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June 26 2019

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Fatal Fury Special

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 418
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There are 29 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 8493 times.
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I hate F.F.S!!!!!! I love KOF!!!!!!
Anyone here that likes Killer Instinct? I played that game so much with a friend of mine on his SNES, and I still like it.
Yeah I still like KI. It's fun to dust off the SNES every now and then and play it.
Seconded, I actually liked the original a whole lot more than the sequel because in my mind they made just a bit too many changes in 2/Gold and the Ultra combos just didn't look as awesome as I remember them doing on the Snes. That, and the KI on the Snes easily has some of the most impressive graphics on the system. In short, I wish they would make a new one just so I could hear the intro theme again, that bassline is to die for.
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
Dagguhm, the F.F.S. hate is disappointing to read. I also agree with much of what HexElf has said.

Concerning the question of "why play SF2 when you can play SFA3, or why play FFS when you cna play Garou" I actually prefer the former in both cases. Although the complexity of the gameplay systems improved in each i prefer SF2 series over the alpha series because i like that it's anti-buttonmasher (I considered the fighters dev. under the CPS2 engine a mess anyways) and i prefer FFS over MotW because, although i love the characters, i considering it to be a bit of a SF3 knock off. (it lost what made the FF series unique imo)
Edited by Goemon on 31. July 2007 08:02
Ya got a point there. (about MotW and SF3) But im not saying that FFS, or SF2 are bad, their great games, im just saying with the advancements in the engines, the newer are in a way the better (well their supposed to be) cause yeah, SFA are nothing compared to SF2, i just like the new mechanics in SFA3, as i like the new engine in MotW (tho not very FF-ish) But nothing beats the originals, especially originals like FFS/SF2 (now that i think about it, that was a dumb thing to say, when ya look at other series, like Sonic :( )
Edited by goemon4 on 31. July 2007 16:11
I played a ton of SF2 in the arcades, it was pretty insane actually, I walked down to the local arcade and played till I had no quarters left, almost daily, then I'd bet people I could beat them lol just to keep playing. I would see older guys and challenge them and take there money, it was funny, cause not too many people felt good about cheating a kid they just made a bet with!!!

Anyway, I played all the Street Fighter/ Art of Fighting / Fatal Fury Games in arcades and SNES, but when I walked into the Starcade which was one of the best arcades I've ever been to(and grew up with) and found a shiny new King of fighters 94, my world (or atleast the direction my fighting game world would take) was changed forever!!!

I had dreams about this game (or a game like this) and when I checked out the character select screen it was a done deal. I was in love. Suddenly characters were more complex, good bye capcoms SF2 and your characters only having a limited move sets (3 command moves each for the most part) and with that less depth!!!

Hello King of Fighters ... And what a fitting name too, it was the best thing that could have happened to the fighting genre period. The Fatal Fury series spawned not only the most complete , but most compelling and deep 2D fighting series to date, in my opinion. I pull out both Fatal Fury Special and King of Fighters 94 on my AES all the time. They are both great games and I would imagine 2D fighting would have died a painful death long ago if Capcom was the only show in town!!!
I think alot of people forget that SNK Playmore is the heart and soul of the 2d fighting genre.

You can hate Fatal Fury Special all you want , thats your right, just don't forget how important that series was in bringing us to where we are today.

As for the tekken series I've played and own them all, but its always been a strange bird to me. I love the character designs, music and enjoy the twists and turns of the world of Tekkens storyline. But the game engine is broken and its not really a point of argument, it really is fact!!! I mean I'm sure you could say it wasn't and I'd hear you out, but then when I just mid kicked you out of everything you tried and then you would be proven wrong, then I suppose you could say well I'd just counter that and I'd say well not everyone can counter (catch kicks/reversal) then what? Again I enjoy the world it all lives in, but its far too unballanced and even a limited amount of verses play proves that. Its a fun series for sure, just not where I go to play serious matches, its the game I play with the guys who don't play alot of fighters and just want to play a flashy 3D fighter.
If you are a Tekken fanatic, nothing I say will change that and it really shouldn't. When Tekken 6 comes out with online play I'll gladly play with anyone who is willing,a few matches or a few hundred!!!

I love fighting games and play them all, I'm just never so in love that I can't see their faults, or is that refuse to see lol

later guys
Edited by Bullet on 31. July 2007 18:25
Good to see so many reactions in this thread, and there are certainly many opinions about this "holy cow" of Neo Geo Thumbs Up

Iam still to realise whats so great about FFS. And Im sad to say that non of you have managed to prove to me what is so great about FFS...

Like I wrote before I really respect and apreciate what FFS has contributed to the 1 on 1 Beatem up genre. I just dont like to play the game :exclaim:

Again its really interesting to read your opinions Grin


Edited by priest on 31. July 2007 20:34

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
There isn't honestly the need to convince you that Fatal Fury Special is good or not, if you don't enjoy it, I personally feel you are missing out on a great fighter, as I still enjoy it.
I guess its like saying Street Fighter 2 was a bad game, they both still hold up as solid 2d fighters

I don't know what to say other than, Fatal Fury Special had tight controls, great music, animation and levels. The dodging was a unique element that added much to the strategy of proper placement in battle (one that would later bring about that type of movement in 3D games) And it added more characters to experiment with.

You are your own person and if you don't like something, I'm not gonna bash you over the head and tell you your wrong not to like it.
Bullet wrote:I had dreams about this game (or a game like this) and when I checked out the character select screen it was a done deal. I was in love. Suddenly characters were more complex, good bye capcoms SF2 and your characters only having a limited move sets (3 command moves each for the most part) and with that less depth!!!

Hello King of Fighters ... And what a fitting name too, it was the best thing that could have happened to the fighting genre period.

My thoughts exactly when i first played the KoF series. I liked how every character had a variety of commands even with only 4 buttons. For instance, Guile's moves provide very limited strategic options (everyone knows that you have to charge for every damn special) where Leona has charge moves and quarter circle moves.

Capcom didn't start providing providing so many strategic options still SF3 imo.
Edited by Goemon on 31. July 2007 20:19
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