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October 21 2019

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Thread Author: bojan4o
Thread ID: 4057
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There are 3 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 1460 times.
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Lately i was watching some videos on youtube pissing all over these games saying that they definately suck so i was curios typed on youtube capcom sucks and clicked search and i found plenty of videos on that subject and i did the same thing for the games mentioned above and same result and they were not just random about that like say just suck the people on the videos actually stated facrs and explained everything in depth about the given subject above

ps. strangely enough i searched the same thing just replaced capcom with other game developers of other fighting games and didn't see the same result maybe similar but much less videos than capcom and about snk there is no video telling that they suck or something like that

p.s.s so i just want your hones opinion about all this things and not just capcom wanna hear about other companies as well like namco sega netherrealm ark system works and etc etc
I've not gotten the chance to play Street Fighter X Tekken (not a Tekken fan, but I'd like to play it some day).
MVC3 and UMVC3 - I didn't like the play mechanics for either of these games and I didn't like the graphic style they went with. I loved the other MVC games, but there was something about the third game that really pushed me away.

As for SF4 and all of it's different iterations ... I love them. They brought back the old feeling of Street Fighter II back into the mix. It felt fresh and it felt right. I loved everything about the SF4 games.
There seems to be quite a bit of hate directed towards Capcom these days. I imagine it's
partly because of DLC issues.

Although Capcom is my favourite developer I have very little interest in the fighting games they're releasing these days. I dislike the art styles and 2.5D graphics in the current
generation of Capcom fighters. The gameplay in SF4 is fun no doubt about it but I would much
rather be playing the SF2/Z games.

I still think SFZ3 is Capcom's best fighter. The graphics are beautiful and the character roster is perfect. I know there are a few gameplay issues such as infinites but for me the game has a really good feel about it and the different 'ISMs' are a great idea.
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