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May 22 2018

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Thread Author: HexElf
Thread ID: 431
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There are 14 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4076 times.
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King of Fighters 98 UM! (new vid inside)
Check out the premier video of this promising game.

There are several cool match vids to look out for as well. Things to look out for is Heavy D! new DM that allows for several powered up specials to be used in succession, Krauser's new intro with Rugal and the expanded edit characters where Shingo and Rugal are joined up with Kasumi and Eiji. Also the boss team with Geese, Big and Krauser are naturally there too.
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
LOL! That Krauser-Rugal intro is hilarious. I couldn't understand that much of the Q&A but the game looks great.
It actually look pretty good, I wasn't really convinced when I saw the first videos but now I am.
Looking forward to this. Those backgrounds look ok, but really want to see them properly so I can judge. Hope they have some good filtering options on this (like they have with KOF XI) as 2D games do tend to look quite pixellated on my new TV, unless they are already hi-res anyway like Guilty Gear or Hokuto No Ken. So long as they have some filtering options though you can make it look a little better, KOF XI looks fine imho.

So when will this be released for the AES, then?
( Wink )

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
OMG Geese, Krauser, Eiji, Mr.Big and Kasumi are in it!! It looks great so far, though I don't really like that new background (the first one shown) and I'm not sure if the revamped backgrounds are good or not since I have to look at it up close. That Krauser VS Rugal intro looks awesome Grin If they make this an even better game than the old KoF 98, it will be like heaven! Thumbs Up
I am sooo importing this game as soon as it comes out. Can't wait to play as Geese!!
"All our lives we sweat and save, building for a shallow grave".---Jim Morrison
!!! I had completely forgot about this game !!! With the additional characters, this is the old school kof i always wanted. (well... i wanted new sprites also, but that's a silly fantasy)

Wow, i haven't felt this excited about a fighting game in a while. (Screw this whole KoF XII business)
I'll think about KOF XII when they have something to show, for now I'll stay excited about UM like you say as I really am looking forward to this one now. I also have KOF: MIRA which is a good distraction for the time being.

Side note but the HD edition of Super Street Fighter for the 360/PS3 should be interesting too. Seen anything of that yet? New sprites are looking good so far! (there is a thread for it in non snk gaming talk)

Kazuya_UK wrote:Side note but the HD edition of Super Street Fighter for the 360/PS3 should be interesting too. Seen anything of that yet? New sprites are looking good so far! (there is a thread for it in non snk gaming talk)


I'm kinda excited about the new HD SSF but not too much because i've already played the original so much. Also, i still need a 360 and probably the evil Xbox live. (I already hate paying for my cable net, that is probably gonna drive me crazy)
Edited by Goemon on 10. August 2007 21:09
Live is pretty good value though imho, at least it's for everything and you don't pay money out for just one game, a subscription covers everything. I never used Live on the old Xbox, but I became a convert with the 360, it's pretty damn impressive I think.

the-magicbox just put up some sweet new screens if anyone is interested: http://www.the-ma...922d.shtml

This looks like it will be the ultimate kof 98 release.
Fuck, it's going to be for Wii too?!
So, let's see... the excellent base of 38 characters of the original '98, the addition of the '96 Boss Team (their exclusion was a great injustice, if ya ask me), Kasumi and Eiji alongside Shingo, and... reports also claim the playability of Goenitz and Orochi, which I imagine will go right beside Rugal. That makes a frightening roster of 45 individual characters, not to mention the alternate versions of several characters as well. That makes it 50+, the greatest roster in the entire series' history! Shock

Apparently, Magic Box claims that there will be 64 (!!!) all in all, but I'm not sure how reliable that info is. Any way you slice it, this could be the most immense character selection in the history of fighting games. I'm wondering if I'll just sell the copy of Dream Match '99 I've got for the DC. Pfft
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