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April 20 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 4193
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There are 9 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4684 times.
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Just a note as to my current situation
Hey guys,

Before I go on, just want to say that I'm not writing this as a "oh no look at me things are terrible" type rant, it's more a quick note as to where have been recently, as I had started doing a bit of work on the site again... but as it always does, a few things got in the way!:( It's also not a terrible piece of news, but I figured I'd share this.

Basically, as some of you may know, over the years I've had a few ups and downs health wise... nothing major, but all kinds of minor things and pretty much exhaustion, and I've never been quite right since I had an operation when I was 20. Anyways, fast forward a good few years, and many health check ups and blood tests (and more) later, and a few weeks ago I was finally diagnosed as having ME, or as it's otherwise known chronic fatigue syndrome. If you don't know what it is, check this:


To be totally honest I'm actually quite happy that they finally said this as at least it gives me a reason as to why I occasionally feel so bad. This isn't a sob story either, as to be fair, I have comparatively mild symptoms and I'm in no way anywhere near as bad as other sufferers I've spoken to in the past, who end up being bed ridden for days at a time when their symptoms are bad. For me, I'm pretty much fine 80% of the time (other than terrible sleeping patterns sometimes), but I have a few low points now and again. As there's not really a cure for this, the only thing I can do is take the hospitals advice and basically CHILL THE HELL OUT! Smile It's mainly when I really overdo things and don't rest enough that I end up in a bad place for a couple of days, so realistically a few lifestyle changes and I should be a lot better and more stable.

Anyways, thanks for reading guys and gals. Just wanted to say this last month or two I haven't been doing my usual disappearing act and that I am still here. If anything, working on the site is quite relaxing and I could probably do with spending a little more time doing that, and playing some games! Wink

Don't suppose anyone else here suffers from this at all?

Not really Kaz, but at least you could have said this sooner, of course for me there are ups and downs for me sometimes just feeling like shit and not wanting to do anything much, but at least there are one of those days where you're alright and want to have fun. Wink

Anyways, keep up the good work, who knows what else is set in store for NGFL soon! Grin
Kaz: Thanks for letting us know about your present *condition*. If I / we can help in anyway, please let us know IŽll try my best to assist you...


Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
@Kaz: Sorry to hear you're facing such challenges! I've been afflicted with intermittent fatigue (regardless of hours slept), some depression when these symptoms are at their worst and over two decades of seemingly deep-rooted gravitation towards abnormally long periods of sleep and can easily drift into odd sleeping schedules when not forced to adhere to structured sleeping/waking cycles by working hours. In summary my sleeping demands and patterns have plagued me for years and made daily function a greater (occasionally debilitating) challenge than it should be. Don't know if its the same disorder you're dealing with, but I can say you're not alone in your battle with feeling unnaturally tired on a regular basis. I hope things continue to improve for you, but if/when your symptoms next arise, know that some of your challenges are indeed shared with others, even here, within the NGFL community. Comfort

Hang in there!
Edited by Chiba3010 on 03. November 2012 12:10
Thanks for taking the time to explain your situation Kaz and I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. I can understand that it must have been good to finally get a diagnosis rather than wondering the whole time what it was and worrying about it. Good to hear that most of the time you feel ok and I hope that things will improve for you.
Hope everything works out, now that you finally know what the problem is and can manage it.

Take care Kaz
That really sucks Kaz. At least you know what's wrong with you and that important. Take care.
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Aye guess the good news is you n ow know what it is, there's nowt worse than worring about your health thinking it could be something serious.
ME is a tricky one as its now officially a condition and not the yuppie flu as it was cruely called in the past. I know a guy who had the same diagnosis and was cured by taking antidepressents making people think its a state of mind rather than a psyical illness. ME does suck but thankfully it wont kill you so thats the positive thought you gotta think about Kaz, good luck dude.
Sad to hear that.wish you only the best. Health is a rare and treasure Thing.Take care of yourself and Thank you for all the stuff you wrote on the Site!
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