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November 19 2018

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Thread Author: NEO-GEO man
Thread ID: 4029
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Why is Chiba3010 banned from this forum??
I have just been informed that Chiba3010 has been banned for a reason which is not known to him.

The reason isnt known to me either cause i cant see what he wouldve done wrong.

Lets just get straight to the point here so as not to beat around the bush, i dont think this forum can afford to have good active members like Chiba just get banned for no apparent reason and with no reasonable warning. He was making up about 20% of the recent posts on here, that is a BIG amount, and i for one certainly appreciated his involvement.

If there is a reason, it had wanna be a good one.

Lets get this sorted out ASAP please.
Edited by NEO-GEO man on 23. July 2012 13:35
Less of the tone, thanks. Chiba3010 is unbanned until I hear a good reason otherwise.

To be honest, it wouldn't be the first time someone has been banned accidentally. Believe it or not, merlin got banned once and he's the most polite human being on Earth.
Edited by Shiny on 23. July 2012 15:00
Less of the tone? Do you feel im being somewhat unreasonable in my body of text above? Cause i dont.

It doesnt do alot to encourage active forum participation does it, and there isnt a whole lot of that here as it is. There are a few of us here that enjoy this forum, and id certainly like to see it stay that way.

Accidental bannings for what though? I wonder how often this happens and people just dont come back? There has been a couple active people just vanish in the past few month.
Edited by NEO-GEO man on 23. July 2012 15:21
I'm glad that you guys enjoy the forum and I know a lot us are too lazy to participate as often as we probably should so I understand your beef, and tone. Perhaps mine was a bit off too, so I apologise for that.

I don't know how he nor merlin that time got banned but if it's mentioned to admin it's easily fixed.

There are lots of reasons for folk not sticking around or disappearing, I don't think this bug is the main culprit. Saying that, I will have a scan through and see if I can spot any obvious names. Smile
Shiny's right about one thing, we don't get a lot of activity here on the forums than it used to be, its mostly random stuff and the occasional GotW (which I'll put up sometime in leave of Murikov's absence).

Second, I was also accidentally banned for no reason too, so you can count me as one of them.

Lastly, we all know who treats spammers with the banhammer nicely...BanHammer
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 23. July 2012 18:12
Well, I haven't been banned by accident, but I haven't been as active as I used to be...just haven't got anything intersting to share or any interesting topics to respond to...other interests and Forums are also swallowing up some time. Maybe after I've bought myself a deinterlacer/ upscaler and I'm playing more retro games, I'll post more regularly...or maybe not...

On topic: it's weird that members are being banned accidently for no obvious reasons...I wonder if there's a log somewhere on the admin part of this forum that shows what happend.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
As long as the situation is resolved then im happy again. But i dont think its going to do anything for the forum having this issue.
Nice to be back Smile

Many thanks to NeoGeoMan for taking action on my behalf and informing forum members of the problem directly since I couldn't and to Shiny for fixing the issue. Thumbs Up

When I became the unlucky winner of the forum's latest "surprise suspension" giveaway, I attempted contacting Kaz but never received a reply (not entirely unexpected, I'm aware he currently has less time and opportunity to be active here then he used to). Furthering complicating the situation, I wasn't previously aware that all forum admins can impose or remove a ban... Finding an admin member with an email link in their profile could have saved me a lot of time, effort and confusion.

While its somewhat relieving to confirm the banning was accidental, the fact that this glitch has affected numerous members including some of the most active and frequent contributors is a bit unsettling. Kinda feels like walking into your favorite pub only to be thrown out by the bouncer before you've even sat down to order your first drink or greet your fellow regulars. Shrug

I hope we'll discover the source(s) of these repeat incidents and stamp it out, but in the meantime it might be helpful to create a reference thread describing the options a NGFL member has at their disposal should they ever find themselves the recipient of an "accidental" ban like I did. Hopefully the time I wasted not knowing the most efficient course of action and confusion not knowing that this is actually an issue that has affected a number of other members in the past could be spared for someone else. Does anyone else feel a reference thread of that nature could be helpful?
Edited by Chiba3010 on 24. July 2012 03:35
Chiba3010 wrote:
Nice to be back Smile

Many thanks to NeoGeoMan for taking action on my behalf and informing forum members of the problem directly since I couldn't

Mate its not a problem at all, im happy to help anytime Wink
The Stray wrote:Lastly, we all know who treats spammers with the banhammer nicely...BanHammer

I don´t quite know if or what you´re implying here?

