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November 13 2018

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Thread Author: NEO-GEO man
Thread ID: 4097
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Nebula Model 2 ( Daytonaaaaa )
Who plays this? I used to play Daytona online with a few people from Malaysia... Awesome racers, and awesome races.

Been a long time since ive played it, but i might set up the G25 and get this all up and running on the CRT projector again for abit of racing...

Would be interested in some online races if anyone else is up for it.

here is a couple of my Sega Rally videos, quite ordinary quality, and this is an older version of the emulator prior to link play and also the CPU cars didnt run right on this game...


From the sound of it I doubt my computer can handle it. I would be so willing to play it if I could.
Give it a go, there is frame skip so you should be fine.

I used to run it on an AMD Athlon 64 3500 single core CPU with 2 gigs of RAM and a 6600GT video card way back in the day. Run without frame skip perfectly ok. 2 instances damn near killed it.

Can run 13 instances on my current computer at full speed, 14 instances and it starts to slow down a touch ( like as if youre going to run more than one instance anyway!!
Mine runs it pretty decently, I tried it when you mentioned it recently Neo... only issue I had was configuring the pad to work will with Daytona and I didn't have enough time to mess with the settings when I tried it.

Not really looked at how you set up online games either... from the readme it seemed to say LAN play worked well, but Internet play might not be great. Did it work well for you then?

Wwhat is Daytona ?
It's a racing game: See attached video
YouTube Video

Oh lord how can you not know what Daytona is dude? It's a classic Smile

Oh and I'm running it on a dual core intel e6400 with a crusty GeForce 7600GT and it runs ok if that gives you any indication on how well it'll run on your system.

Just finished testing it and it works like a charm... except for the controlling. The xbox controllers are really touchy.
I'm using a ps2 pad via a USB convertor. Will need to play with the controls to get it working right. I think if we could get some games going online it would be a lot of fun if it works right!!! Cool

Ok, I love this game. The revamped, enhanced Dreamcast edition is amazing and my favorite version of Daytona outside of the lined-up multiplayer sit-down arcade version.Thumbs Up

I've got the Model 2 emu running Daytona perfectly on my PC, but how do you set up online play? I'm not too familiar with online PC gaming. Beyond playing Street Fighter 2 Turbo and one or two other titles on XBOX Live, I have no experience playing games online- particularly through PC emulators. Shrug

Anybody wanna help educate me in the ways of setting up emu online play?? Wink
Have a search for online setup on youtube and see if there is a video. Its tricky, but it works well enough. Definately best when using Hamachi to avoid routing and firewall issues.
Hmmm... I'll give this a go soon and see if I can get online gameplay up and running smoothly. I built and fine-tuned the PC I'm currently typing on with arcade emulator performance and resource-heavy multitasking in mind so hopefully this won't be too difficult to figure out! "Rooooolling Staaaaaaaaaaaaart!!!" Wink
Yeah its not hard with Daytona, we did it from Australia to Malaysia to USA to Japan a few times, its a token ring setup, so the more you add, the more you get lag, but that doesnt directly affect your driving or car dynamics.

The biggest issue we had was losing sync after a few races, but its no big deal, we used to have an MSN messenger window open so if we got cut we could call the start up again.

Last test i did with Sega Rally, it didnt work over the internet for me at all, due to my slow speed ( 7.2Mbps down, but its 3G wireless ) It worked fine with gigabit ethernet, no issues, 2 gigabit was basically perfect, but 100 megabit wasnt great but worked ok, cause this game DOES cause play lag on the slave machines, while the master machine sees none.

Sega Rally is also up to 8 players, but being that it was only intended for 4 players, you need to set car numbers accordingly, so car number 1 being master is only used once, then the other 7 can be any number you like.

Daytona works fine with 8 players, most ive played over internet was 6, which worked well enough to get through one to two races before we would all restart our connection.

I dont know if anyone has made another emulator or connection method for this yet, but the one we had back then worked well enough, and the emulator was perfectly fine on almost all games. Daytona was basically spot on, Sega Rally was near enough, Virtua Cop 1 and 2 were good enough, Virtua Fighter 2 was good enough, Manx TT was as good as it could get ( played 3 players on that a couple times, worked well )
Sorry for not knowing some classics as i am only 21 years i think its forgiven? anyway the game looks really great i like racing games like this one and now on my computer i can play only arcade games of the tims of noes arc (if you get me) its not that its old computer but there is something wrong with the sound cart the graphic cart and what not else so its really f*cked up computer right now and really bad f*cked up computer hopefully i will repair it and upgrade it Pray
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