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October 22 2019

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Thread Author: Loris Biaggi
Thread ID: 4313
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There are 13 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 12379 times.
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NEOMINIBOX - boxes for MVS, PGM, Atomiswave, Naomi...
Loris Biaggi
The official selling thread
for neominibox boxes for MVS, PGM, Naomi and Atomiswave carts.


All Neominiboxes are tailor made boxes, light, small and economic pieces, made out of white cardboard called “micro-wave”.
They are really light but resistant and are produced by a professional box factory where I have worked for some years.
Furthermore I have designed sticker labels that are digitally printed with professional machines (and not with a home printer) that are to be applied on the spine of the box.

For whoever is interested these are the prices (shipping not included):
-5 boxes with 5 labels of your choice – 20 euro (4 euro each box).
-10 boxes with 10 labels of your choice – 30 euro (3 euro each box).
-30 boxes with 30 labels of your choice - 75 euro (2,50 euro each box).
-For more than 50 boxes the price is 2,20 euro each, label included.

You can also complete a tailor-made order with different products!
For extra labels the price is 0,50 euro each.

This are the shipping prices:
5 to 10 boxes 15 euros (Europe) 20 euros (America) 27 euros (Australia)
11 to 20 boxes 21 euros (Europe) 30 euros (America) 38 euros (Australia)

Shipping price for more than 20 boxes to Europe is the same up to 100 boxes and vary from each country.

For different orders or shipments to other countries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

MVS boxes

The "classic" neominibox cardboard box for MVS carts with sticker Neo-Geo-like label.
Labels for all English and Japanese logos are available.
Japanese logos are available only on white template, English logos are available for both grey and white templates.
Protos labels also available (Ironclad/brikinger, Ghostlop, BangBangBusters, Treasures of the Caribbean...)
For multigame carts i have a generic "Multigame" label or a "Multigame 161 in 1" label.
Labels for hacks are not available, however some generic labels for these games can be provided.

You can choose your label from two templates, the grey and the white.

Here's the list of japanese labels available:
Ashita no Joe Densetsu
ASO II : Last Guardian
Big Tournament Golf
Dunk Dream
Chibi Marukochan Deluxe Quiz
Chojin Gakuen Gowcaizer
Fighters History Dynamite
Fire Suplex
Flying Power Disk
Fu'un Mokujiroku
Fu'un Super Tag Battle
Futsal 5 on 5 minisoccer
Garou Densetsu
Garou Densetsu 2: Arata-naru Tatakai
Garou Densetsu Special
Garou Densetsu 3
Gekka no Kenshi
Gekka no Kenshi 2
Gururin (JP logo)
Joy Joy Kid
Mahjong Janshin Densetsu
Mahjong Bakatonosama Manyuki
Mahjong Kyoretsuden
Mahjong Minnasano Okagesamadesu
Magical Drop 2 (JP logo)
Magical Drop 3 (JP logo)
Miracle Adventure
Money Idol Exchanger
Musashi Ganryuki
Nekketsu Toukyu Densetsu
Oshidashi Zintrick
Operation Ragnarok
Panic Bomber (JP logo)
Quiz Daisousa Sen
Quiz King of Fighters
Quiz Meitantei Neo & Geo
Ryuuko No Ken
Ryuuko No Ken 2
Ryuuko No Ken 3
Shin Oh Ken
Samurai Spirits
Samurai Spirits 2
Samurai Spirits 3
Samurai Spirits 4
Samurai Spirits Zero
Samurai Spirits Zero Special
Sengoku Densyo
Sengoku Densyo 2
Sengoku Legends 2001
Shin Goketsuji Ichizoku Tokon Matrimelee
Shogi no Tatsujin
Sonic Wings 2
Sonic Wings 3
Tengai Makyo Shinden
Tokuten Oh
Tokuten Oh 2
Tokuten Oh 3: Eikoue no Michi
Tokuten Oh : Honoo no Libero
Tsukai Gan Gan Koshinkyoku
Twinkle Star Sprites (JP logo)
Ultra Denryuu Iararabou
Waku Waku 7 (JP logo)


Here's a list of available Atomiswave labels
Demolish Fist
Dolphin Blue
Extreme Hunting
Faster than Speed
Fist of the North Star
Guilty Gear Isuka
Guilty Gear X
Knights of Valour seven spirits
Maximum Speed
Metal Slug 6
NeoGeo Battle Colisseum
Ranger Mission
Samurai Shodown 6
Sports Shooting USA
The King of Fighters neowave
The King of Fighters XI
The Rumble Fish
The Rumble Fish 2
Check this sendspace link to download the pdf files to make a shaped interior for Atomiswave and ST-V carts

