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March 25 2019

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 4054
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Bought a new NEO GEO game? - tell us about it here
Yes, but not on the Japan only text games like those. Other than that its the same or very close to the same as the home cart regions.
Quiz KOF can also be played in Korean.


I've always thought the Neo Geo quiz games looked interesting. It's a shame SNK never translated them into English.
No good to me, i only speak English Wink
Wow I didn't realize the NGCD could do that too... I still need to get my hands on one of those.
Yeah mate its just like an AES as far as that goes, a couple games have some extra options, thats about it.
Not a game, but a brand new in box kidney stick arrived this week. I was hoping I could fit a JLF in there, but now I have it in my hands I don't reckon that's possible. But the stick itself does feel nice and tight and clicky, so that's good. I've ordered four white 24mm Sanwa buttons and a nice white balltop to replace the awful thing that's on there.

I also didn't realise how pathetically short the lead is. So I ordered a couple of 4ft controller extensions from Tototek for $5.99 each, which is vastly cheaper than what they're going for on eBay.
Beard Complete UK/Euro Clamshell NEOâ€ĒGEO Pocket Collection Headbang
39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
Thank you for posting that link for the extension cables... I wanted to buy a couple more but didn't want to pay eBay prices.
Make your own
So I got this a couple of weeks ago: Complete MVS kit (except for the marquee), with matching serial nr of Samurai Spirits V. I owned the loose cart of the game since before.

Pics of the actual kit:

EDIT: I also got this NEO GEO MVS cab credit counter a couple of days ago:
Edited by priest on 27. August 2012 12:56

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
The game many see as the "black sheep" of KOF titles arrived in the mail today!
So far, KOF 2001 seems decent, more so than I expected. Other than some bizarre character portraits, ugly score tables and one real stinker of a background (Brazil raceway... yech!!) the visuals are on par, if not slightly better than 2000's IMO. I'm with you on this one, Priest! Wink I think I might have done myself a favor in expecting the worst- while it's nowhere near the best in the series, it's still a great fighter with many strong points.
Chiba: I think that youīll like it the more you play it. But I agree about the raceway, really boring and lifeless. The backgrounds however is not really one of KOFī00 strong points either.

Is the insert yellowed / faded or is it the camera / lighting?

Thumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
@Priest: The yellow hues are due to the low lighting and my camera phone. Fortunately, there's no age or sun related fading or staining. I've got to say, the game and case arrived in pristine condition, virtually flawless. The seller polished and cleaned everything thoroughly! Thumbs Up Any seller who sends me an item thats noticeably dusty or dirty without taking a minute or two to wipe it down, photograph or at least mention specific areas that need cleaning or are damaged will not receive repeat business from me. Wink

Enjoying the game so far, hopefully it'll continue to grow on me as you said!

Also, congrats on your SS5 acquisition. Gonna set it up in your cab or do you also have a consolized MVS?
Chiba: Good to hear that the insert is not faded / yellowedThumbs Up

...And I agree about what you say about sellers that donīt even dust of the carts (or whatever), they donīt deserve our hard earned money...Unless its a really good deal, that is Wink

Thanks, since I already own a loose cart of the game, this kit is more for the collection. I do have a conzolised MVS, but I play mainly on one of my ten cabs or on the AES

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Today I got the SNK credit counter from post #29. Since the seller didnīt even know what it was I bought it from him without any guarantees. The seller described it as a "SNK thingy" Grin I tryed it in one of my candycabs today and it works perfectlyThumbs Up

Can anyone tell me which game the text in the background is from? Wink


Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Yep, that is KOF 96
NEO-GEO Man: Not too hard to break that one, eh? Wink

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Easy mate, i spent a long time watching that intro when i had no working sticks about 12 yrs ago Wink
Must have been like torture...? At least itīs a well made intro and an even more well made gameThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
it wasnt ideal mate no!!
My latest mvs kit , the one and only kinzuna Encounters.
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