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January 22 2019

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Thread Author: RiKo
Thread ID: 4102
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PS2 - The Truth
Recently found these quotes in old video game maagzines. Quite funny now really, and a good example of why you should never believe the hype. i'm afraid i was sucked in at the time...

....three times the performance of the top-of-the-range Silicon Graphgics Infinite Reality Engine 2 boxes and about 20 times the performance of Power VR - the technology upon which Dreamcast's graphics are based. This makes PS2's Graphics Synthesizer the fastest graphics chip on the planet by a huge margin

Phil Harrison, Sony

As for the power of Sony's new system it eclipses every and we mean *every* videogame system ever created. Forget anything in the arcades, this is better. think more along the lines of Jurassic Park and A Bug's Life. This is the kind of graphics performance we're talking about

Arcade magazine

The Truth

Dreamland Chronicles (PS2)

Although Sony has talked of 75 million polygons a second, the reality is slightly different...In Dreamland we are aiming for an update of 30 frames per second which equals around 10,000 polygons per frame. (which equals 300,000 polygons a second). Although PS2 is fantastically good at producing polygons, advanced lighting routines, anti-aliasing and texturing all burn up processor time as well. For example each multi-texture pass doubles the number of polygons in a frame. Nothing is free with PS2, everything takes time, either processor time or research time.

Jullian Gollop, developer of Dreamland Chronicles, from his developer diary in Play Magazine

Dreamland Chronicles was an early game which was cancelled, even so it gives you some idea of the truth behind the hype - in game performance has suddenly gone from 75 million polygons a second to 300,000 polygons a second! 75 million was actually an accurate figure for the graphics chip alone, but producing un-filled tiny triangles is totally unrelated to what a game needs to do. So quoting 75 million is misleading, (but eminently sensible from a commercial point of view). The theoretical maximum for PSOne was actually 360,000 polygons a second...

Sony made a PS2 cube (GSCube) which was i think from memory was 16-20 Graphics Synthesizer chips and 16-20 Emotion Engine cpu's all connected together with a huge amount of memory and this was able to closely replicate a scene from A Bug's Life in real time. So one PS2 would not get anywhere near the quality 'A Bug's Life' or Jurassic park even - like the 2nd quote claims.....

the monster GSCube!
Edited by RiKo on 27. August 2012 17:47
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Oh I remember all that stuff too, it's hilarious when you look back at it. I remember a good friend of mine who is a Sony whore getting very arsey with me when I dared challenge that the tech demos might not be real time and he sent me a bunch of links as "proof". I think it was one of the Sony guys controlling a demo with a PS2 pad or something. Hmmm cos that obviously proves it right? Smile

Wasn't there something at one point around 99/2000 with George Lucas saying that the PS2 should be classed as a supercomputer, and that it was as powerful as some of the computers they used to render stuff on the Phantom Menace? I vaguely remember something like that. Wonder what they did to get him to say that, or if he was just being clueless and talking crap? LOL


[The PS2 is…] historic, a mass-market appliance that fundamentally changes society in the way the printing press did
They almost banned it's release here cause they reckon it could be used to set off nuclear missiles. It was quite obviously not even close to as powerful as any decent gaming PC with respect to hard core processor power...
Hahah that's a blast from the past. The one I can totally recall is that "Old man face" tech demo Squaresoft (before it became Square Enix) was showcasing to promote their support for the Playstation 2. Being an impressionable kid that I was at the time, that sold me, thinking that the graphics are going to be a lot like that real time.

It turns out that it didn't turn out that way, and it probably took a lot form the system itself just to render that old man face, showing facial expressions and all. They did use the technology they had to make the "Final Fantasy: Spirits Within" movie.
ShrugAngryTHISAnnoyed is why I hate Sony and hated the PS2, it was this bollocks and shit stirring that helped sink the Dreamcast( a console that I prefer by a long shot) . Show me a game on PS2 that looks as good as Shenmue 1&2, none thats what. I recall reading all this at the time and my friends all saying well Ste looks like the DC is screwed and they sold them shorlty before the launch of the PS2.

I have never and will never forgive Sony for this hence my money for the next gen is going to Microsoft, I am glad Sony are struggling now just deserts you bullshitting arrogent shits.
lol Ste, show me a game that looks as good as Crazy Taxi. not er...Crazy Taxi on PS2 that's for sure.

To be fair i was blown away by God of War 2, it almost seemed like a next gen game, but that was 6 years after launch and a budget the size of a small country, and you can see it doesn't have the detailed textures like Shenmue. Yes i held off buying a DC to get a PS2, and as soon as i saw the reality of the PS2 launch games (sub-dreamcast) i rushed out and bought a DC instead but by then it was too late:( Sony lost my loyalty at that point...

Kaz wrote:-Wasn't there something at one point around 99/2000 with George Lucas saying that the PS2 should be classed as a supercomputer, and that it was as powerful as some of the computers they used to render stuff on the Phantom Menace? I vaguely remember something like that. Wonder what they did to get him to say that, or if he was just being clueless and talking crap?

haha i remember that - he did say that or something similar. I think they just bullshitted him with how powerful it was, he probably had never seen one.

as far as i remember all the demos were at least claimed to be running on PS2 Dev Kits but if they were it's possible they had a lot more texture memory than the finished system. i remember the old man one, the duck one which was cool and then the FFVIII dance scene - just the main characters. but like Suko says you can do stuff in demos you cant do in games *especially* on PS2 because the CPU is responsible for pretty much all of the polygon calculations (in the Xbox 1 for example the GPU did a lot of this), if you give it game processing to do as well, the graphics will take a big hit. Also graphics demos are just one scene, everything is being used just to render one scene. they are misleading on any system

YouTube Video

the cool duck demo, but have you seen a PS2 game look this good?

What was worse when the PS3 was revealed - that Sony showed many of PS3 games pre-rendered *not even* on PS3 hardware and the press were totally sucked in. Not that the PS3 isn't good just if you have seen the Motorstorm demo - well its a different game obviously, to be fair the Kill Zone 2 one - they got quite close in the end, although it did take some time into the system's launch to get games looking that good.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Tech demos always look amazing for some reasons, but somehow they never achieve to make games look that good.

Now with DirectX 11, they can make water, lands and objects look much better with the "tessellation" technique. But the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 are locked on DirectX 9 only. Of course they can make games look amazing still with DX9, but i'm just saying that they could let the hardware do the work and save time in development.

But as far as i know, only Nintendo announced their new console, and knowing them, they won't be using new technologies anytime soon (their "most advanced console for its time" console was the Gamecube, it was better than the PS2 graphically, but all other consoles made were like "it's not the best of its generation, but it cost less to produce"Wink
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