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March 26 2019

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Thread Author: Chiba3010
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Neo Geo X owners: What do you think?
lee gray
most the people who talk shit about the system are the ones who havent even played it.

What I like about thissite is when a new person joins, they are welcome with open arms, yet if a new member joins they are treated like shit by the countless amount of turds that post there Smile
Oh the place where you'll get slaughtered just by typing only one word (no matter what that word means haha)
I would say a lot of obsessive videogame players are bit strange, they are perfectionists. Like if you write something and make a mistake (like normal people do) they will jump on the mistake and ignore what you actually wrote. I think its the same with this handheld, it's not perfect - so it's sh*t to a lot of people.

I can understand in a way though - it is very expensive and I do want it to be perfect. Partly because it just wont sell if it isnt. The market for this console is surely obsessive Neo freaks, these are the people you are selling to - not the mass market Call of Duty player.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
You know he was saying some shit about the real neo-geo likee it contained only copys of other games popular of that time. but nevertheless i think the neo-geo x sells really well i have seen a lot of people posting videos of unpacking it on youtube and then in the comments people saying that they bought it too so maybe it sold a couple of thousand units? well who knows

RiKo wrote:

I would say a lot of obsessive videogame players are bit strange, they are perfectionists. Like if you write something and make a mistake (like normal people do) they will jump on the mistake and ignore what you actually wrote. I think its the same with this handheld, it's not perfect - so it's sh*t to a lot of people.

I can understand in a way though - it is very expensive and I do want it to be perfect. Partly because it just wont sell if it isnt. The market for this console is surely obsessive Neo freaks, these are the people you are selling to - not the mass market Call of Duty player.
I'm worried about picking one of these up due to the bricking with the new update in the mega pack. But since I was a kid I always wanted a Neo Geo console so I may eventually grab one of these =).

Any more input from the people on the board who actually bought one?

Hope no one minds me bumping an old thread, you guys have always been nothing but awesome to me and I figured talking is talking and most people won't mind that this is a slightly old topic X D
You don't have to update it if you don't want to. I really would like to get the mega pack, but I find it pointless to do so now. I can't see spending that much money on ROMs. Seeing as though if I wanted to I could play many of these games for free as it is.

I much prefer the MVS and AES over the NGX. Also if I want to play it on my TV I have to hook it up to my Plasma or LCD and it just doesn't look right. For some reason it's not compatible with my CRT that I use in my game room.
got the mega pack just could not do ther firmware update on mine or my friends lauch neo geo x, 370firmware machine in the end had to contact funstock who then contacted me had to send my neo geo x & megapack bk to them it took 10 days but they gave me a brand new neo geo x & mega pack works fine in dock & console ninja masters also works on 5.00a firmware too.
shock troopers blazing star & garou on the go is awesome Terry
OK, I just grabbed one for 121 shipped with the firmware installed (all in excellent shape) and with The Classic Pack Volume 1 (not the mega pack =()

Not too bad!

I look forward to playing it, and hope to weigh in.
Not a bad price Mike. Ebay? I admire your dedication. Had I not bought a couple PS3 N-G Sticks in the past (which I can use on my computers), I'd be all over this, if just for the sticks. The stick that comes with the X is compatible with Windows (and Mac?), so MAME/emulation/etc. I believe they're made in China though. I'm not a fan of the washer around the stick; it breaks the sleekness of the original design (though, it is practical). Other than that, same quality parts that are found in the originals. The N-G stick, IMO, is the best Japanese style stick you can get. Smile

Update: current N-G sticks for the X I see on sale do not have the washers. I wonder if they decided to drop those going forward?
Edited by shion on 20. August 2013 02:21

I was in exactly the same shoes as you - always wanted a neogeo but could never afford one - until now that is.

1) If you are buying one new then do not worry about the firmware you will be fine as it was only the very early release versions that wereimpacted (I believe about 5% of the total stock in issue was impacted to give you an idea).

2) I also got the mega pck - awesome. There isnothing quite like playing these with the stick on the tv (other than through a real neo geo of course).

3) I have not encountered any issues with games/tearing of screen etc. For me the emulation is perfect. That said I have never played ona real neo geo so perhaps if you were running these side by side you might see a difference (colours less vibrant).

Yes you can get all of these ROMs for free but for me getting the stick, neogeo console lookalike unit and packaging for the mega pack (which is awesome) made it worthwhile. Probably if you have an original NG with lots of games it might not be so.

I really cannot recommend it highly enough - I have not regrets.
Thanks guys, yeah even though it's just the classic pack with 3 games and not the mega I liked the deal I got. I want to play Burning Fight eventually that really horrible game... um.. what's it called.. Unsuccessful Joe or something LOL.

