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November 13 2019

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Thread Author: NeoStrayCat
Thread ID: 4039
Thread Info
There are 36 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 13348 times.
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So, how good or bad is this broken POS!
Fight Fever? WTF? (I.E. never played it.) Fight Fever? WTF? (I.E. never played it.) 10%[1 Vote]
Eh, Eye of Typhoon is better than this. Eh, Eye of Typhoon is better than this. 50%[5 Votes]
Its OK... Its OK... 40%[4 Votes]
Total Votes : 10
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Fight Fever - Game of the Week (#132)
Welcome to another (but horrible) Game of the Week! (Well, a month really...)

Note: In the leave of Murikov's absence due to him being in "Service", I will be substituting (unofficially) for GotW like I have before, but not as much as I have back then. (Also, Murikov, Bullet hasn't been on much, bad choice there, lol.)

Anyways, back to the topic at hand...

I'm sure you guys already played a bunch of Neo-Geo fighers like KOF, SamSho, Last Blade, and even obscure ones like Ragnagard, Gowcaizer (Both yet to be reviewed as part of GotW), and even Matrimeele, but nothing, and I mean nothing compares to the most broken and horrible fighting game made on the Neo-Geo ever, That game is...

Fight Fever

(If anyone is interested for an HSC for this game, which I doubt anyone would anyways, ask Priest and he'll open one.)

Genre: Fighting
Players: 2
Size: 98 MEGS
Released on: MVS/AES only

(Too lazy to put up much, here's a Wiki quote...)

Brief Description:
Fight Fever, known in Korea as Wang Jung Wang (The King of Kings), is a 1994 2D fighting video game for the Neo-Geo MVS System. It is the first and only Korean Neo Geo title ever officially released, as well as the first game developed and released by Korean publisher of SNK games, Viccom.

A spiritual successor known as The Eye of Typhoon was created and originally planned for release to the Neo-Geo, but later canceled and switched over to the 3DO and PC.


Fight Fever Review by Kaz. : http://neogeoforl...page_id=36

YouTube Video

Ask Priest...

Past GotW Discussions:
Linkies here coming soon...
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 04. August 2012 18:47

Terrible. Shameful. Waste of time. Play only if you enjoy punishing yourself. Awful visuals, sounds and just about everything else with the exception of semi-solid gameplay. Hope you got your vaccinations, you don't want to catch this fever. Thumbs Down
Edited by Chiba3010 on 04. August 2012 11:58
This is one of the worst fighting games that I've ever played. It ranks right up there with Tattoo Assassins.
Yeah, to me, even though its a broken, horrible, and unbalanced POS, its really worth a play on MAME (or whatever emu.) just for spits and giggles (that's if you know how to be good at this game though). Grin
Im going to buy it....
NEO-GEO man wrote:

Im going to buy it....

Brave man- hope you don't drop to much cash to get it. I wouldn't pay someone to punch me in the face, but if I had to I'd do it on the cheap. Wink

Then again, Ninja Combat is much maligned in majority opinion but I happen to love it. Hope you find enjoyment somewhere in the deepest, darkest recesses Fight Fever. I do understand loving the genre enough to include even the crudest, surliest representatives at some point! Smile
I dont care too much about the money Chiba, the place i work for gives me some more each week!! Wink

I also love Ninja Combat as you know. I have 4 copies of it here!!

Ive got quite a few NEO-GEO games that are total rubish that im reluctant to play, but i still want them for my collection Wink
You see the good thing about this is, if you ever made it over to Australia and came round for a visit, and id say "Chiba, what NEO-GEO game do you want to play?" After you say "what have you got?" I can reply with "ummm, all of them?"
Good point. Makes sense to me. Thumbs Up

And hey, if I ever find myself in your neck of the woods I'd most certainly accept an invite to drool over your setup and library!Smile
Youd be most welcome mate Wink
Alright N-G Man, hope it goes well if you get it, but Chiba and NG Man, seriously guys, on topic please, not oggling collections, there's a thread for that, lol. Well, that's all I can say much on this game, and yes, I know Eye of Typhoon is better, but sadly not a NG game. (Until the next GotW then if I feel like it or not, or maybe a voting poll thread again.)
@Stray: Uh, okay- I didn't realize we so deeply engaged in "oggling". Figured it would be interesting to discuss the individual justifications for acquiring a crap game like Fight Fever. If that's somehow overtly off-topic I suppose we'll just stick to illustrating the epic degree to which this game fails, then? Shrug
Edited by Chiba3010 on 04. August 2012 18:34
NeoStrayCat wrote:
but Chiba and NG Man, seriously guys, on topic please, not oggling collections, there's a thread for that

Seriously?? I dont see any collection oggling!! Not to get too personal cause it doesnt bother me one way or the other, but it WAS on topic. This is a NEO-GEO forum, and it was a NEO-GEO discussion in regards to this very game in question, which is what we're here for isnt it??

If youd prefer, i can take my conversations and input to this forum elsewhere?
Alright, maybe I was too pushy, carry on, I know I see tons of threads here back in the day sometimes off topic, I'll just let it slide. Grin
This game is a piece of shit. The only way to possibly have fun is playing 2P and be shit-faced on Jack Daniels. Even then, it's only good to laugh at.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Clearly the worst fighter on the system. It feels really clunky and awkward to play. I find
pulling off special moves a bit awkward at times. One thing that always annoyed me was
Miyuki's 'scratch attack' where she jumps on you. It 's hard to avoid and the cpu will do it

On the plus side I do think the final boss Karate Kenji is quite a cool design. Reminds me a
bit of Geese Howard. It's good that they included desperation moves too. I think if you
persevere there is some limited entertainment to be had from this game. Worth playing for a
laugh sometimes too especially with funny characters like Golrio and Magic Dunker! Viccom's
next fighter The Eye of Typhoon was a definite improvement.
What is eye of the typhoon? What machine is it on?
NEO-GEO man wrote:

What is eye of the typhoon? What machine is it on?

The Eye of Typhoon is the second Neo Geo fighting game by Viccom but unfortunately it was cancelled and never released for MVS. However it was ported to 3DO and PC but both ports are extremely rare.

I put a download link for the PC version in the description of this video so you can always give it a try using DOSBox if you want Neo-Geo Man.

Nah i wont worry about it Wink But thanks for that!!
LOL Wow look at the female version of Earthquake... that's kinda funny. I'm surprised I've never seen this one appear on the Daraku Tenshi forum.

Merlin... you seem to be the master of obscure fighting games. I just found one that I've never seen before called Dragoon Might, and of course you posted in the video comments.
Edited by DarakuTenshi on 09. August 2012 02:36
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