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December 13 2018

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Thread Author: NEO-GEO man
Thread ID: 4108
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Just played Streets of Rage...
For the first time, and i must say, as good as it is, it sure as hell aint no Burning Fight...

Playing games like this that were claimed by so many to be so great makes me wonder why games like Burning Fight and Ninja Combat are considered so poor these days...
You've NEVER played SOR until now??Shock Man, are you missing out on a great series! I'd still rank the original above Burning Fight and Ninja Combat (and I really, really like both of those) in terms of overall quality for the hardware and balanced gameplay. Most fans of the trilogy regard SOR2 as the best of the bunch. I love them all and have played them endlessly. Many people feel SOR3 is weaker than 2, but it's more of a tie for me! Still the original holds a place in my heart for its tunes, atmosphere and the fact that it was the first truly great 16-bit scrolling fighter to appear on home consoles that featured 2-player simultaneous play. Played it constantly with friends when it first came out. SOR2 upped the ante in almost all areas, graphics, sound, you name it (though I like the soundtrack in 1 just a bit more).

SOR1 really is best appreciated when played with a friend, I suppose. If you weren't hooked by the first, proceed directly to the sequel. I think you'll be much more impressed! Grin
NEO-GEO Man: Like Chiba says try the sequel to SOR / BK, itīs even better than the original. And thatīs saying a lot since Streets of rage is already such a great game.

I play SOR 1 and 2, not so fond of the third game...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
the street of rage remake is also worth tracking down its the best of all 3 updated at 60fps
hitorkori wrote:

the street of rage remake is also worth tracking down its the best of all 3 updated at 60fps

Agreed! A little tricky to find these days since Sega called a "cease and desist" upon its release but it is out there for download if you search for it. I have it and it is truly phenomenal. Just be sure you track down the final, full-version release. They've even visually enhanced stages from SOR1 as well as Adam, who hasn't been playable since the original game. Branching paths through the game is another great addition. Thumbs Up

A labor of love for damned sure and the remixed soundtrack is just killer!
Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 2 are actually my favorite side-scrolling beat'em ups of all time. Now I don't recall ever playing Burning Fight so I'll have to give it a try. One of the biggest things to draw me into SR and SR2 was the Yuzo Koshiro's hand in the music of those games, and the gameplay was simple yet drawing.
Yea the remake is awesome. I must admit, I never liked Burning Fight but I love Streets of Rage. Perhaps not as good graphically, but I preferred the gameplay myself. Also the soundtrack on the first SOR is one of the best ever imho. I thought that at the time, and I was a SNES kid back then Wink

@Tenchi & Kaz: Yeah, SOR1's music is really one of Yuzo Koshiro's ultimate masterworks, along with his compositions for Revenge of Shinobi. Two of my all-time favorite gaming soundtracks EVER. Music
eccentric cat
Streets of Rage 2 is one of the most fun beat 'em ups of all time! Its probably the only beat 'eu up I can still come back too, and finish in one sitting. Yuzo Koshiro is an amazing composer, and I think the series has one of the best soundtracks ever. Even the third one, with its experimental music, has some gems (Shinobi Reverse is a good one, for example).

The remake is also really, really good, and is definitely worth checking out!
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
SOR 2 is damned good. I don't own a Sega Genesis, but I always debate whether I should have one, just for SOR 2. Yes, it's that good. I have SOR 2 on "Sega Smash Pack" for my DC, but I still want to own the original cart.


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shot in the ass...
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