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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: NEO-GEO man
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I reckon ill hook into this one when i get home, its a brilliant game.

Not sure how many others are around simular in quality to this!!
Yea i just checked it out it looks really fun i think that the sega had more fun games than the nintendo well at least from the longplays ibwas watchinh on you tibe
Yeah mate its a great fun game, i always enjoy it!!
Bought Quackshot for the Genesis way back when it was released (like just about every other game for the system I feel qualified to comment on). Great game!

As far as other cartoon-character based platformers go, I've always loved Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. Probably among my top ten favorite Genesis titles. Not the most technical in terms of complex gameplay, just wonderfully atmospheric platform gaming at it's finest- all about timing and precision. Looks and sounds wonderful. A bit different in feel to Quackshot but I like Castle of Illusion- even more, actually. Check it out! Thumbs Up
There's also a sequel to COI called World of Illusion but I never played that one so I can't comment on how it stacks up.

Can't say I remember much that stood out from my experiences playing Taz-Mania. It was essentially decent but there was nothing amazing about it, really.

Aladdin was quite good, though. Made by Dave Perry & his team who would later go on create the classics Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 for Sega's 16-bitter.
Just finished it, such a great game Wink
One of my favourite games on the Mega Drive Neo Geo Man. Beautiful graphics, great level design and despite the lack of challenge it still has high replay value. Since I no longer own a Mega Drive I'm really glad they also released this for Saturn which is the version I have.

Chiba I'm also a big fan of Castle of Illusion and like you slightly prefer it over Quackshot. I think you would really love World of Illusion. The two player mode is a lot of fun and it's cool that each way of playing through the game (with Mickey or Donald or in 2 player) has a few unique stages.

Anyone here like Fantasia on the Mega Drive? I'm probably in a minority of people who like
that game. It looks and sounds great but it does have it's flaws being quite frustrating at
times and having poor collision detection.
one of my favorite childhood games..sadly i dont have a mega drive anymore. beautiful graphic and the stages are just wonderful...Smile
@Merlin: Nice to hear more praise for Castle of Illusion! Such a good game, really underrated. I remember when it came out, despite all the favorable magazine reviews a lot of people passed on it- usually because the Disney character and license led them to falsely believe it was a game designed for younger, grade-school aged gamers. I also had some friends (and like me, all teenagers at that time) who were Genesis owners and felt that a Mickey Mouse game wasn't "tough" or "manly" enough for them. LOL I really felt sorry for them, missing out on a fantastic game for such thick-headed reasoning!

Thanks for weighing in on World of Illusion and giving it a warm recommendation- I'll definitely have to check it out! Smile
I just played castle of illusions great game with a lot of little puzzles around(though still at the first stage just started playing it) hmm but they are a lot more games from cartoons which i really like
but that aside i played markos magic football its a platformer with a kid using a football wasting out his enemies and collecting cans and stars really unique gameplay he even plays with the ball heh then another game marsupilami something like that its based on a cartoon i think it was french cartoon i am not sure but in this game you help an elephant to escape from a circus the hard part is the elephant doesn't care at all lol (well that's for the 1 stage just started playing it) and inn this game you collect all kinnds of stuff but then you drop them on the ground so you can lure the elephannt your way hehe fun game i tell you

Then we have castlevania first time playing any game of those series and i like it
and mega turican really fun game
contra hard corps i can't tell you anything cuz its really really hard game heh but i did enjoyed the first one for the nes really fun games
Im not sure if ive got Castle of Illusion on Mega Drive, i have it on Master System and had it on Game Gear, but found it very hard to play on the Game Gear.

I do have Fantasia and World of Illusion, i havent played Fantasia yet, but it looks to be great from what ive seen.
I've played the Illusion trilogy, but I recommend against playing Legend of Illusion on Sega Master System because of the inferior eyesore colour quality. Games like Lucky Dime Caper are not good on Game Gear due to shorter levels. It's a pity that those Sega Master System/Game Gear disney games never got their own Yamaha YM2413 FM sound and music.

Quackshot is really adventure and it's the only game I've seen where Donald gets a good ending. What I don't like about the Megadrive duck games is that they get the colour of the ducks' beaks and feet wrong. They're supposed to be goldish-yellow not orange. Fantasia is not my kind of game, lacking the atmosphere of adventure.

What I wouldn't give for a classic SNES or Megadrive platform game where you play as Daisy Duck.

@Merlin - Take a look at this http://www.youtub...LSzlBaU3jM it is a deleted scene from the 1940 Fantasia film and if you like to see Fantasia in other media watch the Bonkers episode Cartoon Cornered at http://www.youtub...kBsPTdrm7Y
NEO-GEO man wrote:

Im not sure if ive got Castle of Illusion on Mega Drive, i have it on Master System and had it on Game Gear, but found it very hard to play on the Game Gear.

The GG version is half-decent for an early release but comes up short with sluggish controls and poorly proportioned visual design resulting an overly close and claustrophobic view of your surroundings- the age-old recipe for blind leaps and frustrating, sudden deaths due to your limited perspective. Not a patch on the 16-bit original in virtually any aspect.

I simply can't recommend the Genesis version of Castle of Illusion enough- it really is a classic that has aged quite well, much like the Disney films that inspired it's development. Sega's master craftsmen succeeded in creating a brilliant, beautiful game starring the world's most famous rodent. Wink
@Will - Thanks for the links. I had never watched that deleted scene before.

Good to hear you're also enjoying Castle of Illusion Bojan.

I agree with you Chiba that COI is quite underrated and has aged pretty well. I hope anyone here who missed out on this classic will give it a try.

Another good Disney Mega Drive game that doesn't get mentioned very often is Pocahontas. I found this one quite addictive. Instead of just controlling one character you switch between Pocahontas and her raccoon friend Meeko. The gameplay has a significant puzzle element to it.
Ive never heard of Legend of Illusion, although i have one for Master System called Land of illusion.
I was actually playing a very good game today for the mega drive and i just got here to share the game with you guys when merlin beat me to it it was pocahontas really great game i aactually find all this games related to disney really awesome games i mean for the mega drive as well the warner bros games like tiny toon adventures etc etc

i love the micro machine series too
I dont think ive got Pocahontas.
I used to call round a friends house after school to play his Megadrive (I had a SNES), this and Madden 93 were the only games we ever seemed to play. It really was a gem with some great level designs, the plunger gun at the time was something I'd never before seen in a game. Disney games were always fantastic at this time, shame it all went a bit to pot when the 32 bit generation came along.
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green beret
Quackshot is a brilliant game I used to finish every weekend in my childhood. Musik in the cactus stage can come to my mind pretty easily...
But everything started with The Lucky Dime Caper. This was my best GG game and the reason to buy Quackshot then. First time I managed to finish The Lucky Dime Caper I was so excited, I thought all the adventure came alive!! I haven't felt like this since....
Castle of Illusion, land of Illusion, legend of Illusion, Word of Illusion, The lucky Dime Caper and sequel are among my favourite games in my collection. I will buy someday the Maui Mallard version too.
Still love this game but haven't played it for a long time. I have been playing World of Illusion on my Caanoo at school recently during breaks though. I'm keen to play Quackshot again soon. Played through it countless times when I was younger. Castle of Illusion is still my favourite.

I've always enjoyed the Mega Drive Disney platform games more than the Sonic games and spent much more time playing them.
I remember sitting in my bedroom with my friend Peter on a rainy Sunday afternoon many years ago and completing Quackshot in one sitting. That was the first and last time I've ever played it, back in 1992.

I did have a go on the Megadrive version of Castle of Illusion but I had it on the Game Gear.
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