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October 23 2019

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Thread Author: Bullet
Thread ID: 4003
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There are 14 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4313 times.
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EVO 2012
Check it out!!!


From KOF 13 to SSF4 etc etc, get hyped!!!

I'm trying to avoid EVO results as usual because my computer can't handle streams but I like watching it without knowing who the winner is. It's about impossible to find video archives for EVO that don't spoil who the winner is though so I usually only get to fully enjoy smaller tournaments. Still, once the archives are up I'll definitely be watching KOFXIII and Mortal Kombat. Also the Skullgirls side tournament if it gets recorded.
There have been some great matches and they already started uploading day one matches, so you shouldn't have too much trouble catching up.
A buddy of mine is there. SF4 and MVC3 are the games he is competing in. Unfortunately he lost his first round against Viscant.
I just watched the top 8 of both MK9 and the Super Turbo Tournament of Legends. I'll watch KOF XIII as soon as I get the chance.

I highly recommend that anybody who has ever enjoyed fighting games watch the Super Turbo tournament. It was one of the most entertaining tournaments I've ever watched.
Oh I got it wrong. He played KOF and SFIV.
He told me that he lost 1:2 on each game, but had a fun time.
Yeah, the KOF top 8 was amazing, the whole tournament from pools to finals was incredible really. KOF had over 1000 entrants, which I believe, was more than UMVC3, but less than the under 1500 for SSF4ae. Which is really showing that KOF has reached a who new level of popularity and acceptance from the fighting game community at large. Oh and there were 70 or 80,000 people watching the KOF13 finals, some were saying that the live stream was being viewed as high as 100,000 there at one point, so it is pretty great that such high level play was being watched by so many.

I'm kinda disappointed, with the site to be honest. This was the year that the fighting game community at large finally embraced KOF as the top series that it is and put it on the main stage at Evo, but it barely registered a blip with this community.

It is, in a word. Unfortunate.

Even if you are not a fan of fighters per se, KOF getting acceptance and main stage treatment at Evo, means that SNKP will survive, to make and sell more games and that is something this community should pay attention to and be excited about.
Edited by Bullet on 10. July 2012 15:48
YouTube Video

this is called the losing brackets or something like that and look at how intense was and this guy playes with sun glasses lol
Basically, everyone starts out in the winners/neutral bracket, until they lose. If you lose twice you are out of the tournament. If you win the whole time you stay in the winners bracket, but if you lose once you fall into the losers bracket and have to fight your way out.

So, its still possible to lose a match, go into losers bracket with other players that lost and still win the tournament. Once they get down to top 8 winners bracket and top 8 losers bracket. that's the top 16 and those matches go down to the the final.
Edited by Bullet on 11. July 2012 19:30
Just finished watching the KOFXIII Grand Finals. Damn! With the game getting so much recognition next year's EVO is going to be twice as epic with all of the new players that will pick up the game after watching it on the stream. The same thing happened with MK this year where the top 8 saw only one player return from last year's top 8.
Yeah I watched some of them as well, and there is no way I would even be any competition against those guys. Man they had some skills.
I think it's great KOF did so well at EVO, because if it's in there for the next few years and it stays popular then hopefully it will be the start of a revival for the series.

I'm still watching the SF vids (because i play that game at the moment) and after complaining a little about GamerBee off in the chat box. (probably more because of my own bitter experience at the hands of Adon and his annoying jaguar kicks ) i just watched this match, really good.

(skip to 2.10 for match start)

YouTube Video

Edited by RiKo on 13. July 2012 17:43
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :

so the hype for kof on this evo was so big that terry bogard participated but in SCV and as you can see its in the grand finals LOL
Edited by bojan4o on 14. July 2012 01:42
YouTube Video

i know its ash (pokemon) hat but i was making a joke get it?

EDIT: well the commentators say that wearing that hat is some kind of ritual for him to look like a Terry Bogard so maybe its not a joke or maybe its a big joke(well didn't knew that when i posted it cuz i just finished watching the match and it was pretty intense i hope he is not going to burn that hat now lol cuz he lost heh)
Edited by bojan4o on 14. July 2012 02:10
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