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November 14 2018

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Thread Author: Murikov
Thread ID: 4240
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2130 times.
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Back from the "green holiday"...
Hey guys, I hope you're doing fine! Thumbs Up

As you may remember, back in July I enlisted myself for doing basic training in the Swiss army. So now I'm finally back with lots of good memories, to enjoy again civil life and the pleasure that Neo Geo and gaming is!

However, in these few months alone I have experienced so much like I never did in civil life before. These 21 weeks almost felt like a year to me and the service teached me how long a whole day actually can last. But surprisingly it was far from being hell like we imagine the military from movies like Full Metal Jacket. We may have worked hard from earliest morning until late night, but otherwise it was very bearable if not even pretty fun.

At the first day of basic training I and a few others were divided into a intelligence soldier platoon. An intelligence soldier basically gathers all sort of military information in a case of engagement, conveys information to superior authorities, runs military computer simulations (no, not Metal Slug) and draws military events or formations on tactical maps. He also is responsible for relocating, installing and running a tactical operations center. Nevertheless we also received complete personal combat equipment and were trained in combat training as well, just like every other recruit in the barracks as well. Up to running obstacle courses, shooting, training NBC defence and foot drill, doing long marches and even truck driving we've almost done everything. And yes, I indeed got a driving license for small 4 tons trucks too, which can be used in civil life as well. Our platoon used to have a Bucher Duro, of which I was the driver.

Anyway, there would be much more to tell and to show, so I'll stop here. At a later point I'll post some more impressions in the Member's Photoalbum thread, for now I leave you with a scanned group photo showing our intelligence platoon in the 9th week of our basic training. My humble self is the guy in the middle row, second from left. And yeah, we indeed do not look like special forces... Wink
Edited by Murikov on 17. December 2012 20:00
Murikov: Welcome back and congratz on newly won freedom Wink

Im sure that you would do your country proud if the day comes...

Please tell us more about the training and if you have more photos, share them with us...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Welcome back. Now what? Are you on "reserve" waiting to be called in or do you have so many years that you have to be on contract and have to go back after the holidays?
Welcome back Murikov! Terry

Good to hear that your military service was a positive experience for you and it was interesting to read a bit about it. I'd also like to see some more photos.
Welcome back, my friend! Great to know this was such a positive experience for you. I'd also be interested in hearing more about your "green holiday" should you wish to share it. Wink
Thanks guys!

I'll just post right here some stuff here to make things easier. So below you can see our platoon's Bucher Duro which I drove, the Swiss army's main truck for small and fast military transports. Its maintenance and control is very easy to master and with it an intelligence platoon can relocate a whole mobile ToC in just a few hours from one place to another. It even has a tilting driver's cabin which is directly installed over the engine.

With that good ugly buddy I hurled myself into one adventure after another, sometimes driving it for 8 hours a day through the rural and mountainous areas of western and eastern Switzerland, of course with about 20 comrades in the loading area. That way I've experienced some pretty beautiful places, see for yourself.

The pictures above were all taken by me during driving deployments, from summer up to winter. Especially in the beginning of November it was so freaking cold that I really was glad that basic training ended November 23rd...

Of course we were also deployed company-wise in bigger trucks, that was pretty fun too. The video below shows a typical transport in a Saurer 10DM. But unfortunately I couldn't drive these, only the "cute" Duros.

YouTube Video

If you are interested, I still could post some stuff. About our main training as intelligence soldiers for example.

DarakuTenshi wrote:
Now what? Are you on "reserve" waiting to be called in or do you have so many years that you have to be on contract and have to go back after the holidays?

Let me first explain the system behind the Swiss military service itself, at a first glance it may sound very bureaucratic and too complex. Switzerland's army actually bears a very old tradition for being one of the most famous and ancient militias in Europe. This means that the Swiss army particularly consists of soldiers who were enlisted by general conscription, therefore by law and not by voluntariness. For every male Swiss citizen it is obligatory to do military service or, in case of ethical aspects, public community service.

So the regular military service consists of a basic training period, the so called Rekrutenschule, which always lasts 21 weeks. Afterwards the former recruits are dismissed until they are called upon to do so called Wiederholungskurse (refresher weeks). These "courses" take place once in a year and last about 4 weeks each. Now this means that a Swiss militia soldier has to work off all his remaining service days until his 32nd year of age. If he doesn't, he has to pay horrendous fines. During the period a soldier isn't in active service, he keeps his assault rifle, nowadays a SIG SG550, at home and is obligated to periodically engage in marksmanship training at public shooting ranges. That's also one of the reasons why Switzerland has a very active shooting community up to date, see this video.
Welcome back!
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Nice photos Murikov. The scenery looks beautiful. Sounds like you had quite a few interesting adventures during your period of military service. I seem to remember Strelok also likes to use a SIG SG550!

Even if there's not a significant problem with gun crime in Switzerland I would question whether it's a good idea for huge numbers of people to have an assault rifle in their home. I hope there are at least some restrictions on keeping ammunition at home.
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