It should come tomorrow and I'll probably do a small Youtube video on my memories previously and my new emulated console =)

I also am glad the firmware update is in already because the issues people spoke about worried me. I am also now reading there is a firmware 501 or 500A? Does anyone know anything about this? All I keep seeing is 500 being the most current..
Legend Of Success Joe. Yeah, that game is pretty suck. I'd love to own an AES copy of that one some day.
Don't quote me but I think some of the first batch were running firmware 500, laterbatches 500a. Sadly the upgrade was incompatible with 500. Whilst only a small minority of systems were impacted, these were all those purchased by early adopters who were (quite rightly) very vocal with their displeasure. This has however given rise to the impression that the majority of NGX owners have been impacted which is not the case.

Given that your deal comes with vol 1 rather than ninja masters I would guess that it is a later version (as the NGX is now packaged with vol 1 rather than Ninja Masters) so hopefully you should be alright.

As per my earlier post, the NGX is A LOT of fun - also useful as I am worried and kids/wife watch a lot of TVbut I can still enjoy KOF (can't wait for 98 to be released at some point!).
Correction - firmware 500a is the new new upgrade that will correct any update difficulties (or so we are told for now).

As per above, the original upgrade worked on somethin like 95% of NGX but completely locked down the remaining 5% who were the all important early adopters.

Hope that helps.
In general I'm not happy with the purchase, I'd like to live in hope of another update, but I wonder if they've screwed the pooch somewhere - either in hardware or in license agreements. It's a shame because it's so close, but at the same time I don't think the bar was all that high - provide a decent emulator in a nice case.

The bad:

Service experience: it was late, free shipping was actually paid for shipping, announcements and updates have been slow, it's still not a competently functioning emulator. Sadly I suspect this all partly the result of dealing with an uncertain/niche market and a budget development.

Home/mvs and region options should have been a no brainer, sadly I suspect US region just simplified any possible fear of regional classification/censorship hang ups etc.

Video emulation is shoddy, aspect ratio, scaling and screen tearing is abysmal, this is what most annoys me. Ideally there should be options for all these kind of basic settings, ideally even a couple more for scanlines or misc filters...

Contrary to many views here I'm not interested in the handheld/portablity side of things - I imagine psp/vita would simply end up being better options as machines. Battery performance appears a touch on the poor side, but was not expecting miracles in all honesty. Should still service a round trip daily commute if that's what you want it for.

Suspend mode... again, probably more of a portable issue. Saving for some games in the update helps.


You need the update, but at least there was one, will there be another?

Prices are not great, but not unreasonable, and there was at least a release of additional games. And lets face it, if you're the type to dedicate time and space to this device you'll probably pay slightly over the odds to get such a licensed device.

The Good:

General appearance - would like an even closer match to original hardware, but it's more than decent enough.

I was pleasantly pleased by the sticks; not perfect could benefit from a bit more heft and a touch more size, but pretty serviceable... bit bad when 'not disappointing' is a good thing, but to be honest all this device needed to be was 'not disappointing'...

Pretty legitimate way to show support/interest in the neo geo.


I wouldn't feel like you were missing out if you don't have one... If they can sort out issues with another update it'll be excellent. If they do that and release more games, we could really be talking.

At the moment I wouldn't recommend it however unless you are happy waiting for a possibly non existent future update - buy neo games on various dlc stores instead to show your support, unless you fancy some reasonable sticks to plug in to your pc...

Personally I think they rushed it trying to make Christmas, which they missed anyway for most people, and progress, if any is happening, now proceeds at a snails pace. The update and games release was promising, but with no forecast announcements/promises I do fear this device will remain a footnote failure rather than the new way to enjoy classic neo geo games.

Was always going to be a restricted market for this. I still wish they'd sell packs of all their games online across all services [xbox, psn, steam or whatever service] and release pad/stick peripherals, or even other merch, for those of us that would appreciate that... ho hum...
Very interesting Gray, thank you. Very informative.

Rob, It has both Ninja Masters and Classics Volume 1. I do notice screen tearing but I think that's about it, maybe a split second delay in controller functions as well, but I only tested it out and didn't play long.

So you are telling me there is a newer update which is 500a and that it cannot be put over 500? I checked my firmware in the menu and it says 500 on top, so I know for sure the update from the classics was indeed installed. But if 500a is better I would love to get my hands on a newer update =)

thanks guys! Wink
My 2 cents yo.
Hmm.... that's odd. You don't look like at all what I had imagined. I thought you looked more like your avatar here on NGFL.
You know the screen tearing issue seems to only been noticeable to me when I play it on a Plasma or a LCD.
hahah, well I shaved the other day ; ) LOL

Yeah, it only seems to happen on my tv. But I also turned off all the extra processing and put it on game mode the other night, so hopefully that helps a little too. = )
I think 500a only improvement is that it works as an update for all models rather than any additional graphical enhancements.

Personally I have never noticed any screen tearing. However as I stated in my ifrst post I do not, nor never have, owned an original neo geo (I would love to, maybe some day) so my view view is probably more layman. That said I have got alot more enjoyment out of the NGX than I had envisaged (and a lot more playtime!).

I would be really interested in your thoughts when your NGX arrives.
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