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July 20 2019

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Thread Author: 1983parrothead
Thread ID: 4173
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There are 37 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 13284 times.
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Your first SNK game
The first one I've played was this game for the NES. I still remember renting it at a local video rental store that's now out of business, but the building still exists. It was one of the best NES baseball games I've ever played. And it wasn't Baseball Stars.

For the Neo-Geo, that would be Fatal Fury: King of Fighters on Virtual Console, which is even the first and only one I own.

Perhaps when I move into my own home, I'll be able to have a Neo-Geo.
Edited by 1983parrothead on 11. October 2012 02:12
Baseball Stars on the NES was my first.
My first on the AES was Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, and Baseball Stars 2 (all at the same time)
Mechanized attack was my second and my first it was tank for nes then king of fighters and metal slug in the arcades that's all i remember i remember playing spin master in the arcades but that one was just relased for the neogeo and was made buy dataeast its the same for street hoop street slam dunk dream oh those were the gaming days nowadays games lack the spirit that something that makes thhe game awesome
The first game I played on an AES was 8-Man in my local import game store. I remember the fair coming to town and them having a Beast Busters cabinet and, I think, Fatal Fury.... or it could have been Art of Fighting.

The first MVS cart I actually owned was Blazing Star. I brought 1st Mission and KoF R2 when the Pocket was launched in the UK. My original AES came with Samurai Spirits 2 (doesn't everyone's!), but Last Blade was my first actual purchase.
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The first SNK game I played was Fatal Fury at an arcade in Glasgow probably around 1992/1993.
My first memory of anything Neo Geo comes from picking up pizza with my Dad! When I was younger, we'd often pick up pizza from Round Table Pizza, and they had a Samurai Shodown cabinet. Back then I was really amazed with the scaling effects. Aside from that, I have fond memories of playing Ninja Combat in a lot of 4-slot cabinets.
I think I read that wrong...
My first SNK game that I played I believe was Ikari Warriors.
i would say probably Ikari Warriors on the Spectrum!

As for the Neo Geo the first game i played was probably Art of Fighting 2 but that was only when i finally got my own system about 6 years ago maybe.

Before that the Neo Geo was a bit of a mythical system for me - i knew about it but never saw one. I did used to watch a MVS multigame arcade machine running while i was waiting for my turn at pool, but for some reason i wasnt playing games at that time or i was too tight to pay for a go. but i was very impressed the way the some of the games zoomed in and out!
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My first SNK game was the SNES port of Fatal Fury 2. And I had rented that at a local video store after seeing Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture when it was airing on Sci-Fi Channel back in the day.

I'd like to say that Baseball Stars for the NES was probably my actual first game, but I only remember playing a baseball game for that system and I don't really remember which one that it was. I didn't own it. I played it at a random cousin's house once.
NAM 1975
I still need to get that game too. I really did enjoy that one back in the 90's.
Best game of its type i reckon
I usually give this honor to Baseball Stars on the NES, but while that was definitely the first SNK title that I truly loved it's quite possible that I played on a POW arcade machine even before that. I remember a weird tent at a county fair that was full of arcade machines, but I can't for the life of me remember what year it was, or even any of the other games.
Back in the 90's or so (1996 or 1997 or 1998? Can't exactly remember.), the first SNK game I played was either KOF '95 or KOF '96 on the MVS. Didn't play on the AES until earlier this year, in which I played Thrash Rally, Magician Lord, Viewpoint, Mutation Nation, Sengoku, and Samurai Shodown III.
For a pre-Neo Geo arcade game, my first would be Vanguard 1 through MAME. For ADK, it was technically the SNES port of World Heroes 1 (reprogrammed by Sunsoft), but for an actual one, it's Gang Wars through MAME. For an actual Neo-Geo ADK game, it's probably World Heroes 1.
DarakuTenshi wrote:

I think I read that wrong...
My first SNK game that I played I believe was Ikari Warriors.

Me too (played Ikari Warriors in the arcades).
Ikari Warriors was an Awesome game!
I liked the rotating controller!!

Also played Magician Lord at the same arcade.
World Heroes isnt an SNK game...
NEO-GEO man wrote:

World Heroes isnt an SNK game...

I know. That's why I mentioned ADK. However, some of SNK's employees were mentioned in the "Special Thanks" credits.
Its still an Alpha game and not SNK.
Indeed, but I sometimes usually hear people call any Neo-Geo game an SNK game. Even Stuttering Craig of ScrewAttack incorrectly blaming SNK for creating World Heroes because of how unoriginal it looks.

I heard that one of ADK's major employees was involved in the development of the Neo-Geo.
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