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November 24 2017

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Thread Author: DarakuTenshi
Thread ID: 4069
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There are 14 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3361 times.
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Neo-Geo X finally gets a release date
As the subject says the NGX finally gets a release date as well as puts the rumor to rest that it's going to be $500. This information coming from wired at http://www.wired....neo-geo-x/

The system will launch on December 6th for $200.

Still more than what I wanted to pay for it, but at that price I will most likely get it.
Does it come with all the games?
Very interesting release. It really goes to show us all how much clout the "Neo Geo" name still has. My only concern is that it appears SNKP is only licensing this device, and not taking part of the production.

I'll keep my eyes on this thing when December rolls around; however, I'll wait for some concrete reviews to surface before I consider spending any of my money. I'm skeptical of the video quality this thing will output given that it will be using HDMI.
@ Neo-Geo Man - It's going to come with 20 (older) games. I'm wondering if they will be allowing more to be released later or if they are just going to play ROMs?

@ Coligion - I believe they just licensed it out and have nothing to do with it outside of that. I have own a Dingoo (which is basically what this looks like) and the video out on that is very nice. I'm sure HDMI out will be very nice on this. I'll keep everyone updated... I'm about 90% sure that I'm buying this.
lee gray
I am glad the price has dropped to $200 for the US although I expect the UK price will be nearer 200 as we always seem to have to pay double for our game systems than they do in the states.

I for one will defo get this.
Close it's 175
lee gray
Just pre ordered it
Sweet... glad to hear that there will be a couple people on the forums with it.
lee gray
I cant wait, even though I have played most the games to death and alot of the games I am not fussed with but will be nice to play on my TV again, lets hope a good portion of the neo library is released, hopefully the more who buy it the more chance of continued support.
Well, I'm sure that is what they are planning. The are just testing the water right now to see how many people will buy the console before they even bother getting more licenses for the other games.
There is a picture of Ninja Master on an SD card you could buy.
Anybody knows how much? Or its just a goodie for preorders?
Ninja Masters come free if you buy the Gold System. I'm not sure if if's only if you reserve the Gold or it comes free if you just buy the limited edition gold system.
Crossing fingers for red blood here in the US. Not getting my hopes up though Annoyed
Never knew this existed i want one sooo bad , maybe my next purchaseJoe
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