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August 21 2017

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Thread Author: Sanna
Thread ID: 4050
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There are 17 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3715 times.
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New Neo Geo Fan
Hey, I'm Sanna from Sweden. I recently got a Neo Geo with some games. First time I played Neo Geo was for a few weeks ago. I prefer action games like Shook Troopers and Metal Slug, but I like most types of game. I have been collecting retro games (mainly NES and Mega Man games) since 2007.
Hi and welcome to NGFL, Sanna. IŽm glad that you decided to join THE NEO GEO forum worth mentioning. I hope that youŽll become an as active member here as you are at NESDB (SWEDISH NES forum). If you have any questions at all, you (hopefully) know who to turn to...Wink

To all other NGFL members: Sanna has an ungodly NES and SNES collection to die for. And her main interest are MEGA MAN games, I have seen her collection myself and it is huuuuuuuuge!...So now you know Smile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Welcome to the site Sanna, i am going to shock you and say i have *never* played a Mega Man game. i plan to one day though... Hope to see you around the forums + that's a good start to your collection if you already have Metal Slug + shock Troopers Thumbs Up
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Welcome to the forums dude! If you love Shock Troopers and Metal Slug then you're allright in my book! Grin

So what other consoles do you own?

Welcome Sanna to this great site , I adore Shock Troopers too, great game.
I've not been here long myself but I've enjoyed the conversation with wonderful people. Nice to have you on board. I see you're a man after my own heart I love the NES and was full bore collecting it again (sold my collection of 500+ titles before moving to Texas). I'm now focusing on the AES though.
Welcome, Sanna.

It's great to have a growing community again. I hope you become a regular and enjoy posting here.

You have good taste, Shock Troopers really is a Neo-Geo classic. If you enjoy that game you might want to try Ninja Commando, it's a bit less flashy and fine-tuned, but it's a great action game.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
DarakuTenshi wrote:I see you're a man after my own heart

Ehrm!...He is a *she* ...Cool

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
priest wrote:

DarakuTenshi wrote:I see you're a man after my own heart

Ehrm!...He is a *she* ...Cool

I could be... but... no.
This idiom stands for someone you can agree with and who conforms with your innermost approval and desire, a kindred spirit.
...My bad, then...I guessWink

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Welcome to the forum Sanna! Smile Shock Troopers and Metal Slug are both amazing games no doubt about it. I'd be interested to hear which Neo Geo games you already have and let us know if you pick up any more.
Thanks all for the warm welcome! Smile

I would not have been here if it wasn't for priest who introduced me to Neo Geo games. So big thanks to him.

I don't have Shock Troopers and any Metal Slug games yet but those are the ones I like the most. I like Ninja Commando too!

Kaz: Besides Neo Geo, I own NES, SNES, Master System, PS1, PS3, Wii and some handheld consoles.

Before I mainly collected NES games as well as Mega Man games for all consoles but I'm almost done with those collections.
Sanna will probably kill me for this, since I know how she just *loves* it when I post pics of her...But I just got to show you a pic of her playing "The super spy" on the AES. I have some more "revealing" pics of Sanna, but I just donŽt dare to post themWink Smile

EDIT: Pic removed in accordance to SannaŽs request
Edited by priest on 13. August 2012 07:35

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Preist, you get to play video games with a girl? You lucky sod! Pfft

On a serious, very serious note. Sanna, I like your weapon of choice, the NGCD pad rocks muh socks.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 12. August 2012 14:37

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Oh nooo! Not that terrible picture of me again:( Really don't like being on picture.
It's not a bad picture at all! We can't see you anyway! Smile

Nice collection... I'd love to get a SNES again!

Sanna wrote:

Oh nooo! Not that terrible picture of me again:( Really don't like being on picture.

Yeah I know the feeling. My wife is constantly getting me in photographs and I can't stand it.
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