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December 13 2018

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Thread Author: DarakuTenshi
Thread ID: 4310
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Old fashioned gamer
This has been coming on for several years now, but just recently it's gotten even worse. I've realized that I'm getting old:( I've been trying to play video games and I have come to the conclusion that the new games that come out really don't interest me all that much. Every "new" game that I purchase gets very little game play because I get bored of playing them (there are few exceptions). I'm tired of wasting my money on new games only to be let down and not wanting to go and touch them.

I've been on a classic game kick because of this. I've been buying up a bunch of old games again. Most recently I picked up a Gameboy Color (it's the only version of Gameboy that I do not own anymore, until now). I can't wait to get it in the mail. I'm also trying to purchase an extra GBA SP so I can put the front light into the GBC.

While I'm waiting for it to arrive, along with the millions of games that I also purchased from eBay, I've been watching videos on YouTube for the old GB games. Watching it with the clunky animations, great music, and drab colors, it brought me back to a time when gaming was simple. It was simple and it was fun!
New games are awful why is that?(yes i do think so)
Daraku : I'm like you too. Not that I don't like modern games but i think a lot of them lack soul. The modern games i do actually play are often retro games in shiny new clothes. Modern games are all very polished - probably much more than games from the 16 bit days to tell the truth and with much higher production values. But by necessity they have to last 10 hours + are low-risk (unadventurous) and made by huge teams and I just think focus is often lost.

Also there's so much time spent doing nothing in modern games - can you think of a Neo Geo game where you don't constantly have to be doing something, or a Neo Geo game where you walk about looking for the next person to talk to so you can trigger the next mission, and then after that find someone else to talk to, so you can trigger something else? *yawn*

I think download games are really going to get better though, I think this gen they have been finding their feet. I dont think they are there yet but i think they will really improve next gen. There's no reason why you couldn't make 8 bit or 16bit games with bitmapped graphics and actually add things to the gameplay that you just couldnt in the old days. So i am hopeful. In a way 16 bit games actually lost some of the craziness and creativeness that 8 bit games had. So if this could come back then maybe we will have the best of all worlds Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
As they say on The Big Bang Theory (TV Show), I consider myself a "vintage gamer." It sounds so much nicer than "old school" or "retro."
Does it matter in what game mode we join the High Score Challenge? Don't forget that the player can select between the "Puzzle Game mode" and the regular "Player vs. Computer mode".
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Yep, makes me feel old too. While I do like most modern games I do think that retro games are a lot better most of the time. The reason why is that most modern games just take too damn long to finish and most modern games aren't challenging (except for Bullet Hell Shmups, which I suck at, but love till death)...most retro games are a lot more difficult. Nowadays, there are not a lot of games in which you'll see a GAME OVER most games most games you can continue on playing until the game is finished in contrast to older games where if you had lost all your lives you had to start the whole game from the beginning again. The most challenging game I've played in the last couple of years was Dark Souls and I honestly didn't think that game was as difficult as most people said it had only a few parts where I got frustrated for a little while. Games nowadays are more about having a fun time than actually being a challenge to finish. Just give me some 8 or 16 bit games where I die a lot, it makes finishing the game a lot more rewarding.
Another reason for feeling old for me is when I talk to people at work about gaming, most don't even know what Castlevania of Megaman is...that makes me feel really old...

angelblue15 wrote:

Does it matter in what game mode we join the High Score Challenge? Don't forget that the player can select between the "Puzzle Game mode" and the regular "Player vs. Computer mode".


Edit: sorry, didn't realise this thread was that old before posting.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
No problem cthulu. I had lost track of this thread if it wasn't for that post above yours. I saw that post yesterday but was confused by it as well. Since you have posted I just wanted to say how much I agree. I've been playing a lot of Mega Man lately and though I've gotten really good at them I remember the day when I would die and die and die and die until I finally could beat the game. It was much more rewarding than say playing a game like Sleeping Dogs on the PS3.
Yeah, games today feel very soulless and bland as opposed to back then. It's really lame when a game has uber realistic graphics, an overly-dramatic, orchestral soundtrack, and an "emotional" plot like we're watching an academy award winning movie.

I think I understand partially why old games are becoming more and more popular.
Well games, more than ever (maybe) had become business centred. It is inevitable that they are compared to other entertainment industries, or should I say even the seven arts (for me the game industry fits there as the eight Grin). The way they progressed had a lot in common with games, would that be music, books, movies - much more close in general. Although the temp with which the game industry matured is quite fast (though that is probably just an era based coincidence - or else if books were to be created/came off now, they would develop faster)).

The last decade internet had become accessible to a much bigger portion of the planet. That is also important in a lot of different ways. Would that be just sharing your opinion, getting informed everyday for everything that interests you in a matter of seconds/minutes/hours/days... depending on the topic.
My point is, it is easy to follow a pattern, to see how people react to things, to see what you think. And thats what most of the big companies are doing, following the times, fashion wise (tablets, mobiles, social gaming - all business). Adopting policies similar to a summer blockbuster movie is just given. I know that what I say is in a way generalization, but thats what is important to make good money out of games. Not the game itself, not the focus on gameplay mechanics (of course the is exceptions that are out of this rule). But the way games were around 2000, there I say even after that for a good amount of time till 2005, had changed considerably.
The rapid growth and mixing up and merging and trying new things/genres, had ceased or went slower and stagnated.

Thereafter, playing safe and for the money is the main slogan on the big triple A games. Companies in the middle became fewer and fewer - much like the form of an hourglass. And the the bottom but a lot more popular this days - indies. They are one of the best things that happened to the game industry the last few years. It is too bad that the middle class had become so narrow, it would've been nice to act as a safe precaution, when it comes to introducing new ideas from the indie titles (for example) or themselves to the big daddies.

A few of my thoughts on the subject.
Enough blabbering from me Smile.
Grrr.... speaking of Pac-Man that deal I was getting fell through. No Pac-Man cab for me (right now).
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