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June 18 2019

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Thread Author: NEO-GEO man
Thread ID: 4085
Thread Info
There are 35 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 11896 times.  There's also files attached.
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Since we no longer have medals anymore...
Can we have a thread in the high score section that says who has how many top scores? And possibly even a list of what tops scores they have too...
NEO-GEO man wrote:

Can we have a thread in the high score section that says who has how many top scores? And possibly even a list of what tops scores they have too...

Haha! Guess we had the same matter on our minds, mate! Just finished posting a medal-related thread of my own while you were writing this one! Shock

Sorry Kaz, seems we NGFL "metalheads" are out in force tonight. Wink
Good stuff!! Wink
Hey guys - lol I'd just read NEO's thread, and then saw yours straight after so thought I was going a bit crazy! Smile As his was the first I will lock yours and just reply here, hope that's ok? Would merge threads but we no longer have that option (at least not for now).

I'll start by quoting what Chiba said:

Chiba3010 wrote:[/url]
Been wondering about the fate of HSC medals. Is their return still a possibility or are they simply not a viable feature in NGFL's stronger, faster new incarnation? In their absence, I've noticed a bit less activity (mine included) in the HSC thread. Speaking as a member who's enjoyed earning a few of them, it's the individual effort for me that's truly rewarding, not feeding an ego or besting the accomplishments of fellow players. I didn't lose any sleep over their disappearance but over the past few weeks I realized medals do appear to play a constructive role here having nothing to do with ego-service or showcasing accomplishments (neither of which are morally reprehensible, mind you, when enjoyed in moderation Wink ). Having them included in your avatar or sig is a reminder of the presence and fun of the HSC forum. The medals brought encouragement to keep playing towards new bests and trying other challenges for the first time. Maybe I'm easily distracted or just have a short attention span at times but as of late I just don't think to visit and post in the HSC area as often. It's actually been a bit slower there in general since the site reboot that nixed the medals for the greater good of more important features.

Just wanted to touch on this topic and wonder if other members share any of these feelings. I'd love to see the medals return, but if that's no longer possible without weakening the forums in some way then I'll bid them a fond farewell and try to find other ways to remind myself of future challenges that demand to be taken on. Andy

I agree with what you both said. It's unfortunate that we lost the medals, which were a part of the old Fusion Boards add on. Losing that function is better than having a buggy and slow forum though, so it was a decent enough trade off - we had to get rid of Fusion Board anyway as it's old and no longer supported, and I think the original author abandoned the project.

However... I have installed a new awards add-on. This new awards system shows any awards that have been given by the admin, in both your user profile, and underneath your rank on forum posts. See underneath mine for an example - I've given my self a few awards just to test it Smile. Unless I improve my coding skills and learn how to make it myself, this will probably be the best we can do for now. Obviously I'll add in better rank icons for medals, like we used to have before - hovering over the icon will show what the award is for.

What do you think? Also, I think there should be a high score page on the site, along with the forums, where we can show the high score leaders, perhaps similar to


It's an idea anyway. I also think that we need to do something to make the high score challenge a little more secure. Perhaps we now need to demand that users post screenshots along with their entries? I know 99.9% of people are honest, but there are some who will try and cheat the system, and this has happened before at least once.

If you see this, what do you think priest? If you like the idea of this I can give you access to the awards panel. I can help with re-adding all the awards too as it may be a little time consuming... Smile

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 20. August 2012 12:25
Possibly simular to that yeah, but it would be good to see the list of everyone, and not just the top 3!!
Yea I thought the same too, I just mean along those lines. Will be interested to know what priest thinks. It would be nice if we had some sort of automated system to make it easier to add and update, but I'm not sure that's possible right now... we can do it manually for now though although priest looks after the high scores so it depends on whether or not he minds helping update it all still?

What do you think to the award display in profile/on the forums?

Looks nice to me! Smile The fact that they're present and visible in post profiles is really all that's important- where they're located is not a big deal in my opinion. I like the leader board suggestion too!

Great job, Kaz! NGFL just keeps looking better thanks to all your attention and effort. Thumbs Up
No worries, am enjoying working on the site again. Smile

I have noticed a problem unfortunately with displaying the awards in your profile - when you try to edit your profile, it gives an error message. I've had to remove them from the main profile pages for now, but they will still display in your forum posts. On the bright side You can also see any awards that have been given on this page:


It's not a proper leaderboard (I'm going to create this!), but it does at least show you the latest awarded medals.

Oh, just to add - priest, I gave you access to the awards system, for when you read this. Go to admin then infusions... there's the admin option that lets you create a new award, and then the user admin that lets you give out said award to a user. Have a play with it when you get a chance Smile

Like I say, if we use this then I will help you dish out the awards again to save you time, just let me know!

Im all for the medals, but like you say; this is quite a time consuming task to update every timesome changes are made to the top three in the scoreboard.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Well, I can help with getting everyone's medals re-instated. I can also try to help with keeping the medals etc updated. I'll get started on it now if you like priest?

Also what do you think about tightening up the rules on score submissions etc?

Sounds good Kaz, get started with the medals whenever you have the timeThumbs Up

...Yea, maybe we should go over the HSC rules...

Im a bit busy this week so please bare with me if I dont answer questions right away, thanksSmile

Ive prepared a new Medals ranking thread here: http://www.neogeo...ad_id=4089

...Please let us know what you think of such a thread...
Edited by priest on 20. August 2012 21:15

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Yeah, definitely! Makes sense to create a quick-reference table. Since we also enjoy discussing how our our efforts have been progressing (or not progressing, lol) as well as offering encouragement, tips and strategies to help fellow members taking on HSC efforts in titles we're already familiar with, the threads are numerous and lengthy. It'd be much easier to navigate current scoreboard stats in one all-inclusive list pinned above the individual game HSC discussions. Thumbs Up
Sounds like a plan! I'll get started on adding medals today! Smile

Edit: Started doing a few already - take a look!


It's very time consuming and the method for adding them is not the best, but it works! I'll keep going and get as many done as I can... don't worry about it for now priest as I'll do them, I know you're busy! Thumbs Up

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 21. August 2012 07:50
Looks good!!
Thanks dude, you'll slowly start to see them appearing on peoples profiles as they are added Smile

Kaz: Great!

Although there are some members that doesnt want any medals at their profile. "Merlin" and "First super Tobalman" are the ones that I remember. You dont have to bother with mine either, thanks.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Ahhhh ok no worries, I'll remove them in that case so that they don't show in the forum, but will show on the medals page Smile

OK, have done a few more... but realised this will be a very time consuming task getting everything re-instated!!! When I have a couple of hours to sit down and really motor through it, I will do, over the next couple of days! However, to stop things getting confusing, I have temporarily suspended the high score forum so no-one can post in there for now (except mods). As I'm in the process of adding the medals, if anything changes, it could get confusing and I might award medals to the wrong person.

If you do have a high score to post, please pm me and I'll do the work for now. Hope you don't mind priest, it just stops me getting confused! Smile The high score forum will be re-instated by the end of the week I think! Thumbs Up

[url=]Kazuya_UK wrote:Hope you don't mind priest, it just stops me getting confused! Smile The high score forum will be re-instated by the end of the week I think! Thumbs Up


No worries, Kaz. Take all the time that you need and thanks for all the work you put into NGFLThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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