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May 22 2018

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Thread Author: CrazyDiamond
Thread ID: 4073
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There are 9 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 1364 times.
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My Top 10 Namco games
I've been in a Namco mood this week, and I've come up with a rough Top 10 Namco games list that is subject to change:

1.Rolling Thunder
2.Splatterhouse 3
4.Pac-Mania (Need to have at least one Pac Man game)
5.Burning Force
6.Rolling Thunder 2
7.Galaga '88
9.Tekken 3D Prime Edition
10.Time Crisis

Honorable Mention:Dragon Spirit

Tried to limit one game per franchise with the exception of Rolling Thunder 2.
Oooh good question... in no particular order for me, perhaps some slightly controversial choices...?

Tekken 3

Tekken Tag Tournament

Soul Calibur (the series in general but the first one in particular)

Ridge Racer

Time Crisis 2

Crisis Zone


Point Blank (one of my most played multiplayer games with friends)

Galaga (I used to play this so much as a kid in the arcade)

Eternal Sonata (yes I actually really loved this game)

Rolling Thunder 2
Point Blank
Rolling Thunder 2
Point Blank
Rolling thunder 2
Point Blank
Rolling Thunder
Point Blank 2
Ridge Racer
Tekken 2
Ms. Pac-Man
Dragon Buster
Ridge Racer (Series Sorry can't just pick one when it comes to RR)
Dragon Spirit
Burning Force
Dig Dug
Rolling Thunder
oh yes anyone who misses out Soul Calibur 1 is crazy or in denial. shame about the sequels though....

I actually havent played that many Namco games - well i have played a fair few, just not in any great depth.

My fav Namco games, pretty much by default are

1. Soul Calibur (Dreamcast version)

2. Tekken 5 (although maybe 6 but havent played it enough)

3. Ridge Racer the original sit down almost-full-size-car edition! truly a thing of wonderment in it's time. They used to have one in the Trocadero.

4. Pacman (orginal) + Pac Man CE

5. Time Crisis 1

Nice thread CrazyDiamond Thumbs Up
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I would have added Soul Edge if I had one more spot.
So would i, but Soul Edge isnt that great to be up there with Point Blank and Rolling thunder 2...
Good thread CrazyDiamond. Thumbs Up

I highly recommend anyone who hasn't already tried it to check out Exvania. Namco took the Bomberman concept, added a fantasy theme and made the gameplay even more fun. Both Exvania and Super World Court are super addictive with 4 players and I've played them a lot online. I especially love playing as the cat in SWC! Grin

My top 3:
1. Exvania
2. Super World Court
3. Weaponlord

In no particular order:

Mirai Ninja
Mr. Driller
Numan Athletics
Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder 2
The Outfoxies
Tinkle Pit

Edit: Just found out that Weaponlord wasn't developed by Namco although they did publish it.
As for consoles go I would have added:
World Court Tennis for the TG16. One of my favorite TG16 games
YouTube Video

I like this game so much that I even took the time to crack the password system to give you anything and everything in the game.
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