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September 19 2019

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Thread Author: bojan4o
Thread ID: 4056
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2346 times.
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About the reviews section
Well i don't have any ides just that it needs more reviews and if you don't have the time to make them you should pick a handful of people who are good at it from this site who will want to write reviews
and you should make more sections and i would like to see more non neo-geo reviews like the current gen or what ever just good games that not everybody knows about and more snk reviews(like all of their games and all their ports i know it will take time maybe a year or so but you will have handful of people helping you as i mentioned above)
and you should include video reviews like what's going on youtube and other sites similar to youtube and that section here will consist of snk games and not snk games with the names enlisted of the games but when you click on the link for the review will take you to the youtube video which will be uploaded on the ngfl channel and to have simple just a link to the very same channel

(Sorry that this text above doesn't have any order i was writing what came on my mind at the moment of the actual writing)

To Kaz
All good ideas, but it takes time to do this stuff. It's easy to say pick a handful of people, but we'd need some of the people here who are good at writing stuff (we've had quite a few over the years) to volunteer their time, and I appreciate not everyone always has enough. I know I don't, although I'm doing my best to make that time at the moment!

As for video reviews, it's been touched on before... if anyone would like to help with that then I'm all ears! I couldn't do them myself as my voice is so deep it would send people to sleep, or at least I think it would. A good idea if anyone is interested would be for us to do a test video review... perhaps a few of us could put something together and have more than one person narrating on the video, and everyone giving their own opinion on it? Just a thought...

Well Bo, it seems you have the right idea, even mentioning it, I too also did a review back then (it seriously needs rewriting) but yeah, your ideas seem good, but it takes time for people to work on them and show it on the site.
I agree Bojan. I would love to see more reviews added. If someone is willing to write them and Kaz is happy to add them then I'd really appreciate it. Would be particularly nice if there were some reviews for NG Dev Team games.

By the way Kaz, 1st Super Tobalman has written a review of the Neo Geo Stick 2 (PS3) for the site. Also I think I remember Raiken saying he had written another review possibly for Samurai Spirits Sen.

Here are a couple of reviews by Hexelf:


I need to get those added if the authors of them are ok with me adding them still. I know Raiken sent some reviews quite a while ago, that I didn't manage to add. If I can find them again I'll get them added on the site finally. I know I have been really bad with this stuff for quite a while.

Hmmm. Might try writing a review or two at some point when I can find the time... I've certainly had plenty of practice writing for the forums here, seeing as my posts are frequently so goddamed long they practically deserve a chapter index! LOL

If you guys appreciate my writing style, I'd be happy to submit a future review for Kaz's evaluation! Smile
Well i actually know that it takes time really good amount of time.and i have some writing skills my self but i the only thing i don't have is to play the games i mean on what to play the games and using mame to see the game and write a review its not the same as of using the real thing and write a review cuz its a whole lot of different experience i know that you sure understand me lol
You make a good point. An emulator's technical performance and ability to accurately represent playing the original game on its original platform can vary based on the program itself, it's user configuration settings, the computer it operates on, etc.

Writing an objective, reliable review requires playing the real thing in my opinion! I don't like to pass final judgements on games until I've spent plenty of time playing it in it's proper form. Wink

Emulated gaming is fine by me, but it's really at best a strong suggestion of its creators' original vision and final product.
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