Chiba: I can assure you that none of us mods or Admins would deliberately ban or delete a "real active member" of NGFL. This is either a sad misstake or some kind of a bug...

I´m glad that Shiny got you back amongst us Smile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I don't believe any of the suspect bannings are malicious, it's just not that kind of place.

The sad truth about disappearing members is that some of us have been around, playing and talking about SNK/Neo-Geo games, for a VERY long time. There's only so many games and there's only so many times one can have a Sam Sho versus Last Blade conversation. Inevitably, folk move on and talk about something else. Of course, I'm not speaking for everyone but I believe it's true of a good number.
Shiny, ive been in it about 20 years now, abit over maybe, and im yet to have that discussion about Last Blade and Samurai Shodown!!

There is more to discuss than this sort of thing, and there is no good reason for people not to join in the high score section, if youre playing the game, that is ALL that is needed to join in!!
That's just one example of a repeating conversation. And I'm not suggesting why people shouldn't take part but perhaps why they don't. If you enjoy outscoring folk, have at it, if you don't want to, that's cool too. Live and let live!!
Im not expecting to outscore everyone, if you ever look in there youll see on alot of games im not even close.

Im not expecting everyone go and do it, but i find it a very interesting thing.
I realize this problem has happened to a handful of familiar members, but I just blame it on the mediocre quality of the site/server...

Ha. Why would you insinuate Priest is secretly banning certain members at will? Come on, out with it.

Geez, please let this thread die and let's stop making drama out of nothing.
Its not drama out of nothing at all, the man was banned and nothing was being done about it. I didnt insinuate anything. What i did was ask in no uncertain terms that Chiba be reinstated ASAP.

I was not aware of a reason for his banning, which is why i posted this thread. Its not to start drama and its not to insinuate someone is secretly doing this either. The results speak for themselves, Chiba was reinstated in around an hour after i posted this thread, yet he had not been able to get any response in 2 days by attempting to contact the admin.
One good way to protect yourself against this happening to you would be to join the NGFL Facebook group. If you find yourself banned a quick post there will be seen by multiple Admins and we'll get you reinstated in no time. No Admin will ever ban someone without at least letting the other admins know why so this would be a pretty foolproof way to fix the problem (assuming you're a Facebook user that is).

Of course this is by no means a perfect solution and finding the reason behind this "bug" would be great. It definitely seems like a software bug to me because if someone was actually doing it to attack members of the site you'd think it would happen a lot more often... and accounts would be getting deleted instead of just banned.
Yes i think he may have attempted that too. I was reasonably confident at the time when i read his email to me that it was indeed an auto ban of some sort, for what ever reason.

Having been a moderator on a few forums in the past and having also run my own forum for a while too i know that the auto banning is never a good thing. It cant ever replace effective human moderation.

I dont really care one way or the other how the admin choose to run their forum, i simply made the thread to get fast action on an issue and it worked seemingly very well. There should be more of it really.
@Priest, Shiny and Super: The "source(s)" to "stamp out" statement was directed at technology, not an individual. Sorry if my choice of words gave anyone the wrong impression- I never intended to suggest any admin had acted with negative, insensitive or personal motivations! Like Shiny said, this is a welcoming and friendly community- that's why I joined NGFL in the first place. Thumbs Up

Before I knew about the glitch, I was confused over why an admin would intentionally take such action because I know you're a good bunch who respect and appreciate the membership, hence the confusion. All cleared up now. Smile
priest wrote:
The Stray wrote:Lastly, we all know who treats spammers with the banhammer nicely...BanHammer

I don´t quite know if or what you´re implying here?

I think Stray was simply providing an example of an admin performing his duty with accuracy and honor. Only those who clearly deserve it are told when it's "Hammer time". Wink
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