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June 27 2019

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Thread Author: boogiepop
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10 Best OLD Neo Games
I'd like to know what everyone would consider the top ten Neo Geo games pre-Samurai Shodown 2 (Dec 2 94, AES release) since that is what Kaz considers the point at which SNK went from being a good developer to a great one.
I'm also curious since I've noticed that most the games I like on the neo weren't made in those early years. Crossed Swords and Baseball Stars 2 might be the only two.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Good thread! Smile Thumbs Up

In no particular order:

Art of Fighting
World Heroes
Fatal Fury Special
Soccer Brawl
League Bowling
King of The Monsters
Super Sidekicks
Last Resort

Those are the older games that I would consider to be the best. Most of those I had played around the time they were released, but there are a few that I didn't play until much later on. For instance, Sengoku - I did give it a mediocre review, but a lot of people enjoyed that game so I guess I don't like it as much as they do as I never had the benefit of trying it when it was first released. I do still enjoy Sengoku to a certain extent, but I can only really call it as I see it... and I'd probably consider it one of the better Neo Geo side scrollers from that time. The same applies to a few of the other games in there too.

But yeah, I definitely feel that 1994 is the year that SNK really came of age. They had released some fantastic games before then like Fatal Fury Special, but SS2 is where people really started to take notice I think. I just can't fault SS2 at all, even to this day, and I still get just as much enjoyment out of playing it as I always did.

You know what would rock...? SS2 for Xbox Live Arcade. Smile Probably won't happen though...

Ill try to pick some (since most of my favorites are after 1994) but they are

KoF '94
Fatal Fury (1, 2, Special)
Art Of Fighting
World Heroes
Samurai Shodown 1
Cyber Lip
Last Resort
Legend of Success Joe (what its immense crappyness was fun Grin )
and Eightman was kinda fun

but yeah, most of the great games came out around 1995-1996 then went off. But there were tons of greats back then imo
Edited by goemon4 on 15. July 2007 12:23
Hmmm, pre SS2? Right, in no particular order these are my faves:

Sengoku 2
Robo Army
Cyber Lip
Eight Man
Blues Journey
World Heroes
Fatal Fury Special
Baseball Stars 2
King of the Monsters 2

I loved the Neo back then, back when the idea of actually owning these games was preposterous unless you happened to be rich. Back when the only way you could see them would be in an arcade, in the pages of CVG magazine or on Games World... Get orf moi manor!! That probably means nothing to most folk but it still makes me chuckle. Guess you had to be there. Wink
Edited by Shiny on 15. July 2007 15:30
Yup, Games World ruled... Big Boy Barry... LMAO LOL. Oh and how about the Games Mistress? Wink


Oh the memories! LOL

They used to play Soccer Brawl and KotM all the time on there, which definitely added to my Neo addiction. After all those years of wanting one, when I finally got my own system it was quite a buzz and the old school games were the first I purchased.


ps jeez I had completely forgotten David Walliams used to be in it!!! :eh:
Edited by Kazuya_UK on 15. July 2007 15:42
Big is best! LOL Yeah, David Walliams, I still sometimes find myself refering to him as "that bloke from Games World". Who knew he'd end up being a household name? :eh:
You guys pretty much mentioned them all already but I felt I could point out Fatal Fury 1 one more time, one of the first and also most horribly underrated games on the console. Co-op kicks ass and I mean hey, this being the original appearance of Geese should be worth severl points alone right?
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
Hell ya, Fatal Fury 1 all the way. First Neo arcade game I ever played, waaayyy back in '92. I'll give some love to Burning Fight too. I know it's not that great a game, but I love 2-D beat 'em ups. Submarine Screw!!! Lol! As for the rest, in no particular order

Samurai Shodown
Nam 1975
Fatal Fury Special
Mutation Nation
Robo Army
Magician Lord
League Bowling
"All our lives we sweat and save, building for a shallow grave".---Jim Morrison
There are actually quite a few games I like from the early Neo Geo period. My top ten in no particular order:

World Heroes
World Heroes 2
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury Special
Samurai Shodown
Baseball Stars 2
Magician Lord (a classic game)
Crossed Swords
Sengoku 2
Sonic Wings 2

However I think my favourite period for neo geo games is 1995-1996. So many great games came out then.

I never got a chance to watch Games World but I do remember seeing quite a few neo games on Gamesmaster on channel 4 here in the Uk. My local arcades had very few neo geo games so it gave me a chance to see a few more.
I remember playing World Heroes and Fatal Fury on the Genesis... Do they count?
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