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October 22 2019

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 4106
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There are 21 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 10102 times.
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Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon

In case anyone is interested you can now pre-order Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon AES/MVS, the latest game from Le Cortex the developers of Treasure of the Carribean. The cost is 389 Euros and the release is limited to 250 copies.



Developer's description:

CPHD is a pedestrian shooter mixed with RPG features exclusive for the Neo-Geo. Collect money and experience to evolve your weapons and equipments. Confront hordes of ninjas, shaolins, geishas... into intense fight to earn your immortality.

Release: Q3 2012

- unique artistic graphic style
- new and innovative gameplay
- 30 missions over 6 huge different maps
- upgradeable weapon and equipment
- huge bosses
- 8 ways scrolling

Hardware Specs
- Kit (MVS/AES)
- full use of 776 Megabits
- 32 Megabits of amazing music and sounds
- custom made PCB
- custom made HardBox

From an interview with Le Cortex: (via Google translate)

In this game, Ninja Pony moves from level to level in a multidirectional scrolling to top. The maps are complex and nonlinear, knowing that we will have the opportunity (we will even be required) to browse the map several times, in all directions, to complete the objectives. The principle is also tactical enemies, a dozen types are of two colors as the firing of the character. We must therefore use the right color shooting according to the color of the enemy, lest his own shot back.

source: neogeocdworld

Anyone planning on pre-ordering this? I'm not that excited about it personally but a new Neo Geo release definitely is worth starting a thread about. As far as I can tell there's still no gameplay video. Seems strange to open pre-ordering when people haven't seen a demonstration of the game yet.

Certainly interesting, and you never know it might be allright although it doesn't look amazing. I do like the fact that they will not be sacrificing existing carts for it anyways, and it ays on the site you can easily convert the cart from AES to MVS too? Cool!

Looking forward to seeing more about this...

It looks interesting, i would def want to see a video before buying. Thanks for posting Merlin Thumbs Up

Graphical style makes it look a bit like a modern XBLA or PSN game, but not sure how well it will suit the Neo's lower resolution.

also it sounds like there is a bit of a Treasure-vibe going on with having to match the colour of your shots to the enemies. I have to say i am never that keen on colour matching even in Ikaruga, but might be ok, need to see the game!

CPHD is a pedestrian shooter

they need a better translator there!
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Thanks for the replies. I agree Kaz that it's great that they're not going to be sacrificing
any existing SNK carts. It's certainly an interesting idea being able to switch the cart between AES and MVS using a screwdriver.

RiKo funnily enough I also immediately thought of Ikaruga when I read that about two
different colours of shots and different coloured enemies. Judging from the screenshots I
also have my doubts about the graphical style.

At some other forums people are being pretty negative about this game. I can understand
because Le Cortex's previous game Treasure of the Caribbean was a bit of a disappointment but I'm going to try and keep an open mind about CPHD.

The gameplay in TOTC actually works pretty well but there's nothing particularly special about it and the graphics are well below what you would expect from a Neo Geo game. To be fair I think they only had a few months in which to develop the game.

If anyone comes across a video of Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon please post it in here.
lee gray
i just watched the intro which is fun but really need to see some gameplay, not that i would play it though if i got it Pfft
That's a bit too much for a game that looks like something I'd play on facebook. Maybe seeing it in action would change my mind, but it looks rather generic.
Thanks for the heads up Lee. I just watched the intro too. Hopefully some gameplay footage will be released soon. I see they've pushed back the release to Q2 2013.

At last some gameplay footage has been posted on the Le Cortex website. It doesn't look
terrible but it's not really exciting me all that much either. Having to take out different
coloured enemies using different attacks is an interesting idea though. Got to give them credit for trying to do something different.
Looks different, but not quite exciting...a bit boring to be honest. Music sounds nice though.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Looks ugly, tepid and boring (why would you make everything, especially the PC's movement, so slow?), the awkward english in the intro was unsurprisingly the most entertaining part.

Gotta love the website design too. There are separate links for the intro and gameplay videos , except clicking on the "Watch gameplay" button makes you sit through the entire intro and attact mode anyway, and there's no way to speed it up or skip ahead. Lol.
Simply put... looks shit.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
I don't like that the background is so drab and lacking in colour. Also while it's nice to have a bit of humour in a game sometimes, the ninja pony character is just a bit too silly for my liking. A 'normal' ninja would have been better. A run 'n gun ninja game set in feudal Japan could have been really good.
Looks remarkably unimpressive. While its great that the system is still seeing independent releases like this one, I don't feel compelled to purchase a game that falls so short of the standards we hold Neo Geo gaming to. Sure, it might sound elitist and expecting anything close to official SNK quality from an indie release is totally unrealistic but we need to be honest with ourselves. The majority of Neo Geo fans love the system for the compelling and powerful experiences the hardware can provide when utilized to its true potential by fully staffed and robustly funded dev teams. Even though this is no longer possible, some indie releases are at least technically impressive and stylish enough to be considered arcade-quality. Something I could just as easily see running on the SNES or a watered down Flash game just doesn't cut it for me.

Wish I could be more positive about this game but that's simply how it strikes me.
i thought it was ok at first, but it's just the same enemies over and over again. Got bored of watching after a few minutes. I quite like the quirky style but they need to get a bit more variety in the actual game.

also like glow squid said the running looks a bit too slow and i dont like that the kick seems to hit the enemy before his foot actually connects.

would be a good budget release though
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Yeah, that's just what I mean- if it were cheap, I'd be more forgiving but that isn't the case. For what you're getting the price seems rather steep, though I do understand that manufacturing these carts is a costly endeavor, itself...

I also wish the art design wasn't so lame. Whenever a non-Japanese dev team makes a game steeped in Japanese cultural elements and themes you can spot it a mile away. Roll Eyes The sprite design is lazy and uninteresting and the background is bland, flat and lifeless. Ninja Commando blows this out of the water and it would be downright cruel to compare it with Shock Troopers! It just looks like they aren't even trying very hard in terms of presentation.
Why did they have to include that long drawn-out intro with the game play video? That was boring enough to make me close the website. But, as everyone has already exclaimed it does not live up to the Neo-Geo name. It would be pointless to buy this game... I've never seen a ninja run in slow-motion like that before either.
This is quite old news but I don't think anyone mentioned it yet. It turns out the pony game was also released on Steam. Did anyone here actually play it? The reviews on Steam are not exactly favourable although some people liked it.


A run 'n gun exploration game set in feudal Japan could have been really good if the gameplay was well designed and the graphics had showed off what the Neo Geo is capable of.

YouTube Video
Goddamn that game looks boring.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
The Neo Geo version might be worth something in the future especially if they bury all the unsold copies under the New Mexico desert...

I love Merlin's comment:

could have been really good if the gameplay was well designed and the graphics had showed off what the Neo Geo is capable of

he's saying in a nice way that the gameplay and graphics are sh*t.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
That's why Merlin is a beloved contributor to this site, the guy is always so nice.... even when he insults something.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
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