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July 16 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 4035
Thread Info
There are 58 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 15365 times.
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The site is back!!!! Comments here please (please read!!!)
Please read the below and comment on any issues you spot. Am aware some features are missing but please give me a shout regardless, in case I have missed something and I'll work on getting it back online!!!

... and we're baaaaack!!!! Woohoo!!!! Sorry for the downtime everyone!!!

Damn you hackers!!!! I have spent some considerable time upgrading the site to the latest version of the CMS we use, and let me tell you this was a bit of a nightmare and involved a minor heart attack along the way when I thought I might have nerfed the site totally... thank god for backups!!! I've been busy going through stuff on the site and think I know what caused the site to get hacked in the first place.

Everything is backup and running now (forums etc etc), but there are a few minor bugs that need attention. Can I please ask that everyone mentions any issues that they find in the comments section on the forum (there is a thread for this).

I'm aware that the forums look a little different, this is down to the old infusion we used that boosted the functionality, and added the ability to award medals etc. I'm working on putting this back in but there's no guarantees for the time being. I'm going to do a little bit more work later in the week and hopefully we can have it back, because I know it's popular, and priest will kill me if I can't add the medals back in for the high score challenge! More on this soon!

Please let me know if there are any issues!!!
Edited by Kazuya_UK on 31. July 2012 23:00
Thank heavens NGFL is back online, thatīs the main thing. Medals are not essential but if the can be brought back, that would obviously be great. Thanks for all the work getting "us" back online again, KazThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Yawn. Wuh... teh site was down?

I jest.
Shiny wrote:
Yawn. Wuh... teh site was down? I jest.

But you and Kaz were having fun in that picture (on the photoalbum thread) before the site F'd up, lol. Well really not a big problem though is that there's no "Members in Chat" in the Users Online square, but that can be fixed if necessary, cause you never know who's on the weekly chats (oh, hardly any since now).
priest: Gonna try to install Fusion forums again, hopefully we'll get them back... hoping it hasn't lost the old data Smile

Shiny: Yea... and it broke not long after you visited me. Coincidence? LOL

Stray: Yea, that is missing, I knew about that. I'll get it fixed up soon and am going to install the latest version of Flashchat soon, so that might be another improvement.

Also found out this version of PHP Fusion seems to have support for custom user tags, like we used to have a long time ago. I may let certain people have their own custom ranks again if they're nice Wink

Awesome Kaz, keep making NGFL better, and also for one thing that got better, lol. (And I don't know if this ever is mentioned before, the ability to change usernames, lol.)

Now my signature matches my username, lol. Grin (And hey, I'm nice, I want my own custom rank, lol. Wink)

And sooner or later, we need something like this in the smiley
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 01. August 2012 07:26
The "new" NGFL is much faster, at least for meThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Yeah, everything on the site is loading faster for me as well. Nice! Thumbs Up
Kazuya_UK wrote:[/url]

Shiny: Yea... and it broke not long after you visited me. Coincidence? LOL

Heh, the coincidence would be letting Chiba back in to hack up NGFL. Pfft
Glad the site is loading faster - I noticed some slow load times when I was playing around with stuff while updating, but I do think this latest version is more efficient. However... please post here if you notice any slowness at all and I will raise this with Dreamhost. It happened once many years ago and they migrated our account to another SQL and file server, which improved performance. Occasional slowness is to be expected unless you pay the Earth for a server, but if it's all the time then it needs looking into!

lol Shiny! And Chiba my apologies for the ban that happened... been going through my emails and just saw that you sent me some messages about it. Glad it was sorted out anyway, and honestly I don't know how/why it happened. Shiny if you removed the ban, was it Chiba's IP that was banned or was it his actual profile? It must have been a mistake anyway, so either way sorry for the inconvenience and glad to see you back! Thumbs Up

It was his profile. It's happened a few times randomly to different members, no idea why.

While you've got your NGFL face on, Kaz, how hard would it be to make the forum mobile friendly? It's relatively easy to throw an Android app together but not an iPhone one so mobile web is the way forward, I reckon.
If it happens again there may be more I can do to find out why now... I think there's more logs in this version of PHP Fusion so if anyone has an issue again, let me know as I'll see if I can check the logs to find out the reason!

I do indeed have NGFL head on again... bizarrely as much as it being hacked is a huge pain and has majorly annoyed me, it's given me a kick to do stuff again. I may not have had much motivation for a while, but I am still proud of the site and hate to see it having problems.

I did a while back have an add on that provided a simple WAP version of the site, although nobody seemed interested at the time. It only let you view the forum though, not post. Mobile stuff is very important these days though so I'd love to have something that made things easier... I'll look around and see if there's any kind of development on that front for PHP Fusion.

You sent the "we're back" pm twice, lol.

Glad to see the forum is back. It definitely loads much faster (and is less crash-prone, thank god) than it used to.
Oops sorry to anyone that got the message twice - I had to re-type it as the first time I accidentally closed the window before I finished typing and figured it may not have sent to everyone. Sorry to anyone got it twice! :$

Glad it seems better in terms of load times and bugs!!! I am going to re-install Fusion Board, but if this causes the site to be buggy again or any slower, it will have to be removed. We shall see! Smile

Well, Fusion Board is back! Any thoughts... do we prefer it this way, with medals and all the other stuff, or shall we keep the simple system? Btw, all the medals are retained... spelling cow is back but going to remove that!!! Smile (sorry it's back temporarily priest!!!)

edit: spelling cow gone... I actually think Fusion Board makes the forums a little slower though... let me know your thoughts!

I also know there are a few bugs... I will try to crush those soon, if not we'll just go back to the standard forums...

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 01. August 2012 18:02
i like my few medals but i dont mind if other people prefer it the other way, site is working well so far for me. Thumbs Up
Edited by RiKo on 01. August 2012 18:58
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I prefer the snappier forum option myself but majority rules. Smile
No slowdown then RiKo? I prefer this forum too, so long as it works ok and I can crush the bugs! Smile

Sorry to be a pain but site is slow for me, having said that it was slow before the site went down so it may be a server issue.
um....looks like i spoke too soon, mine is slow now too:( it's weirdly slow though - i mean excessively, i get a blank page before each thread loads, prob takes about 4-5 seconds til it goes and actually loads the thread itself
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
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