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December 12 2018

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 4099
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Japanese 360 console & 12 games

Japanese 360 console & 12 Japanese games - 360 (not including postage cost)

Akai Katana Shin
DeathSmiles II
DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Black Label
DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label Extra
Espgaluda II Black Label
Muchi Muchi Pork! & Pink Sweets
Mushihime-sama Futari
Power Smash 4
Raiden Fighters Aces
Raiden IV

I've decided to sell my Japanese 360 (Jasper model) and 12 Japanese games. Everything is in very good condition and works perfectly. The console is boxed and comes with a 20GB hard drive, video cable, power supply and one controller. All games are boxed with instructions and are normal releases not limited editions. I'd prefer to sell this as a bundle not separately. I'll throw in a wireless network adapter for free if you need one. More pictures available on request. Paypal gift payment preferred.

Check here for my seller feedback.
Edited by merlin on 09. September 2012 19:54
lol, merlin you priced the 360 at 360 pounds (then take shipping into consideration), lol. Just checked how much it is in US $, kinda expensive (over $500+), so yeah, too much for me now...(I'd rather take the free wireless adapter, lol. j/k...)
I didn't find it all that easy to decide on the price Stray. I did look at ebay auctions and some forum sales though. The games are all in near mint condition and some of them are fairly expensive to buy individually on ebay.;_ipg=50
Yeah, already checked how much the Pink/Pork set is going for lately still, but yeah, I would have gotten it just to play imports, but that's fine anyways, some of the titles you got I already have either imported/localized.
you can tell Merlin is hardcore with a collection like that! really nice schmups there Merlin Thumbs Up i only have Deathsmiles on mine
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
One of these things is not like the other....

Power Smash 4 seems like an odd choice to import. Is there a good story behind that one merlin?
Thanks RiKo. Good to hear you're experiencing some quality Cave action for yourself. Thankfully I still have 4 Cave shooters for PS2 and 2 for Saturn.

Bullet it's mainly because I like my collections to be uniform and not a mixture of games from different regions. I bought Power Smash 4 when I was on holiday in Japan. I was really hooked on Power Smash 3 in the arcades there so felt the urge to buy the latest in the series.


I'm very willing to be flexible about the price so if anyone here has any interest in buying this (as a bundle) please send me a pm. Offers are very welcome.
SOLD. Shop
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