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March 19 2019

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 4054
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Bought a new NEO GEO game? - tell us about it here
Nice catches Priest!
Which game is on photo 1, Samurai Spirits (4)?
Buying MVS games feels also the same for me, nothing to be ashamed of.
The games are looking in nice condition.
Sensi: Thanks Smile Yea and I got them for a pretty good price tooThumbs Up Like you wrote; Everything is in great condition.

The first game is SAMURAI SHODOWN V

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
A rather humble addition to my AES library. Bought a Puzzled/Joy Joy Kid loose cart on the cheap and fashioned a spare AES soft case with a quality custom insert from the fine folks at SouthTown Homebrew. Since I owned no puzzlers for the Neo and had a spare case lying around I seized the opportunity to pick up Puzzled for about $40 shipped. Not a bad deal and although unremarkable by Neo Geo standards, its proven a fairly decent game, too from what I've played of it so far. Thumbs Up

The cart and case titles don't match- I just prefer "Puzzled" and it's the name I'd rather see alongside the games of my Neo library. Wink
Edited by Chiba3010 on 26. March 2015 00:25
Good and smart choice Chiba to do it the cheaper way. Dan from SouthTown does a really great job offering those inserts and shockboxes for reasonable prices.
Soon I will order some Atomiswave and PGM insert/boxes from him, still very satisfied with mine MVS boxes.

Are you planning to buy some more puzzle games for the AES?
There are a quite a lot more decent/good puzzle games (Bubble Bobble, Magical Drop, Puzzle de Pon).
Thanks, Sensi! As far as puzzle games go, I'm most interested in Magical Drop 3 (though the other titles you mentioned are top class, too). It's a shame original AES carts of those games are so rarely available (and in most cases ridiculously expensive when they are). These days, most copies of said puzzlers that surface in the marketplace are conversions/boots and buying one of those is always a gamble- it's anyone's guess what kind of chips are inside that cart. :(

Still, one way or another, a top-tier puzzle game will eventually find its way into my AES library! Smile
Chiba, maybe buying a (C)MVS/Supergun is a better option to play these (puzzle) games?
It's an appealing suggestion but I'm sort of "all in" regarding the AES platform. Right now I have neither the funds nor space to dedicate to another piece of hardware. I think with more patience and time I'll eventually find a decent (enough) deal on a copy of one of these "most wanted" titles. If not, perhaps I'll find myself in a better financial position to pursue the hardware alternatives you recommended in the future! Thumbs Up
My copy of Breakers Revenge arrived today! It's an AES conversion and I'm okay with that in this particular case seeing as the game was an MVS-exclusive release. Really looking forward to playing this one and discovering for myself why Breakers has achieved a cult status and is considered one of the Neo's brightest "hidden gems". Smile
Very nice, looks mint. Mine is a conversion too but Japanese style
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
@RiKo: The game is indeed in near-perfect shape! I got the conversion made-to-order from Neotropolis (lucky timing for me as I believe it incorporated one of the last MVS copies of Breakers Revenge they had in stock at that point in time). I've purchased games from the folks at Neotropolis a number of times over the years and their customer service, communication and quality of products have always been top-class and I have nothing but good things to say about them. Smile

@Sensi: Congrats on your new MVS games! Hope you enjoy them. And I agree, shock boxes would make them look that much cooler on your game shelves. Wink
Wow, I've been on a roll these past two months regarding new AES purchases (something I expect will slow down considerably following yesterday's acquisition). Just scored a mint AES conversion of Ironclad/Brikinger for about $175. Will likely be two weeks or so before it arrives but I'm excited already. Smile
I probably shouldn't have splurged on another new game but I didn't really expect to win the auction at such a low maximum bid, either. Sometimes on eBay, the "you snooze, you lose" rule actually results in a steal like this. Wink
Congrats on your purchase Chiba. It's indeed a lower price then normally, sometimes you just need some luck. Auctions ending at midnight can be a advantage for example.
If you can get something with a discount, get it, or you'll always regret it later.

Neotropolis does have satisfied customers but is also despised by many (old) forum members. Long story short; KPJ (Kenny) learned modding there and turned his back on them, asking high prices via Neotroplis. That's the point of view from the critics. I'm aware he's expensive, but after two transactions I must admit he delivers quality. Communication is friendly and fast, so no complains at that point either.
After nearly two weeks without any tracking status updates, Ironclad arrived out of the blue yesterday! Everything is in mint condition and the insert and manual are retail-release quality. Looking forward to spending some time with this game (and giving Breakers Revenge at least a few days of well-deserved time off). Smile
Thumbs Up
It looks like a genuine AES game, really like the artwork of the insert.
How's the manual? Does it contain some colourful artwork or just plain black/white?
Enjoy the game!
The manual is as impressively "retail-quality" as everything else. Full color outer & inner front & back cover pages. Though the rest of the many, many interior pages are in black and white, they're fully illustrated and maintain razor-sharp printing throughout (though unfortunately for me, all the text is Japanese so I can't understand very much of it). Really, really top-notch packaging and presentation for a custom-crafted bootleg release. Out of the handful I've seen for sale over the past few years, I haven't seen a better-looking cart reproduction of Ironclad than this one. Thumbs Up
for me, it's not a game but hot books about snk's girls
Burning Fight US Dog Tag.
Nice Sanny! I've been looking for that game for a while. Did you find it in Sweden?
Bought this, or actually traded for last week:

I like it so far, only played a couple of credits yet, but it's interesting. It's too bad this concept didn't take off, I like the genre-mix with beat em up.
Anyone else like this game?
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