NAOMI boxes
Back on stock for a limited run

Tailor made boxes for Naomi and Naomi2 cart.
Here's the list of labels available:
18 Wheeler
Akatsuki Blitzkampf
Cannon Spike
Gunspike (Jap version)
Capcom Vs. SNK : Millennium Fight 2000
Cosmic Smash
Crazy Taxi
Dead or Alive 2
Dead or Alive 2 Millennium
Dynamite Deka EX
F1 World Grand Prix
F355 Challenge 2 : International Course Edition Twin
F355 Challenge Twin
Giant Gram 2 : All Japan Pro Wrestling In Nippon Budokan
Giant Gram 2000 : All Japan Pro Wrestling 3 Brave Men Of Glory
Gigawing 2
Guilty Gear X
Gun Survivor 2 : Biohazard Code Veronica
Heavy Metal: Geomatrix
Jambo! Safari
Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta!
Marvel VS Capcom 2
Melty Blood Actress Again
Mobile Suit Gundam : Federation Vs. Jion
Ninja Assault
Out Triggers
Powerstone 2
Project Justice / Moero! Justice Gakuen
Moero Justice! Gakuen - Rival School 2 (Jap version)
Puyo Puyo Fever
Samba de Amigo
Sega Marine Fishing
Sega Tetris
Slash Out
The House of the Dead 2
The Typing of the Dead
Toy Fighter / Waffupu
Virtua NBA
Virtua Striker 2 Ver.2000
Virtua Tennis / Power Smash
Virtua Tennis 2 / Power Smash 2
Virtual On Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S.Ver.5.66
Wave Runners GP
World Kicks
WWF Royal Rumble
Zero Gunner 2
Zombie Revenge

Club Kart
Club Kart : European Session
King of Route 66
Virtua Fighter 4
Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution
Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned
Virtua Striker 3

Border Down
CapcomvsSNK 2MF2001
CapcomvsSNK MF2000pro
Chaos Field
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Illmatic Envelope
Jingi Storm
Melty Blood Act Cadenza v.B2
Shikigami no shiro 2
Shooting love 2007
Street Fighter 3 upper
Tetris Kiwamemichi
Trigger Heart Exelica
Under Defeat

Generic labels for Naomi, Naomi2 or GD-ROM are available for all other titles:

More pics!
Open MVS box – As you can see is absolutely custom cut:

A dimension comparison:

The 10 boxes + 10 labels kit... A really easy packaging item!

Here's how to assemble a box:
YouTube Video

For your orders please contact me at

Here you can find my ebay feedbacks:

Check for updates on facebook:
Edited by Loris Biaggi on 20. November 2015 19:31
------------- Neo Mini Box -----------
I purchased 30 of these, great stuff!
I bought a set of PGM boxes from 'Mr Biaggi' recently and would highly recommend them. The boxes and labels look good, were well packaged and the shipping was fast. Thumbs Up
Loris Biaggi
Thanks guys!

Pre-orders for naomi boxes are open!
Please check on top for the naomi update Wink
I just need one preorder more to make the production!
------------- Neo Mini Box -----------
I don't have any of the systems you're providing boxes for but I just felt the need to say that this is awesome! One day I do hope to start collecting arcade games like these and having boxes for protection/display purposes will be really cool.
Loris Biaggi
Thread update! Now naomi boxes are officially on the lineup and can be ordered normally Grin
------------- Neo Mini Box -----------
Loris Biaggi
Thread update!
A new white label is available for MVS boxes!
------------- Neo Mini Box -----------
Loris Biaggi
Thread update and new prices!
------------- Neo Mini Box -----------
Loris Biaggi

+ i have some games for sale on ebay:
-Spectral vs Generation PGM cart!
-Photo Y2K PGM cart
-Windjammers MVS FULL KIT
-Metal Slug 2 MVS cart
-Maximus Speed Atomiswave cart
and more, check here!
------------- Neo Mini Box -----------
I haven't been keeping up with your progress re: NeoMiniBox Project (as I'm an AES gamer at present), however, I just wanted to say... they all look great!

The later white label versions of the MVS MiniBoxes look really nice.

A great, stylish and minimalistic alternative to the usual Shockbox with insert approach!
Loris Biaggi
The later white label versions of the MVS MiniBoxes look really nice.

Thanks! Smile
I really love the new white mvs labels.
I had grey labels for my mvs collection (about 100 carts), but i had to change all the boxes for new ones with white labels... i'm giving the grey ones to friends for free... i'm lucky they're cheap to me :$
------------- Neo Mini Box -----------
Loris Biaggi
Some news!
Naomi boxes are out of stock, PGM boxes only few are left.

I had to reprint some labels so i added some new STV labels, just generic labels red and blue... if you need some
I also printed a neoxyx label, just for fun.. the result is quite good! Wink
------------- Neo Mini Box -----------
Loris Biaggi
Naomi boxes are back on stock, and new japanese logos are available for MVS Smile
------------- Neo Mini Box -----------
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