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October 18 2018

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Thread Author: Jak
Thread ID: 432
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There are 51 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 17949 times.  There's also files attached.
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Best controller?
For fighters especially. I've just gotten into CPS3 emulation (SF3 is about tied with Garou as my favorite fighting game of all time now) so I'm looking into controllers I should pick up.

I've heard good things about Logitech, but the D-pad isn't very good. Whereas I've nothing but good things as far as Xbox-type of controllers. Help me out here guys.
The pad for the Sega Saturn (japanese version) a good Hori or the classic Neo Geo controller can't be beat. But since those are either expensive, hard to find or just impossible to use with a PC I'd say the next best thing is picking up a USB converter that allows you to use an original Sony PS2 pad. That's what I use for my emulator gaming anyway and it's pretty damn good if not really the best. Plus it's cheaper than buying a stick unless you really have the dough to lay down on a custom X-Arcade stick which works with anything you want it to.
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I use a Trust Predator 1520 for all my games on the PC. When I got Guilty Gear I didn't want to play with the keyboard cause that just plain sucks, so I decided to check for a cheap controller. The Predator does the job really fine, I must say! I've been using it for quite a bit now, and I still use it. It's basicly just a USB PS2 pad (which you can also use on the PS2 so if you need a spare controller) and really easy to use. You might not like the D-Pad but I really dig it. It was only 15 bucks too! Smile

Edit: The second picture is a little shitty, but you get the picture of how the USB/PS2 plug works.
Edited by Midian on 02. August 2007 10:30
I have a Saitek p2500, which is dual analogue and has rumble on it, although I have never really used that feature in any game. It's fairly comfortable and also quite cheap, and works pretty good for all the emus. I also use an adaptor to connect PS2 controllers to the PC, so I use my Neo Geo and Hori sticks too.

Kazuya_UK attached the following image:

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 02. August 2007 10:46
I use a nyko airflo controller. Not a bad gamepad for platformers and stuff and the little fans can cool off your hands when they get sweaty. When it comes to fighters I use a ps2 to usb converter for my Hori Real Arcade Pro stick along with a usb tweaker program to fix the lag.
Raiken attached the following image:

Edited by Raiken on 02. August 2007 19:20
Oh, those gamepads are pretty nice. I especially like Raiken's one. Where they expensive? I might consider getting Nyko Airflo one day.
I also use the Playstation to PC USB converter thing HexElf mentioned. I just plug in my favorite PS2 controllers and I'm set Wink I'm considering on getting that nyko airflow controller Raiken has though. I have a friend whose palm are EXTREMELY sweaty (and seems to be cold-blooded. If exposed to cold temperatures, it absorbs so much coldness a mere touch from it can chill anyone's spine!) so I feel the need to buy that airflow controller. LOL
If I remember right the airflo only cost me 20 bucks new.
Oh that's really nice, I'm going to try to find a shop that sells it. Thumbs Up
Ps2 converter so you can use a ps2 Japanese saturn pad. I have the Darkstalkers version and would get another in a heartbeat if they were readily available.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Well, went with a logitech dual action controller. D-pad does indeed suck, but I got it mainly for fighters, so no worries there. One problem: I can not do a dragon punch move when my character is facing to the left. It works perfectly fine for the right, but rarely for the left. Is there a remedy for this?
You use the analog? I always use the D-Pad for fighting games (and other games aswell), except when playing Gamecube.
The Xbox 360 controller is convenient to use since it's USB, but those are fairly pricey I think.
The origional Microsoft Sidewinder pads had a great D-Pad and good feel, probably turn a few up on Ebay for dirt in either USB or Gameport.

Nowdays I use a standard 360 pad aswell and its good, there is even some good homebrew software for it much like the older stuff written for origional X-Box pads for use on the PC, its not something you need but its there if you want to do some heavy customization like tweaking the analog triggers etc.

The 360 pad can be a bit pricey but they are about as durable as you can get when it comes to a game pad so I think its well spent money wise Grin
Edited by candycab on 05. March 2008 07:13
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Ben Heck on PS3 Slim
I don't know much about PC pads, but I do know this, if you're looking to play 2D games steer as far away from XBox pads as humanly possible. The d-pads are even worse than PS2 pads (and that's saying something). I'd save me pennies and get a decent stick. The new Virtua sticks are USB I think...

If, on the other hand, you fancy some 3D shenanigans then the 360 pads are great.
I've been using the Mayflash stick below and it works great, and you can get it for under $30 at play-asia. Not to mention you can also use it with the PS2 ports as well since it has a PS2 plug in addition to a USB one.
Edited by pollux on 09. March 2008 04:27
I'm gonna buy that stick soon. Does it play well, then? I'm really looking forward to get one.
broken harbours
i used to have one of those, and to be honest i wasn't all that keen on it. it was alright for ps2 stuff but the ball on the top of the stick kept coming loose and falling off which really started to get on my nerves after a while. although, having said that, i've heard that if modded, that stick is amazing.

also, there seemed to be an ever so slight (literally a fraction of a second) delay between pressing a button/moving the stick and the corresponding action on mame when i used the usb, which is the same problem i had when using the neogeo pad2 (which incidentally, is a waste of money - i've owned two and they both died on me within three months of fairly light-moderate use).

Raiken wrote:
I use a nyko airflo controller. Not a bad gamepad for platformers and stuff and the little fans can cool off your hands when they get sweaty. When it comes to fighters I use a ps2 to usb converter for my Hori Real Arcade Pro stick along with a usb tweaker program to fix the lag.

what program is that?

anyway, at the moment i'm using a logitech dual action usb controller, its a bit old now and by no means the best. yes, the d-pad is horrible and analog sticks and shoulder buttons have their marco boogers style "mental" moments. however, these can be easily fixed by unplugging the pad and plugging it back in again, but still that itself can be a pain.

i soon plan on buying usb adapters for my dreamcast arcade stick (which in my opinion is the golden gate bridge of controllers) and my hori soul calibur 2 stick for the gamecube, and a hori fighting stick 2 for the ps2.
Edited by broken harbours on 09. March 2008 22:00
pollux wrote:
I've been using the Mayflash stick below and it works great, and you can get it for under $30 at play-asia. Not to mention you can also use it with the PS2 ports as well since it has a PS2 plug in addition to a USB one.

That controller looks fawking awesome. Have you played it through KAWAKS? If you have, is there any lag time or other problems ? How long have you had it? I am seriously considering buying it, but I am afraid it will be a waste of money. I don't want to buy it if it lags or if the device itself breaks easy.

shot in the eye
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shot in the ass...
Well, I ordered it so I'll give you a review of it when the order arrives.
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