resistor combo being used as recommended by Sony for use with the CXA1145 video encoder.

The path is the same in every unit, with the exception of the capacitor / resistor combo, and the layout of the board, which only affects a 3-6 and is very easily fixed.

Sorry to hear you had to sell it my friend
NEO-GEO man wrote:

Chiba, while the serial number has nothing what so ever to do with the video output, the 3-5 and 3-6 have the best output of all consoles, once the 3-6 has the tracks under the XTAL cut.

So the story about the connection between serial numbers and video output isn't true?
Are people keeping this alive to keep up/raise high prices for AES consoles?
Sensi wrote:

So the story about the connection between serial numbers and video output isn't true?
Are people keeping this alive to keep up/raise high prices for AES consoles?

Its a joke that people are still led to believe that if you want my honest opinion, serial number has zero to do with anything, although it is a fact they are sequential.

The only thing that makes a difference is the revision number of the board inside.

In my opinion, the 3-4 is probably the least desirable, the 3-3 and first types are all next, the 3-6 is next, then the 3-5 being my pick for totally untouched.

Having said all that, they are ALL capable of the exact same in every respect, with the exception of the first gens not doing 50Hz ( and who cares!! ) Every version of the board uses the Sony CXA1145 video encoder, has the same path leading into it, and the same leading out. What puts the 3-5 at the top for me is the fact it and the 3-6 use the correct resistor and capacitor value as specified and suggested by Sony, for use with their CXA1145 chip.

The others all used different values, which in all cases ive seen were 68 ohm resistors, and 100uF capacitors. The correct values are 75 ohm resistors, and 470uF capacitors. This is the ONLY difference between all consoles in terms of the RGB, and that is a fact. There is a website that was made by a guy that claims to have tested them using a PC capture card, which is a somewhat flawed method of testing due to the fact it converts the original resolution and interpolates it, rendering the results total void.

The 3-4 revision is missing a heap of .1uF capacitors from a few chips around the audio section, resulting in noise.

The 3-6 revision has RGB tracks running under the XTAL, which creates vertical lines in the RGB signal, but is very easily fixed. It also ocationally has the left and right channels reversed on the headphone socket, which to me is no big deal, I swap them where they enter the amp ( or TV )

There is nothing special about a first gen that makes them any better than any other. They are all essentially the same thing. It has also been put to me in discussions that the revisions were due to cost cutting, and hence, not ever going to be as good. Horse shit. They quite likely were cheaper to produce, however the quality was just as good.

The fact the later 2 revisions are brighter will cause some blooming on cheaper displays, which is no fault of the console, but a fault of the cheaper less capable display.

Ive tested them on this:

Which is a very high end NEC electromagnetic focusing CRT projector. Here is a close up shot of the screen of an untouched 3-5 using RGB:

The image quality from this display is very hard to beat, and testing other revisions shows the same result, just with an incorrect gamma curve and incorrect white and black levels ( basically the incorrect capacitor and resistor values used are reducing the contrast ratio )
Ah! So it's really the board revisions that account for any differences rather than the serial numbers. Thanks, NG Man! The different board revisions apparent in my currently and formerly-owned AES consoles made a huge difference for me. Nice to know (though sadly too late now for me to utilize) that I could've brought my other system up to par in terms of video output with some minor modifications. Still, I'd have been nervous as hell to try it myself and probably would've shipped it out to someone with more experience in such procedures just to play it safe. Wink Thankfully my current AES has beautiful output as-is showing no vertical lines via S-Video converter or pixel-flickering issues in some titles like my original had.

Regardless, mate- your Neo setup still looks like the measuring stick others should be judged by!Thumbs Up
Its not overly complex in this case, 4 resistors and 4 capacitors is all it takes, but if its a 3-5 or 3-6, do nothing if you dont have vertical lines. If youre happy with it dont change it anyway!! Wink

As far as my testing goes, im using about the best CRT for the job.
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