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July 21 2019

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Thread Author: raptorzx3
Thread ID: 4109
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There are 11 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5241 times.
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Neogeo Pad 2 for PS2 and USB adapter.
Hi! i'm new on this forum and i subscribed thinking i might get good help from Neogeo fans.

i recently bought a Neogeo Pad 2 for Playstation 2, thinking it will work nicely for fighting games on my PC with my PS2 controller adapter.

The adapter i use is a twin-controllers USB adapter. I bought it to be able to plug 2 controllers for 2-players games

But testing the controller, i found that when i press up on the D-pad, the calibration show it goes on the upper-right corner. And that's not all, most buttons also activate 2 "switches/buttons" in the calibration panel.

This happen on either Windows 7 64-bit or Windows XP 32-bit, so i believe this controller must need a certain USB custom driver or something.

Anyone here could help me please?

Hi Raptor and welcome to the forums, I hope you stick around!!! Smile Feel free to introduce yourself in the arrivals forum.

Hmmm I've never actually used one of the PS2 Neo Geo pads on a PC, although I have used the PS2 Neo Geo stick and that worked ok. However I have noticed that it has a few problems when plugged into certain USB converters... I've owned a few different ones and on some it was perfect, but on others I had various problems, usually input lag more than anything.

I don't suppose you have a different USB converter lying around that you could try it on do you? If so it might be worth testing to see if you still have the same problem on that.

Other than that, I think some of the other members here own the same pad... can anyone else advise if they've tried using it on a PC?

sadly i don't have any other Playstation2-to-USB adapter.
But if someone tested this controller with an adapter i could buy for cheap on Ebay, it would be awesome!
Hopefully one of the other guys has tried it, I'm sure there's at least a couple of people with this pad. NEO-GEO man I think had one if I remember right, can you help dude? Or anyone else?

What fighting games exactly? Are you running an emulator? If you are, this might help...

Look for a program on Google called "joy to key'. The program basically recognizes POV inputs/outputs (what most PScontrollersremitit). The program lets you assign those POV inputs to keyboard keys. IE., you assign the triangle button to the letter "A" on your keyboard, and any game recognizes keyboard input.

Sounds complicated but look up the program and it'll all make sense. Hope this helps, the program is what I use for my USB Neo Geo stick.

The only downside is that you have to have the program running in the background the entire time.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
"joy to key"?

So if i understand right, this software make it so you can re-direct and re-assign any joysticks inputs to any keyboard keys?

If i press many buttons at the same time, does the "ghosting" still affect the joystick/controller buttons? or this is purely a proprietary thing to a physical keyboard? My keyboard is supposedly anti-ghosting, but i'm just making sure it's a hardware thing and not software.
Yeah Joy to Key is a great program... it even allows you to use the controller on flash games.
ok i just replugged my Neogeo Pad 2 and here's what happen when i test the controller in the regular Windows calibration settings:

When i press down = it goes on the lower left
When i press upper left = it doesn't even want to go there
When i press up = it goes on the upper right
When i press upper right = it goes right
When i press right = it goes lower right
When i press lower right = it goes down
When i press left = it goes left
When i press lower left = it goes left

For buttons, when i press them and what it show in the control test:
Square = 4
Triangle = 1 and 2
Circle button = 2 and 3
X button = 3 and 4
R1 button = 1 and 8
L1 button = 7 and 8
R2 button = 6 and 7
L2 button = 5 and 6
Start button = 10 and direction go up
Select button = 9 and 11

A lot of controls seem to be wrong on PC, sadly...

I don't think "Joy to Key" can fix this problem, i really think i would need a custom joystick/calibration software or something. Even if i try to calibrate the joystick in Windows config. , it just doesn't work.

Anyone who have this pad can help me with this please?
Edited by raptorzx3 on 31. August 2012 20:00
Well if you think joy to key won't work you must have tried it right?
i mean if the directions and buttons detections are wrong already, i would probably ask if someone know an adapter which would work with this pad.

edit: i just tested it on my PS2 and the controls seem alright. So either there's a special driver out there made for this, or it's the Playstation USB adapter...

But i would like to hear about those who actually own the pad and an adapter for PC, if it work correctly or not.
Edited by raptorzx3 on 02. September 2012 09:18
perhaps try installing this as you are probably using a windows joystick driver atm which might be not suitable for the pad...
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