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December 06 2019

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Thread Author: Chiba3010
Thread ID: 4265
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Neo Geo X owners: What do you think?
rob7979 wrote:

I think 500a only improvement is that it works as an update for all models rather than any additional graphical enhancements.

Personally I have never noticed any screen tearing. However as I stated in my ifrst post I do not, nor never have, owned an original neo geo (I would love to, maybe some day) so my view view is probably more layman. That said I have got alot more enjoyment out of the NGX than I had envisaged (and a lot more playtime!).

I would be really interested in your thoughts when your NGX arrives.

I am loving it thus far, played a bunch tonight with friends and filmed as we played off the tv. Came out pretty well.

I also did a little impressions video a few posts up on youtube, check it out. =)

thanks buddy
In case anyone was wondering, supposedly you can charge the handheld with a normal usb cord to pc etc.. but I am too nervous to try =)

I did find online some guy who found out that this sony e-reader charger is the exact specs needed to charge it on the go without the rocket cable or the docking station.


it's 1.5 MA, so should work great. I am going to order mine shortly. it runs about $6-10
I just picked up this, not so bad and I have some credit coming anyhow.

For anyone that still cares, SNK just terminated the licensing agreement with Tommo.
In other words, shit-canned. What person authorized the licensing agreement in the first place, and what was that person smoking? I guess it's just another sign of how desperate and out of touch Japanese companies have become in the face of rising Western VG influence — speaking from an American perspective (not saying I agree with the way the industry is going, but yeah).

Though, I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for a Neo-Geo X Stick fire sale.
Edited by shion on 04. October 2013 20:08
So yeah, this means the NGX didn't last as long as it did, even thought it was a glorified emulator anyways, ugh...
No surprised that they canned the agreement, I'm surprised it lasted that long. I never bought the Mega Pack and would some day like to get it, but at the same time... meh! Might be a waste of money at this point.
Tommo is fighting it now and saying they never breached their agreement and will not stop selling the items. I hope they can both talk it out otherwise this may go to court, which would probably take longer than the 2016 contract end date anyhow. Plus if Tommo turned around and sued SNK Plamore for some kind of... defamation in terms of making their company look bad and were to win! then SNK would be in financial trouble, hypothetically of course = )
This is getting embarrassing for SNK. The really embarrassing thing here is Tommo's lawyer(s) sized SNK up and said, "yeah, we can take 'em," which is possible. I can definitely see this getting tied up in court, so Tommo can continue the sales.
YouTube Video

My small video about it = )
All abit sad really - NGX has opened up the neo geo universe to the likes of me - never had the cash to own one in the 90s (I was a SNES fanboy) and now have a family so most of my cash goes on them and the mortgage payments. So the NGX was really great - some fantastic games at (IMO) a good price.
I don’t feel the least bit sorry for SNK. It was an exploitative plan: sell their loyalists an overpriced, questionable handheld. Admittedly, the selection of ROMs offered were their best titles, no doubt. However, in my opinion, with the money invested, they should’ve been making a new run ’n’ gun game or another sequel to Metal Slug (for Steam and iOS). You shake hands with shady Asian counterfeiters on a magnitude like this, and what do you think is going to happen? My problems with SNK today: cheap quality iOS games, emulator peddling, no truly new games… There’s only so much one can take; my brand loyalty is waning.
Edited by shion on 31. October 2013 18:08
For those interested the offical European distributor (Funstock) appear to have stopped stocking the Neo Geo X official controller. There are still some knocking around on ebay and amazon for those wanting a 2nd controller.
I think its absolute garbage. I guess I bought it because at the time I just had money to burn on an impulse purchase (preorder). I sold my 'limited edition set' after having it sit in the box for over 6 mos for only a little more than half what I paid for it. I guess I kept it a while due to potential 'homebrew' possibilities but it seemed like a pain. I have my old PSP for that anyway.
Each to there own. Personally I play my quite a bit - on the train etc and through the TVusing the joysticks. Having never owned a neogeo I don't have a base to compare it to but it is fun enough for me for the moment. I guess I am hoping they either release some more games (looking unlikely) or else someone hacks the system.
this thing gets a lot of hate, deserved or not deserved the true thing what it lacks to an aes or mvs who has a flash memory card modded into it is that the neogeo x is lacking memory card support. You can pretty much forget beating games like viewpoint or magician lord on the system.

I believe if you have the internal SDcard version of the system, not the onboard chip (like I had) you can improve the resolution for the TV-out and add your own roms. I have no idea how to do it personally though. It seemed like quite a process.

Funny thing - I originally wanted it because I thought it was a relatively inexpensive way to get another TV in the house set up with Neo-geo games... Preloaded, Plug 'play, etc.

I just bought a bunch more games on the Wii VC instead- Looks great through component video on my CRT TV.
Edited by Neorebel on 16. January 2014 15:46
With the update neo geo x has a memory card function (thank goodness!).

Neorebel - thanks for the tip but anything involving opening up the console is a step beyond my technical know how. There are already compatible SD cards circulating on ebay for the neo geo x, but currently they only work if you have not completed the firmware upgrade (which I have).

I am sure one day someone in China will hack the upgraded version giving access to ROMs.
Good thinking re the VC - I had not realised until you pointed out the vast libary of Neo Geo games available. your PSP/Wii U combo is definitely the way to go.
My NGX has gone MIA... I was looking for it the other day and it was not where I had put it.:( Sad I am.
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