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January 20 2019

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Thread Author: Chiba3010
Thread ID: 4282
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There are 49 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 17493 times.
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GCW Zero: New handheld puts the Neo Geo X to the test
DarakuTenshi wrote:
Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. But, I'm a poor student with no job so I have to play it safe.

As far as post-Kickstarter availability is concerned, this was just posted on the GCW Zero FB page:

"May 2013 is the estimated date when it will be available to the general public. The device will be sold at, with and as official resellers."

That's all they've said thus far, hopefully new info regarding pricing and what's included in the box when it hits the online retailers will be forthcoming, should it be any different than what KS backers will receive in March. By then, myself and fellow members who also bought a Zero through Kickstarter will have likely shared enough evaluations and critiques to help you decide if you want to grab one for yourself! Wink
I've been hearing rumors that the Zero's shipping to Kickstarter adoptees might be delayed, as have earlier, pre-KS units which have yet to reach their earliest group of lucky buyers... Hope this isn't true... :(

I'm impatient. I'll admit it. Wink
I'll tell you... I'm very interested in it, but my situation right now is difficult to judge. In a few more months I'll be leaving the college campus and headed off probably back to Texas, and I'd hate to miss my system if they end up not being able to ship it until May/June
lee gray
Chiba3010 wrote:

It's done. Kickstarter raised an impressive $238,498 from 1,680 backers to fund the GCW Zero's debut production run. Clap

The final amount surpassed multiple "Stretch Goals" so we'll see a number of accessories ship with the system. I'll be watching my mailbox in March and will post here as soon as my Zero arrives with photos and first impressions as well as any interesting news or announcements in the meantime! Joe

I got to admit that is really impressive, glad its recieved so much support, the one thing I dont like about it is the SNES type control as never really enjoy pulling off special moves with them.
I've never had any issues doing-so.
Some lucky early adopters got their hands on the system before it blew up on KS and have reported the D-pad is actually quite excellent and great for fighters. There's a YouTube video out there showing the Zero's accuracy by the player's repeated attempts at pulling off specials in SF2 with impressive consistency.
Merlin, this video might interest you- it's the Zero running several games including Knights of Valour and Gaia Crusaders. Worth noting, there are some audio glitches present. The poster claims these are more likely the video recording than the emulation itself which is allegedly free of all but the very occasional hiccup. Smile
Thanks for the video link and news updates Chiba. I did hear those sound glitches during Gaia but hopefully that was just the video recording.

It's impressive the amount of funding raised by the Kickstarter. Despite what I said before I am tempted to get a GCW Zero in the future. The Caanoo is a nice handheld but it would be good to have something a bit more powerful. I'll be interested to hear what you and Salvio think about the GCW Zero once you've received it.
GCW says the KS-funded units will begin shipping out on March 15th, which I hope holds true to plan, delay-free! I received an email a few days ago with a survey to confirm my shipping address and my color preference (white or black) for my Zero handheld. I always bet on black. Wink The email was a nice indication that the process is in motion and nearing completion. It shouldn't be long before this little beast is released into our eager hands. Looking forward to sharing first impressions and pics!
Seems the delays that accompany the vast majority of projects like this one have indeed arisen. Looks like it'll be another month or so before the Zero consoles will ship from the manufacturer in China, and then they'll need to be flashed with a modified boot loader to recognize the increase of RAM from 256 to 512MB before finally shipping out to us. We're in the home stretch. As far as I'm concerned, taking whatever time is necessary to ship the product in finished, quality assured form is priority number one for me.
I'm glad I didn't order one then... by the time they ship it I'll be on my way to moving to another address.
It's been a long, occasionally bumpy ride but GCW has finally begun shipping their handheld gaming powerhouse to their customers. First up are the 150 "Special Edition" backers who got on board and secured their systems many months before the Kickstarter campaign was launched. Once these early adopters have their Zeroes shipped out, the KS units should start shipping shortly thereafter so it won't be long now! I'll update as this process continues through its final stage, followed , of course by my impressions when this lil' ass-kicker is in my hands. Joe
Let us know what it's like. I will be moving in a few days, so I'm glad I didn't get it because I didn't know what address I was going to be at... and knowing the postal service it probably would have been lost getting to me.
I certainly will. I pledged pretty early in the KS campaign so when the KS units begin to to ship, I won't be waiting long. Wink
The "Special Edition" GCW Zero backers have begun receiving their units and thus far reports are very largely positive! Aside from the growing catalog of completed games and demos, some of the apps and softs specifically designed to make use the Zero's beefy hardware are still early in development but a good number are already up and running in some capacity. Build quality has been highly praised, save for a couple of sticky button/d-pad issues on a couple of units. GCW has offered to replace any Zeros with any such issues but among the few that surfaced, most have been resolved at home by simply "breaking them in" with use. Work should begin on getting the Kickstarter units out to their backers around the 18th of this month! I don't mind waiting a bit longer as Zero developers continue to create, refine and release apps and games with each passing day. Thumbs Up

Here's to hoping I get my Zero soon so I can share my impressions with you! There's a chance that when they ship, mine will go out particularly early in the cycle- possibly even earlier than I expected, but early either way...
Edited by Chiba3010 on 14. June 2013 00:49
Yes, I'm excited to hear what you think of it.
Guess what I found on my doorstep today?

I need to spend some time with this new bad boy and then I'll follow up with some impressions! Smile
Awesome. Nice looking handheld. Will be interesting to hear your thoughts about it Chiba.
It looks interesting, but a beast you say? I will be very surprised if it can do N64 games (but it's not like there are many worthwhile anyway, IMO). I see it doing PSX games well, and that's about it re. 3-D. (In fairness, I don't know of any devices that can do 3-D emulation well, outside of PSX) Do you know what version of MAME this device's MAME is based on? If it's based on an old version, a lot of that processing power may just go to waste. :( It's rather sleek looking, but I'm not crazy about that top area of the case that is slightly protruding. The sides look okay, but the top just ruins the uniformity, IMO.

Lastly, is there a link to the original offerings? Smile
Edited by shion on 07. August 2013 02:27
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