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February 16 2019

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Thread Author: RiKo
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Will Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 Be The Last-Ever Traditional Consoles?
A couple of industry figures have already said that PS4 and Xbox 720(?) will be the last-ever traditional consoles and now Nvidia has said it. Is it really the end for consoles as we know them?


Basically console R+D (Research and Development) costs have been rising hugely with each generation and the large R +D cost associated with Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 has meant that they *had* to have a (very) extended life cycle in order to recoup costs and turn a profit overall, and there also needs to be money to fund the R+D costs for the next gen of course. With the next Gen - Playstaion 4 and Xbox 720(?), these costs will be even worse . It's not just R+D, there is a huge cost assciated with launching a new console too., marketing, distribution etc. An extended life cycle means the hardware is out of date after a few years and users have to put up with old technology - like now but worse.

Cloud gaming - which is already extremely impressive (to those who can use it) - doesnt have this disadvantage as it is able to take advantage of constantly updated cutting edge hardware (at the providers-end). People believe this will take over the role of traditional games consoles. (Its worth noting that Sony recently bought Gakai the cloud gaming service for $380 million)

*If* this happens then maybe consoles will survive if they offer something drastically different, a bit like the Wii did in its time but otherwise it seems like it could be game-over after the next gen. It does already seem that PS3 and X360 are slowly turning into multimedia hubs...

what do people think? do they believe this will really happen? is this the end for consoles as we know them?
The coonsoles as we knew them are already gone cuz ps3 and xbox360 are everything but consoles cuz what you can do on your console i can already do on my PC so they actually became PCs before you just put the game in and you play it now first you need to instal then play it wait isn't that a PC?
Yes I agree Riko sadly this is the way its heading, once everyone has super fastbroad which is still a good generation off. I think its sad that we will no longer have boxed games to collect but we have no control over these things.

I and all of us against it will have to adapt and like it n lump it. It might make some of us ignore future gaming and stick with what we have but if the next gen has plenty of great games as well as the many games from the past then it might be enough gaming to see us out ( us approaching 40 anyway). But I love te feeling of new games coming with shiny HD 1080 p graphics so I guess I will lump it but I will miss having boxed copys.
I doubt we're going to lose consoles. One advantage consoles have over PC gaming is that they're consistent with each other, and games are ready to play right from the get go, while in PC gaming, most games are inconsistent in their installation and requirements to run, it's a pain for your typical casual gamer.

The cost of developing a new console may go up and up, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Big companies will always find some way to afford and profit from this, so there definitely won't be some rogue, up and coming company who's going to be able to break into the console manufacturing market (not that there was that many back in the day). It may mean that there won't be any new console available anytime soon, so current consoles won't die out in the market as soon as it usually will, and developers will be able to bring out the full potential of the console thanks to the extended commercial viability of said consoles (especially considering that some of the PSone and PS2 games with the best graphics usually come out near the end of a console's life in the market).

Then again, I may have strayed a little off-topic there, since it was in my mindset that it was about consoles dying off Shock

These digital games may be the future, but for now, it has its fair share of headaches, and doesn't feel as satisfying as buying an actual physical copy that you can just bring all over and boot at your friend's console. Unless internet speed increases significantly, it's a pain having to wait to download these games (and install them) before you get to play them.

For digital games, there's also always this issue of sharing games with friends and how it's/it's not possible thanks to certain anti-piracy countermeasures. That, and it's making certain industries lose its market (costing jobs) that they rely on manufacturing physical copies less and less over the years Pfft
lol this thread was a slow burner

Bojan wrote:- The coonsoles as we knew them are already gone cuz ps3 and xbox360 are everything but consoles cuz what you can do on your console i can already do on my PC so they actually became PCs before you just put the game in and you play it now first you need to instal then play it wait isn't that a PC?

very true and we get constant updates too! I do still see my 360 as totally a game console. There is a load of crap you can do but i ignore that and just play games. I have quite a powerful laptop but i never use it for games unless its emulation. Just seems easier on a console and you can sit in front of the TV also you know the online community is on console for some games too.

Ste wrote :- I think its sad that we will no longer have boxed games to collect but we have no control over these things.

the download games i have on my 360 i dont care that they dont come with a box. Given how crappy the offical boxes are.... Its not like the old days when sometimes the manual was a work of art in itself. and you got a novella and a fold out parchment map. Basically you get a cheap-sh*t DVD case, a flimsy manual that tells you little about the game, that just takes up space, and a slow loading DVD. I def agree with you in one way though - without a box this game only exists on my harddrive. when/if microsoft stop making new xboxes, and my HD breaks and there's no online service, can i get these games back? not sure if i can. so i am with you there Thumbs Up

Suko wrote:- The cost of developing a new console may go up and up, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Big companies will always find some way to afford and profit from

Thats a good point but i cant see Microsoft and Sony wanting their next gen consoles to last for any longer than this gen (they would have to if costs rise further). If cloud gaming does actually take off, they just couldnt compete - remember cloud gaming can always use up to date technology - so it will have the best gfx and the best physics. Obviously though they are not inteneding to compete with Sony spending all that money on cloud gaming itself. Expect microsoft to make a similar move at some point, or launch their own service.

Personally i am not sure cloud-gaming will take off for a long time and if it does - can it cope with that many people (millions) all wanting access time at once? I'm not sure. It does seem like the future at the moment though

I wouldnt be surprised if we some big gimmick (beyond 3D) this next gen like virtual reality, if you could get something like an enhanced kinnect working with a virtual reality helmet/goggles you could detect the users head and body movements that way (cheaply). Then they could do something with a console that you couldnt do with cloud gaming (for a while anyway) It would be something special and there would be a reason for consoles to still exist for a while longer. VR isnt as implausible as it sounds - remember the Atari Jaguar had a VR helmet almost ready to go - although cost is a problem.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Traditional console gaming is definitely becoming a niche market. Dedicated devices are redundant, especially when one is carrying around an all-in-one device, i.e. iPhone. All most people want is multiple all-in-one-devices for different occasions. People are paying for the form now that all-in-one is just a given (that's why people will have both an iPhone and an iPad two devices that do virtually the same thing but are shaped differently). Not a real big fan of current or future consoles offering the same features as an all-in-one device. Consoles, from what I've read, offer these features as an after thought and are sub-par experiences (browser, shopping, music player etc.). I think all-in-one devices have started to successfully enter the once-sacred turf of the console: games. On the other hand, I don't see it working the other way around, where people buy a console mainly to take advantage of the various other features it does besides gaming.

With that said, because I do remember a time when having a console was the only way to enjoy "true" gaming at home (NES, SMS, Mega Drive/Genesis etc.), I can't help but be bemused by the upcoming generation, specifically the PS4. Even if I do get one, it won't be until the generation has well hit its stride (four or five years after it is launched). I guess I'm getting back into traditional gaming in 2020! Grin
Edited by shion on 16. November 2012 22:09
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