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January 18 2019

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Thread Author: NEO-GEO man
Thread ID: 4042
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There are 31 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 6932 times.
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Automatic login
It seems i have had to log in here every time i have an extended time without a page open. I tick the remember box which SHOULD make it automatically log me in.

Will this be getting fixed?? Its a pain in the arse when i get an email and when i go to check out the site, i have to log in to reply, then find where i was again.
I've had the same problem on and off... changed a setting to try and fix this, but if it's still an issue let me know. Looked up on the support site for a solution and they say what I did should fix it but I'm not so sure.

Let me know!

I have no issues here, its always auto-logging for me, guess its a problem to some users here...even Kaz himself, lol.
What browser are you guys using?

Firefox here, no problems, lol.
It's happened to me on Chrome on the iPhone and PC.

Hopefully fixed now anyways but not sure yet... if it's not I'll figure out the cause. For the record though, am sat at work logged in to the site for the last two hours and it's been ok with no logouts" Smile

Internet Explorer 9, and also happened exactly the same on the standard Safari for the iPhone 4S.

If i stay within a couple hours its never an issue, im talking next day, or 5-6 hours later type thing.

Was not an issue this time round, so you may have corrected it Wink
No problems for me in Firefox or Chrome in Win7, nor Linux or Android. Smile

As an aside, nobody should be using Internet Explorer ever, you're asking for trouble, Microsoft don't give two shits about web standards. They've actually said as much.
Good to hear... I've had a couple of issues on Chrome at work to be honest, it's just logged me out again now after a few hours. Will try and figure out what's causing it.

Agreed on IE. I only use it at work cos I have to for work stuff as although our department is allowed to install stuff on our PC's (unlike others), it's not supported and a lot of our work apps only work on IE:(. Still, at least we're on IE8 now... up until a few weeks back I still had IE6 here!!!!!

Yeah it logged me out twice today Kazuya.

Shiny wrote:

As an aside, nobody should be using Internet Explorer ever, you're asking for trouble.

Thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Ive been building and repairing computers for over 10 years now and even when i was selling them new, never once had an issue that was not caused directly by operator error or piss poor website design.

Internet Explorer works with everything ive ever tried it with, which is more than i can say for the others, and as is just confirmed by Kazuya... If ive never had an issue in over 10 years, id consider it pretty reliable. Id also go so far as to say it is the best browser due to the fact it has the highest compatibility.

If this was an IE related issue which it is clearly not, it wouldnt occur on my iPhone.

Youre entitled to your opinion as everyone is, but its not like that in my experience.
IE, the best browser? Better saddle up that pig, it's flying time.

IE6 was like an open back door into your OS and IE9 had to be patched not long back 'cos of the same thing. The way IE is locked into the OS is one huge reason to avoid it, MS have openly said they care not for web standards, making compatibility a fucking enormous pain in the arse for developers. It doesn't have the highest compatibility at all, not for a long time. I only ever use IE once on a new PC, I open it, I download a different browser, I close it never to be used again ever.

But each to their own, if you like it, you like it.
So why havent i had an issue in 10 years?? Works flawlessly!!
NEO-GEO man wrote:

So why havent i had an issue in 10 years??

Story of my life Wink Haha!!
To be honest we only use IE here at work as it's the standard browser. The issue we have is that we have limitations on what the system will let us install. Although our department has unlocked PC's that let us install our own browsers, we can't install java on Chrome etc (retarded I know), which means some of the programs we use don't work. It's also down to security certificates... again, as Chrome and Firefox etc are not officially supported by our IT Team, we can't get those installed either. So basically we are locked down to using IE for most stuff.

Believe me though, if I could use Chrome for everything, I would never use IE again while at work. Haven't used it at home for years now!!!

I tried it and didnt like it, it just didnt work the way i am used to. Ive honestly never had an issue with IE...
Well, I'm using IE9 right now, mostly because of your love for it. I figured it deserved another go. Smile

It's REALLY slow by comparison to FF and Chrome (and it ain't my system, trust me) but I really like the font rendering in IE... it's almost Appleish. Gonna see if I can't find a decent adblocker for it.
I dont have an issue with it being slow, but ive got Win 7 loaded on 2 SSDs in RAID0, and the rest of the computer is quite powerful... Or was the day i built it!!
I just came back to say it's loading web pages faster than Chrome. It also appears to be raining cats and dogs outside. o_O

I wanted SSDs in my Alienware but couldn't afford it at the time. Next system fo sho.
Argh... You couldve built a better one cheaper!!

I remember when i bought mine they were dear as hell, much better ones now for alot less...
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