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February 16 2019

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Thread Author: RiKo
Thread ID: 4136
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There are 56 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 18088 times.
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New NG:DevTeam game - NEO XYX - Maniac Shooter
I wish I had the money for Gunlord because that looks good.
I'm really looking forward to NEO XYX.. the Toaplan-esque style is huge plus in my book and extremely appealing for my tastes.

Being the first TATE Neo game is pretty cool too.
NG DEV posted a new teaser video:

YouTube Video
I think it looks great Thumbs Up would be interested to see the other levels. The only bad thing i would say is i already have quite a lot of schmups in this style, so i dont feel desperate to own this.

I do think NGDevteam do shooters really well, and i guess that's why they are sticking to that genre, but i would like to see them to do maybe a proper Outrun style racing game (if that's possible), just something totally new fresh and exciting. I think they would sell a lot too if they target the game-types the Neo geo is currently lacking. get people really excited.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
XYX is looking impressive RiKo I agree. Probably NG DEV Team's best looking shooter so far.

I know what you mean it would be nice if they did try more different genres in the future. What Neo Geo fans want more than anything is a new side scrolling beat 'em up. I would also love to see them do a new Nam 1975 style game.
Hopefully this will also be released for AES. Was a bit to late to buy Gunlord/AES. Hoping they will make a few more copies of that one! Let's hope they continue to support the console in the future.
In case anyone hasn't already seen it here's the XYX trailer NG Dev Team posted recently.
XYX looks amazing with colourful detailed backgrounds, impressive bosses and a great soundtrack. Anyone here planning to get this? If I still had a Neo cartridge system I'd be
tempted to pick this up.

YouTube Video
The initial shipment of Neo XYX on MVS started today! Does anyone have a copy coming to them soon? Just like with Gunlord I'm waiting for the Dreamcast version myself, but I'm interested in hearing everyone's opinions once you get your hands on it.
In the meantime waiting for a future release, I would also like to hear some stories too from our dear forum folks. I presume the DC and Neo version won't be much different from eachother?
Now then, NeoXYX...

When I first saw screenshots and a video of this game running, I was quite excited about it. Right down to that kick ass artwork and logo.

However, I was pretty concerned to learn that this game would be a dedicated TATE title - especially when it concerns the Home Cart release, as I'm sure most PPL would just play it on their standard TV set up. For whatever reason though, NGDev included an oddball YOKO mode, whereby the game doesn't rotate in the screen, but simply the HUD overlay (scores etc) are rotated on the screen, meaning you can play the game side-on(??!) but can read the scores ok. Hmmm. Not for me I guess.

Anyway, I had hoped, seeing as it is considered a monumental task to recode the entire game for a separate 'proper' YOKO mode (due to how the Neo handles sprite rotation in hardware) that NGDev might make a proper rotated YOKO mode for inclusion in the Dreamcast Console port, as presumably, it should be easier. But... no.

So, unfortunately, for the first time in NGDevs release history, that's me 'out'... as I'm unable to support the release of a game that I cannot play comfortably. And, I'm certainly not turning my 29" Toshiba on it's side to play one game.

Anyone else finally decide to go for this one? I seem to remember RiKo being pretty forthcoming with his readies for new releases! Pfft
too sad i missed this one as i just got into neo geo mvs and had no the money to pick one of these copies, imo these homebrew games cost a lot of money but if you consider how limited (300 max) they are you will easy get at least your money back or more by selling them latter off at ebay. its like buying gold these days to protect yourself against inflation while having a nice option to play it as well lol.

unfortunately i have the feel a lot of people kinda want to exploit neo geo fans to buy some of their mediocore webbrowser games like i have the feel if i see games like Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon

the NG dev games and the upcoming knight chance are the only homebrews so far that resemble something what we used to play on the neo geo and being worth to pick them up.
Ninja wrote:- Anyone else finally decide to go for this one? I seem to remember RiKo being pretty forthcoming with his readies for new releases!

haha not any more. I have similar reservations to you. I really hate bordered dsiplays, and I play my Neo games on TV. Like Villain says above though it's probably a good investment if it's not going to sell many or many copies arent being made. I don't think I will be buying though unless people start saying it's an amazing game.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I played Neo XYX about two weeks ago and was VERY impressed. From initial impressions I'd say it could well be NG Dev Team's best shooter so far. I haven't put much time into Fast Striker yet though.

Graphically XYX looks very impressive. I like how the backgrounds are so much more colorful and varied than the ones in Fast Striker. As you would expect from an NG Dev Team game there are some awesome tunes too. Really fun to play too but I find it quite difficult. Stage 1 isn't too bad and the boss has a very easy pattern but stage 2 onwards it gets pretty tough. The best I managed was getting to stage 3 on one credit.

If I had a Neo cart system I would be very tempted to pick this one up. Anyone here planning to buy this for Neo Geo?
Thanks for posting your thoughts on Neo XYX Merlin, did you play it in Japan? I think it looks good just from the video but it's the display that puts me off still. Kind of annoying. Ikaruga really annoyed me in that respect, although you could stretch it slightly. That's one reason I really like games like Mars Matrix and Fast Striker cos they are full screen. Sounds like it could be a good game then! NGDevteam have a pretty good record now. I'm going to checkout the vids of XYX for sure.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Yes RiKo I played XYX in Try Amusement Tower in Akihabara which is also where I played Fast Striker in the past.

I can understand what you and Ninja mean. People who haven't got a TV which is easy to rotate on it's side probably wouldn't consider buying this. Pity there's not a yoko mode for people who wanted that but understandable that it would be too much work programming it. I have DDP2 Bee Storm which is also vertical shooter and when I play it on my CPGM I lie on the floor! Grin
Very nice, I still have to go to Japan!

Actually from watching the gameplay videos XYX it does remind me heavily of Fast striker. If you ignored the weapon systems and swapped in the graphics, they are quite close in someways, just the types of enemies how they move and how they shoot and the type of gameplay.

Merlin wrote:- I have DDP2 Bee Storm which is also vertical shooter and when I play it on my CPGM I lie on the floor!

haha hardcore and crazy, I can't play very well in weird positions. Can you play as well like that?!
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I can see what you mean RiKo. I really should spend more time with Fast Striker. I've only a few sessions with the game.

Hope to see a few more members posting their thoughts about XYX once they've had a chance to give it a try.

Haha no I can't play well like that either but it's too awkward to rotate my TV. It probably doesn't make much sense me buying Bee Storm. I just really wanted to complete my PGM collection. I'll mainly play it in arcades and on Mame instead.
I'm still on the fence here. Honestly, it doesn't look like anything to write home about. Rather, XYX looks like one of those rare games I want to experience just to say I did. LOL

To everyone crying about having to turn the TV to the side ó c'mon! (What is a hardcore gamer doing with a TV under 40" anyway?)

I always get the impression these guys are trying to push the Neo-Geo's graphical limits. That is just not a good look, IMO. In many cases, especially with the Neo-Geo, simpler aesthetics are best.
Here's a review by 'system11':

Overall, itís a great game and definitely their best work by a long shot, even including the popular Gunlord.

The graphics in this latest title are by Rozyrg, and they look amazing. Everything is pixel drawn, itís colourful, itís well designed, itís clean, the enemies look alive and feature great animation.

Iím pleased to report that the gameplay is very sharp too.

Itís worth noting that the game has improved significantly since the original trailers Ė the enemy formations are better and the animation is in a different world...

I highly recommend people to give XYX a try. I'm really looking forward to playing it again.

YouTube Video
Thanks for the review.
I'm really looking forward to the AES release, should be february/march.
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