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June 18 2019

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Thread Author: LIFE_IN_2D
Thread ID: 4028
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There are 16 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4922 times.  There's also files attached.
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Ever get this mad at a game?
NO. You are a psycho SOB, stupid cry baby. GO TO HELL! NO. You are a psycho SOB, stupid cry baby. GO TO HELL! 17%[1 Vote]
You are everything in the above option, plus you are a shaved ape . Go away, nobody likes you and nobody cares about your dumb-ass story. Degenerate. You are everything in the above option, plus you are a shaved ape . Go away, nobody likes you and nobody cares about your dumb-ass story. Degenerate. 33%[2 Votes]
I never let games get the best of me. I never let  games get the best of me. 50%[3 Votes]
Total Votes : 6
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What was the last game that made you abuse your console / controller?
So, I was playing Sonic Shuffle with my nephew last night on the 'ol Dreamcast. For those of you who have played this game, you know how the CPU cheats like a son of a bitch. The computer wins most mini games (even on 'easy' mode). The computer seems to know your hand, and always wins the 'roulette' game of chance.

After the computer won it's 5th mini-game or so (it had like 5 million rings), I came close to throwing my controller and shouting "YOU MOTHER-FUCKING CHEATING PIECE OF SHIT!", I only got out the " Youuu... MOTHER-----" before realizing that my nephew was right there. I even clentched the DC pad and had to fight the urge to slam it on the ground and turn off the system.

Even If I didn't go batshit crazy (I would have had he not been there)... I couldn't believe how pissed I was.

Luckily, I calmed down and came back down to Earth. I was still pissed and I kept smashing the buttons a wee-bit hard and muttering angry, vile, hateful insults --- as the CPU kept on with it's cheating. I even squeezed the shit out of my controller in pure frustration.

So, question. When was the last game that made you (almost?) lose your shit? Even if it was years ago. Do tell, what game and why.

I think the last time I got this pissed was when I was playing KOF XI and Magaki was repeatedly raping me. I think I smashed my controller against my coffee table a few times.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 22. July 2012 18:00

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Well, these days I don't let gaming take over my emotions. Back in the SNES days on up to probably around the DC days yeah I'd say I had an issue with games getting me beyond upset. The game that probably took most controller fatalities was Street Fighter II on the SNES. I don't even know how many controllers I went through. This included my Competition Joystick that cost me around $100. Doesn't seem like a lot of dough to me now but back when I was only in middle school... that was a lot of news papers I had to deliver to earn that.
i've heard bad things about Sonic Shuffle before....

i cant really remember getting that angry while playing games, although my brother and i had a few fights over videogames when we were young. Mainly over who would get to play Elite (it was one player only and you could be playing it for hours).

Also my brother used to p*ss me off because he would get angry and slam *my* SNES pads into the ground when he lost at Mario Kart. I bought the SNES myself and i saved up fpr a lot of time to get that so yes that did annoy me, He kind of broke the shoulder buttons so they didnt depress right. He also did that thing where he would lift up the control pad and his whole body when going over jumps - as if it would make him stay airbourne for longer. I know a few people who do that.

These days.. i just want to smash my laptop sometimes - hulk style with both fists.
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
eccentric cat
Every KOF game ever, especially the ones featuring Rugal.

Arcana Heart can also be really bad. I usually do good at the regular stages, reach the final boss, and she COMPLETELY annihilates me. Its just one of those games to put you in a bad mood if you're not prepared. So many cheap projectiles and throws...

Team Fortress 2 can also be a pain if no one knows what they're doing, which can happen a LOT.
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
Hmmm I missed this thread... Hmm

I try not to lose my temper, but a few games have made me do it! I think the last time was Max Payne 3, as it can be very frustrating at times. I remember back in the day though, my bro used to pretty much keep a supply of cheap mice for when he lost his temper on Quake or Unreal Tournament. He'd die and bang his hand on the mouse... if it broke he'd just replace it with another out the drawer Pfft

I also had a friend who took it a step further and smashed his Playstation to pieces... on more than one occasion. I shit you not!!!! Franco

Nice to see more input on this.

I noticed a few key members (with known anger issues) have not chimed in yet (Merlin, SGFX, Priest).

Also, I expect for votes to be cast on the poll. NOW! Pfft

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Vote cast Pfft

I've pummeled my Genesis, cro-magnon style on a few occasions back in the day, but that was the last console I've subjected to closed fist communications. Since then, when my rage reaches critical mass I respond with vulgar verbal tirades, stomp my feet and bludgeon the shit out of whatever peice of durable furniture is within punching range. Racing games and fighters most often push me over the edge.

Back in the 8 and 16-bit eras though, physical assault was my reaction of choice since gaming tech of that time could still man up, shake off a punch or two and still show up fresh for work when I'd calmed down enough to have another go.

