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December 16 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 4321
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There are 25 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 9220 times.
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New NeoGeo X games announced!
Destructoid story.

NeoGeo X Classics: Volume 1 includes...

Art of Fighting 3
Blazing Star
Breakers Revenge
Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves
Kizuna Encounter
The King of Fighters '96
The Last Blade 2
Metal Slug 2
Samurai Shodown 3
Savage Reign
Shock Troopers
Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory
Top Hunter
World Heroes Jet

...Mark of the Wolves and Breakers Revenge in the same pack? Pretty sure I need one of these things now.
Yeah from the news release it sounded as if it would be all on one card. Which makes sense, but I have a feeling they will charge $50 for it.
Really smart move from their side to realese mark of the wolves and last blade 2 and the games included as the most comments i read from guys who owns the NGX wants exactly these games so they were abbout to hack the system just to play them and now if they want an adapter and a firmware update they need to buy this package so no turning back on that
DarakuTenshi wrote:

Yeah from the news release it sounded as if it would be all on one card. Which makes sense, but I have a feeling they will charge $50 for it.

$50 it would be a good thing, I was thinking they would charge $5-10 per game like on the psn. I cant get over the fact that they built this thing with a widescreen display in stead of a 4:3 (must be production related, nobody makes 4:3 anymore?)...otherwise I would already own one...
No, I don't think so. There are plenty of handhelds that use a 4:3 screen. Though I'm sure they probably got a great deal on the 16:9 screens.
I really wouldn't call this new if its just roms onto 1 sd card, or into multiples, since the NGX is still a glorified emulator of Final Burn Alpha. But what can you do...>_>
Ha! Whom else honestly had a glimmering hope it was also what Cat thought? *raises hand*
Sorry to rain on the parade, but the games listed will be released across volumes 1 - 5 rather than a single SD card.

Vol 1 includes Metal Slug 2, Sengoku and Top Hunter.

I still plan on getting one of these handhelds - ever since the wife and kids took over the TV a few years ago and gaming came to a grinding halt.

Well, whatever suits you rob, but my point still stands, and Tobalman agrees with me too. :3
Cat - completely agree with you.

My point was more that the titles listed in the first post will actually come out across 5 individual cards rather than a single mega mix (which would have been awesome).

Of course brand new original titles would have been even more fantastic!
Yeah, would have been nice if the NG-DEV games would be included too, lol. :3
Hmmm. Hmm Some great games on that list but it sounds like they're gonna take their time and include one mega-popular "blockbuster" title with two lesser known/appreciated ones per release. Price of these cards should be chosen wisely, I'd say $10-$20 at most is appropriate since modern console-released retro compilations usually run $20-$30 and feature 10-20 games per disc. Given the NGX's apparent "three games per card" model, asking much more than $5 per title (when broken down) is gonna turn off a lot of people and cripple profits.

Still plan on getting one of these after the stand-alone unit releases in April but might reconsider if the pricing of these game cards is unreasonably high, given that they're essentially roms. Even if my GCW Zero runs Neo games just as well (if not better) when I receive it next month, I still kinda want a NGX just cause it looks sexy (screen ratio be damned) and is officially SNK approved. Smile
You watch, $50-60 a pop...
(All the while games like Metal Slug 2 and Blazing Star can be had for $3.99 each on the APP Store)
Edited by shion on 26. February 2013 07:34
Oh man, if that ends up being the case it could be a deal breaker for me and countless other prospective buyers. We're not gonna pay premium prices for roms that have no relation to the chips and high meg-counts that made the carts so expensive. If they try to make a connection between original retail prices and those of their current software releases as some kind of "bargain", they're borderline suicidal, business-wise. I hope you're wrong, for Tommo's sake more than anyone else's. Bye
They way they priced the deluxe bundle and the handheld by itself, I'd be surprised if the cards were under $50.

On a side note, the only good deal I've seen come out of this launch is the individual controller: $50 shipped through Amazon.
Perfect for MAME. I've heard it also works with PS3. I have a feeling these will sell out fast.
These are no on for pre-order at USD24.99 each - so not too dear.

Vol 1 - Metal Slug 2, Sengoku, and Top Hunter.

Vol 2 - Samurai Shodown 3, Savage Reign, and Super Sidekicks 3.

Vol 3 - The King of Fighters '96, Blazing Star, and Kizuna Encounter.

Vol 4 - Garou, Shock Troopers, and World Heroes 2 Jet.

Vol 5 - The Last Blade, Art of Fighting 3, and Breaker's Revenge
And on top of that you get an ac adapter and firmware update and somekind of connection between two units if i am not mistaken
I stand corrected.
I'm having a hard time paying $25 for 3 games. When I've already bought most of these on compilations or already owned on the AES.
lee gray
I think thats a decent price, less than 5 a game

I only need 1 set though.

people wanting all 5 sets though and it becomes a bit costly.
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