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June 18 2019

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Thread Author: NeoStrayCat
Thread ID: 4039
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There are 36 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 12935 times.
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Fight Fever - Game of the Week (#132)
Do you have your own forum?
NeoStrayCat wrote:

It is the first and only Korean Neo Geo title ever officially released, as well as the first game developed and released by Korean publisher of SNK games, Viccom.

Eh? What do you mean by that? MS4 was done by Mega which was Korean.
Yeah, but you do know that's from "Wikipedia", not everything is perfect/accurate from there.
Yea whoever wrote that Wiki entry wasn't correct (maybe we should update it lol). Eolith, the company that made KOF 2001 and 2002 were also Korean.

I haven't played this game in years... and to be totally honest, I don't think I can bring myself to even try it again! Smile

NEO-GEO man wrote:

Do you have your own forum?

Actually what had happened was I built a website based around Daraku Tenshi and didn't touch it for years. At some point a guy who goes by LeeChaolan opened a forums specifically for Daraku Tenshi and other obscure fighting games. Several members here at used to be regulars there as well.

LeeChaolan invited me to the forum and again I think it was Merlin who found me at and invited me to their forums.

So short story... no not my own, though I am admin there. But, it's very dead these days.
i made a forum for people to organise link up racing for Daytona USA on the Nebula emulator, and amazing as it was, there was hardly any people on there!! All thought it was a great thing, but hardly any racers!!
Rooollllliiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggg Sttaaaarrrrtttt.
I loved Datona USA.
Yeah there was a group of us that used to race online, was awesome fun!!
Hmmm, maybe worth opening a thread for this? I'd love to play some Daytona, hopefully the emulator would run ok on my system...

Takes a fair bit of power Kaz, give it a go though, my system can run 13 instances of that emulator before there is any slowdown at all. There is always frame skip anyway.

If someone else wants to start a thread and get some races going ill join in when i can.
DarakuTenshi wrote:
Merlin... you seem to be the master of obscure fighting games. I just found one that I've never seen before called Dragoon Might, and of course you posted in the video comments.

That's an excellent fighter Daraku. I'm sure you would love it. I'd go so far as to say Dragoon Might is as good as Capcom and SNK fighters. It was actually because of that game that I started checking out other obscure fighters and discovered Daraku Tenshi.

So that I don't go too off topic here's a nice playthrough I found using the impressive Karate Kenji!

YouTube Video
I've played Fight Fever a bit, but I don't understand what makes it infamous. It feels playable and the characters have some originality (some not quite).

Here is a related thread:


To prove that Viccom was SNK's Korean distributor, run several Neo-Geo games in Korean and you will notice that Viccom's name is on the title screen. Here is one example that requires an account:


For proving that SNK assisted Viccom, all I can say is that it sounds obvious because of their relationship mentioned above, while I saw on one website that Karate Kenji was voiced by Masaki Usui, the voice actor of Haohmaru from the SS series and Ryo Sakazaki from the AoF series. Some other content found in the game shares some similarities with later SNK titles, like the note shattering the winner's photo frame resembling the KoF note, while Karate Kenji's dash attack resembles Geese Howard's dash attack first used in Fatal Fury 3 - Real Bout Fatal Fury sub series.
Edited by 1983parrothead on 28. August 2012 06:51
Fight Fever looks like an awesome b-fighter haha! I've seen it a few times on yt and ebay but never bought it. Maybe I should give it a try soon. I'm a fan of obscure fighting games too.
My youtube channel:
By the way if somebody in here has a cart of Fight Fever for sale please feel free to contact me by message.
My youtube channel:
i played this game a few times and i found it really good especially the super attacks which are really original and i think that few of them were stolen by capcom for their later sf games
This game maybe was the first to be released by a korean company for the neo-geo but the only one after that there was the king of fighters as well like ms4 heh
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