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July 17 2019

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Thread Author: bojan4o
Thread ID: 4114
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There are 14 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2828 times.
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sega and their system games
I started this thread for my cause only but you can talk about any sega (and sega‘s hardware related games) and sega‘s systems related games...(i am bad with starting threads sorry)

well i just downloaded some emulators for the sega gaming consolses so i would like to know of some great games for the sega hardware if you are willing to share with me thanks in advance.
Some of my favorite Megadrive games:

- Devil Crash/ Dragon's Fury.
- Bare Knuckle II/ Streets of Rage II.
- Vampire Killer/ Castlevania the New Generation/ Castlevania Bloodlines.
- Rocket Knight Adventures.
- Ragnacenty/ Soleil.
- Contra: The Hard Corps.
- Flashback.
- Splatterhouse Part 2.
- Splatterhouse Part 3.
- Ecco the Dolphin.
- Gynoug.
- Sonic the Hedgehog.
- Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
- The Immortal.
- Landstalker.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Well depending on which hardware your talking.
Phantasy Star (Sega Master System)
Phantasy Star IV (Genesis)
Golden Axe
Streets of Rage
Streets of Rage II
Target Earth
Shadow Dancer
Valis III
Castle of Illusion
Comic Zone
Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Out of This World
Shinobi III
In addition the aforementioned Genesis/Mega Drive games, I'd also recommend:

The Revenge of Shinobi
Thunderforce III
Thunderforce IV
Herzog Zwei
Gunstar Heroes
Sonic the Hedghog 3
Alien 3
Rolling Thunder 2
Midnight Resistance
Forgotten Worlds
Earthworm Jim
Toejam & Earl (great for 2 players)
Edited by Chiba3010 on 04. September 2012 03:55
Biohazard Battle
Final Fight
Golden Axe
Golden Axe 2

On the Master System:
Double Hawk
Sonic 1
Bank Panic
Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Any wonder boy games...

Saturn and 32X as well?
NG Man that opens up a whole new world of goodness.
So many Saturn and 32X games that I like.
And let's not forget the Sega/Mega CD! In addition to Final Fight CD as mentioned by NG Man, we have:

•Lunar 1 & 2
•Batman Returns (amazing driving sequences and soundtrack)
•Ecco the Dolphin (the definitive version due to Spencer Neilsen's enchanting musical score)
•Jaguar XJ220
•Jurassic Park
•Dark Wizard
•Rise if the Dragon
•AH3 Thunderstrike
•Eternal Champions: Challenge From the Darkside (not the greatest fighter, but THE most disgustingly gory, over-the-top fatality moves EVER: http://www.youtub...ta_player)
Edited by Chiba3010 on 04. September 2012 23:27
Sega Rally
Daytona USA ( original one )
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Fighter 2
Bug Too!
Bust a Move 2 & 3
Need for Speed
Street Fighter Alpha
And some more...
Some more recommended Saturn titles (in addition to the great list NG Man already assembled):

-Shining Force III
-Panzer Dragoon 1 & 2
-Panzer Dragoon Saga
-Guardian Heroes
-Radiant Silvergun
-Fighting Vipers
-Darius Gaiden
-Last Bronx
-Burning Rangers
-Gun Griffon
-Manx TT Superbike
-Worldwide Soccer '97/'98
-Dead or Alive
Sega rally
Sega rally
Sega rally
Sega rally
Sega rally
And also Sega rally.

Those are all great games.
Oh, and that um, er, "Sega Rally" or whatever its called, is kinda halfway-decent ok-ish, too...


Seriously though, NG Man is right on the money with this one. It really is the Best. Saturn. Racer. Period.Grin
Edited by Chiba3010 on 05. September 2012 11:12
Yes, its not arcade perfect by any means, doesnt even handle the same, but its still Sega Rally. And its still more than good enough that although slightly different, its just as good as the Arcade version.

Except the arcade version you can play 8 players....
Man I wish I were in Texas right now so I could pull out my Sega Gen/CD/32X you guys got me wanting to play it right now.
I actually really love my Saturn for the superscalar games like Outrun, Afterburner and Space Harrier and Powwerdrift is not bad either. I think its just that when i was a kid i never dreamt i would be able to play these games at home!

this is what Outrun looked like for me at home when i was a kid...

YouTube Video
Edited by RiKo on 05. September 2012 22:42
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
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