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August 18 2019

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Thread Author: DarakuTenshi
Thread ID: 4192
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I am so sick and tired of new systems
I flippin' hate new video game consoles. They break way too easy and are so unreliable!!! I don't know how many xbox 360s I've had and now my PS3 went to crap. I've had problems with every Sony system I've owned. As much as the PS3 is a great Bluray player that is all it is and it's not going to be worth it to me to ever buy another Sony product.
Well Im not going to argue against your statement...Shiny would agree wholeheartely in your rant against $ONY Wink

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
All my Sony products (PS3 included) lasted me for quite a while, so no complaints there. As for the Xbox 360... boy oh boy... within two years, I got RROD'd TWICE, and the disc tray is barely functioning (it may or may not open, depending on its whim).

The problem with most technology (in general) nowadays is that they no longer intend to build something that will last for years so that most people would be forced to always buy the newest version of a certain product every 2-3 years, and the time span between device replacement seems to become lesser and lesser. This is one part always being up to date in this extremely quick pace technology is going, and one part milking the consumer for their money. They no longer build things to last, unlike technology back in the day, when they still keep durability and longetivity in mind when creating a product.

This may be straying a little off-topic, but that's why not only do the latest technology appeal to me at all, I intentionally keep it that way, so that in a couple of years, when said technological device is reduced to half its price, I can get it cheaper and still be surprised at the newer things, and an older model means its kinks are (mostly) worked out.
Well I have had my PS3 for what 4 or 5 years... but to me that is still low compared to my older consoles. Even with newer systems I've never had a problem with a Nintendo system (except for the NES with it's connector issues). When you pay this much for something you'd expect it to last a bit longer than 5 years. I mean that was aprox $100 a year that I got out of it. When I get some time I'm going to attempt to fix the stupid thing... heck... what do I have to loose at this point.
And i would have been playing my nes till this very moment if i wasn't that bad at playing the games(i was kid) cuz i hit it with my fist and i broke it now that is a machine made almost 25 years ago and a cousin still has it playing it on times to times well lets say the neo-geo made around 20+ Years and they are still functional so what happened to the consolies of this gen they became more like PC they are actually PCs
Well... I sold my Vita and games last night so that I could pick up another PS3. I have sworn off of Sony products so I figured I'd better get rid of my Vita before it dies. Bought the 500 GB console with Assassins Creed III. The main thing I use my PS3 for is for my media center with an attached 2 TB drive. If the 360 allowed a HDD to be plugged in that would have been fine but PS3 works the best for those purposes.

I hope this version of the console has been designed better. It seems as Sony releases the revision consoles they do work better then their predecessors. The good news is I can play my PSone games again. (I couldn't before because I had the Japanese console and I don't own any Japanese PSone games).
Gotta agree. It seems like not many recent consoles are really built to last. Last year, my Wii (launch-era) pretty much wouldn't read discs after owning it for 4 and a half years so that had to be fixed. Funny thing is, that the Wii is supposedly the most reliable current-gen console out there.

My first PS2 (regular one) wouldn't read discs after merely 2 and a half years of owning it (Christmas 2003-April or May 2006?). Recently, my Slim PS2 is being very stubborn when it comes to reading discs. Often times, the thing would just refuse to do so, but SOMETIMES, it actually does. However, when I reset the system or change games (almost all of my PS2 games are clean and working), the PS2 would go back to being stubborn again. I got my slim PS2 about 6 and a half years ago and is just now showing problems.

What's funny is that my GC is the ONLY disc-based system that I have that still works like a charm and I have it since Christmas 2002. My DC also still works and I have it for even longer.
My 360 is doing good but then i dont play on it very much, so that could be why. I was actually looking at it the other day and wondering when it was going to break!

To be fair you cant really compare modern consoles to NES's because i think any console with moving parts is going to break at some point. Some of the hardest consoles to find in working order are the PC Engine CD ROM 2's. If they do work most have read errors now. Also the cases went yellow as did lots of consoles, lots of cheap plastic around back then, so something has at least improved.

The only console of mine that has totally broken was my Dreamcast, and that was the drive. The DC really does make horrible sounds when it accesses it's discs so this wasnt a great surprise. Fortunatley i was able to get a new one for 30 pounds with a steering wheel and a load of games. If only the same was true for PS3 or 360 Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
This shit really started during the last generation of consoles.
(i.e. Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, XBOX)

The most common problem I've had with any of these things is that after about 3 years, the little eye that reads that discs lose their focus and will eventually stop reading discs. This was actually deliberate in their design. There is a screw behind the mounts for those eyes that slowly moves over time and needs to be recalibrated. (The screw can't be too tight and can't be too loose.) It only takes about 10 minutes to fix if you know what you're doing, but the average consumer wouldn't know that. And the XBOX is a virtual tank to break into.
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