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May 27 2019

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Thread Author: DarakuTenshi
Thread ID: 4008
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Pizza Hut... just not right.
I went to Pizza Hut with my family for lunch and felt as if something wasn't right. Looking around and listening I realized it's the lack of arcade games. So many fond memories of games like Rastan, Yi-Ar-Kung-Fu, and most importantly Street Fighter II/CE.

I remember when I was in middle school we would sneak off campus at lunch time to go over to Pizza Hut to play it. Man the pizza flavor was still there but the environment has changed too much.

Next time I may just have to bring either some sound effects or an emulator so I can get that old feeling back again.
you guys were lucky over there, i dont ever remember Pizza Hut having arcade games over here in UK:( Best places i remember were in Fish N Chips shops where you could play games like Asteroids and Space Invaders, and later some random vertically-scrollign schmup you had never heard of! Bowling alleys were great over here for games, I remember playing Street Fighter2 Turbo, Time Crisis, and Rad Mobile in my local one Grin

Pizza Hut is actually my favourite pizza so good choice Thumbs Up I prefer their dough-base to all the others
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Back in the Philippines, there are tons of arcades so Pizza Hut doesn't neet to have its own arcade cab. What they do have are those delicious sausage stuffed crust pizza that are only available in the Philippines and in Australia, and that was awesome!

I don't know if that caught on anywhere else, but the last time I was in the Philippines, I've had those a lot Grin
Well, here in the US we too had tons of arcades but it became such a phenomenon that it wasn't strictly held for arcades. If you go to a gas station or a convince shop they will have arcade cabs. You go to Wal-Mart or just about any restaurant or bar, movie theaters, malls, all have arcade games.

Even some funeral homes would carry arcade cabinets. It was simply amazing some of the places you could find an arcade game in the USA.

(Just a side note... many Wal-Marts in big towns still have arcade cabs. It was also one of the places I loved to go in the 90's so I could sit up front playing Neo-Geo while my mom did the shopping. But, Wal-Mart has changed a lot in the past 20 years. It's no where near as nice as it used to be and well can show you just how much this business has changed).
When I finally got here in the US (2005), there weren't much arcade cabs anywhere save for this bowling place, some theatres, and this mexican eatery with a couple of SNK cabs.

As for the Philippines, it's nearly everywhere in the city. Big malls have two big arcade places, smaller malls always has at least one whole area for arcade, and a bunch of cabs scattered here and there in random squatter areas. There's like eight or nine big arcade places just within 30 minutes from where I used to live, so I always had my fix since I was a kid blowing my whole allowance playing Tekken games Pfft

And they're all still there even up to now and still popular, since not too many can afford to buy their own console or PC. Man, I miss it there.

Speaking of Pizza, I sure could use a few slices right now Grin
Edited by sukotsuto on 13. July 2012 01:10
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