My best friend would beat his NES so hard that on one occasion it actually launched the cart up and forcibly ejected it out of the system, breaking the plastic cart-bay door cover off in the process. Angry

In those days, it was actually the carts themselves that I'd attack when pushed too far. Many were angrily torn from the system and flung across the room. I dialed down the force of my throws after my Master System's OutRun cart hit the wall behind me so hard that I heard its plastic shell shatter to smithereens on impact. Shock All that remained was the green PCB board, which miraculously still booted up on my system. Only problem was that it electrocuted me quite painfully upon insertion, even though the system was off at the time! All future OutRun sessions required a rubber glove to safely boot the game.:(
See the attached as that sums it up...! LOL

Kazuya_UK attached the following image:
While playing Super Meat Boy I think I may invented a good number of brand new swear words, along with the old faves like YOU FUCKING CUUUUUUUNT!!
@2D Go away you degenerate shaved ape nobody cares about your dumb-ass story! Pfft

Like most gamers I sometimes get really frustrated with a game but I never feel the urge to lash out at my controller, console etc. I think when I was really young I probably did throw the controller about sometimes though. It was probably when playing frustratingly hard NES games like Snake Rattle 'n Roll.

These days if I get really annoyed there is a lot of cursing to be heard with the word f*ck
featuring prominently! Recently I found some parts of Medal of Honor Allied Assault and it's
two expansions Spearhead and Breakthrough VERY frustrating. Thankfully after putting quite a bit of time into the game I find it a lot easier now.
"I never let games get the best of me."...Except when playing that piece of shit FATAL FURY SPECIAL AngryAngry

Yup! I still hate this poor excuse of a game.

Seriously...Like Merlin I rarely resort to violence these days when the games choose to "stab me in the back"...The results is more like an exhibition in obscene wordsSmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Options are very limited on that poll... Very one sided!!

Priest, FF Special is farken brilliant!!
Er yea priest... FFS is awesome Pfft

The only time I hated it was when I had a 5 game winning streak against phry on Xbox Live... he was moaning that I was destroying him. Then suddenly he went on a 15 game winning streak and I couldn't touch him. I think that also gave him all the achievements for winning streaks online. I think I came quite close to throwing my pad on the floor in disgust, although it was down to me being really bad at the time, and phry being much better! Smile

Wonder what phry is up to these days... will have to drop him a message on Facebook!

Kaz wrote:- Er yea priest... FFS is awesome Pfft

In 2 player mode it is good but in one player mode it has that whole immediately-read-and-respond-to-your-moves thing going on which is pretty horrible to play against these days. I do like it but more in a masochistic way...
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I broke two snes plsying some game (who knows what it was) but just for the record i was p*issed off before playing the games (the first snes was the original one bought when it came out for my brother and i played it like till 2000 (yea it had a big crack from my fist but i put a track hmm tape track stickers or whatever is that called and worked good 10 years i think (here we know if something is broken like that and it still works we said oh that must be japanese or chinese lol) so back to the point the other one i think it was some sort of copy cuz it was all black and where you put the cart it waslike in circle never mind so that worked few months and went down then i bought another one from the same market it was like a 15 % for a console and the games were like 2$ there were till up 5$ and some even lower than 1$ haha and there were some great games well this console broke by it self an any way i don't even know how many controlers went to tthe trash and even one rail gun it was like crazy lol

now that i think of that first console there were games on it like there was one big cart inside of the snes and had 10 games like mario cobra street fighter tank mechanized attack the shooting nintendo games (ok maybe there were more) so i am wondering those anybody knows of this and how much it costs nowadays?
Anyway after the original broke i opened it and started playing with it trying to fix it and i did lol art least now you could have turned it on and there was a picture on the tv of the console but no sound and the picture was something when an arcade starts up lol on times you could have seen the mwnu screen for the games but that was that and that went to trash.

so before it ended up in the trash i took out that cartridge from the nintendo and playing it on the new nintendos and i ended up borrowinnng it and never saw a day of light and the guy who i borrowed to seems that he forgot he ever took it oh i almost forgot there were some tmnt on cartridge and was a blast.

SO NOWADAYS i don't have that problem just whenever i play a fighting game and the player i play against spamms his moves using the same button over and over. again which is really annoying that happened me recently at kof with another player but with the bosses i don't have that problem i just play lose press continue and the fun starts again and you know why cuz they are not spamming there moves (well not all the time) they have variety of moves and i just love watching all those special attacks and stuff for example rugals atrack he just dashes trough you and when he is at the other side you start get hit just awesome or orochis taking soul in his hand and crashes it in piecies so amazing loli can go on and on really
Edited by bojan4o on 21. August 2012 17:05
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