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September 21 2019

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Thread Author: Chiba3010
Thread ID: 4265
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There are 62 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 29481 times.
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Neo Geo X owners: What do you think?
There's so much bashing of the NGX since its release. I've heard more than enough negative opinions. Before I go any further:

Please bear in mind that I'm only interested in it as a handheld. I don't ever intend to hook it up to a TV.

So who here bought one and is happy with their purchase used as a handheld system? Would you recommend it? I'd really like to hear some positive evaluations from satisfied NGX adopters!
You might find this thread of interest Chiba if you haven't already seen it.

lee gray
I am pretty sure if i had seen all the negativity before i purchased it, then I would have thought twice, its still pretty decent though.
As for the handheld alone which you are asking about. its quite good, apart from brightness and sound volume, for me both need to be higher. its pretty neat plus can use headphones.

Defo worth getting, I even plugged the handheld straight into my tv and used the handheld controls......
Well I've heard that there is a variation in the brightness and in the volume from system to system.
as a handheld that plays neo games with a decent control pad you cant beat the neo geo x
the tv out stick to original hardware but still added bonus
Reading your comments and the discussion thread (thanks, MerlinThumbs Up ), I'm warming up to the NGX, despite all the criticism. I'll likely buy one at some point soon. Looking forward to announcements regarding future hardware and software support- that could up my enthusiasm further should the news sound good! Smile
lee gray
It is decent enough, I played it through my CRT TV earlier but via a scart socket and although the picture is dodgy, the graphics looked much crisper, if the old CRT TV had HDMI then it would be great as through HDMI on my flat TV the picture is good but I dont enjoy playing games as much on that.
Hi folks, just an FYI...straight from the press.
Can't say I didn't see this coming... R.I.P.
From what I understand it's the Neo-Geo X Gold which has ceased production, not Neo-Geo X all together. You would think they would have dropped their website if they were completely killing it off.
No, no - It's the NGX all together that's discontinuing production.
They will announce it soon.

Based on the article I linked from Engadget they will only continue to sell the games .
No that's not the case. They have now updated that link with this
Update: Not so fast! Tommo Inc -- the company behind Neo Geo X -- says that production hasn't ceased on the main Neo Geo X standalone handheld, but has ceased on the Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition (but was always planned to, as it's a limited edition).

I would get one if it was perfect but I don't like the complaints about the screen and aspect ratio. (like Chiba I'd only want it for a handheld) really for that price they should have done it properly. I doubt there will be an improved model?
Edited by RiKo on 24. January 2013 21:53
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
You guys really freaked me out for a moment there with the discontinuation rumor! Shock I can't afford to get a NGX for at least another month or two. Glad its just Tommo sticking to its original plan of releasing the stand-alone unit, as that's what I planned on buying.
DarakuTenshi wrote:

No that's not the case. They have now updated that link with this
Update: Not so fast! Tommo Inc -- the company behind Neo Geo X -- says that production hasn't ceased on the main Neo Geo X standalone handheld, but has ceased on the Neo Geo X Gold Limited Edition (but was always planned to, as it's a limited edition).

Ah thanks for the update broski!
Everything that comes from the news doesnnt mean is true
Very true but it's a whole lot better than rumors!
It's gotta come from somewhere 1st lol
If they would only confirm some of the games they plan on releasing for the console I might buy it. I really hope the games will have some sort of box to be stored in. Without it's not so interesting to collect for some reason.
Though I've already got mine I'm still with you TF73. I really wish they would release some info on the games. Most of the games that came with it I'm not interested in. There are a few of them but when you only get 4 credits... it's not so nice to play.
I'll leave my two pennies worth of opionions on the NGX handheld.

You have 2x Right buttons and 2x left buttons which do exactly the same thing...1x button on each would suffice.

I hate that when you adjust the volume and contrast, gameplay pauses and you get this 'jump' feel, it would have been nice with a 'smoother' graduation in both volume and contrast setting.

Its got a plastic cover, but what about if it had an iphone style scratch proof glass finish? Come on now that would be very sleek...nice retro look with a modern feel.

Other than that 20 built in games, and the ones you were gonna buy anyways cant be bad eh?

Oh some gameplay instructions would have been nice, only so far i can get with a simpy hard kick and hard punch.
Some bs review here about the neo-geo x and some bs comments in the review about the neo-geo what do you think?

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