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April 20 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 400
Thread Info
There are 29 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 6653 times.
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New Chat Meet
Hey all,

Would be great to do another chat meet soon, and I really want to set a date for the chat meet. Obviously it's nigh on impossible to pick a time that is suitable for everyone, but it would be good to try and set a time that would allow as many people as possible to attend.

So... I guess it would really need to be a weekend, so would a Saturday or Sunday night be best? Last time we did it on a Saturday night (UK time), so people in the US could pop in in the afternoon their time... and seeing as most of our visitors or Europe/US based, this seems like the best idea.

I'm thinking August 12th. Either one would give us time to confirm the date and to make sure everyone has a way to make it into the chat, especially with some people having problems with the chat script.

So, what do you guys/gals think?

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 02. August 2007 19:53
Sounds like a good idea but I'll be on holiday both of those dates...:( And I think it was a Sunday last time, I think the States are behind us timezone wise...

<-- And my balls just dropped! Geddit? Eh...? Ah, f'get it.
Edited by Shiny on 13. July 2007 23:56
rofl, and yes we are, by like 5 hours in my time zone (if i recall correctly) but what ever the day ill pop in (the 25th of july is a friday right?)
July 29th is my preference

What day was the last chat on anyway?

Also, when I view a thread as a guest, and if I decide to post a reply, I log in, however, then I get taken back to the main discussion page. I don't like getting taken back to the index page, is there anyway you can change it so someone can log in and remain on the same page as before? Angry
The last one was waaay back in February I think, so it's long overdue.

The logging in thing... I know it is damn annoying, but with PHP Fusion at the moment I am not sure if there is any way to change it so it goes back to where you were. I will go ask at the support site, but I'm hoping that at the very least the next version of PHP Fusion will fix that problem. That should have been out earlier this year, but it's been delayed - they did say "summer", so hopefully there won't be too much longer to wait! Smile

One trick btw if you use a tabbed browser is to click the "login" link with the middle mouse button to open it in a new tab, login there and then close that tab, then when you click reply you'll be logged in. As I am the only person that uses this PC I tend to keep myself logged in so it's not a problem for me, but if I login from somewhere else that's how I tend to do it.

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 22. July 2007 14:14
So is anyone else going to the chat tomorrow?
Unfortunately, not I. Saturdays have always been a no-can-do for me. I will, however, make a point of being on on Sunday afternoon (night in Europe). I'm not trying to hijack the Saturday get-together but if there's any other stragglers, please feel free to join me.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
I think he may have meant Sunday - I will try to be on if I can in the evening (UK time). I didn't really confirm that as a proper chat meet, but if people want to pop in tomorrow night then that's cool and I will definitely be there at some point. Smile

Anyone else coming and what time?

Another chat! They're always fun.

I'll try to make it in tomorrow (sunday) night at some point. Hopefully see you all there! Grin
I will enter the chatroom at noon Mountain time and stay there for a few hours. Thumbs Up Actually, I'm in the chatroom right now:exclaim:
Sunday August 12th, next date for a proper chat meet. In the evening UK time, so early-mid afternoon for US people, and hopefully fairly convenient for members from other countries too.

Any objections? By then the chatroom should be all setup properly and with anna_bot in there full time as lodestone is setting her up for me so I don;t need to have my PC on all the time, and this gives us time to get the word out to members and make sure a fair few people turn up.

I'll get a mass PM sent out to all members soon and advertise it on the site. Sundays chat was pretty cool, but would be good to do it again with more people there Smile

Hell yeah. Thumbs Up Sunday was fun. I'm kinda sad I wasn't able to hang around longer but oh well... Good times regardless.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
ok, the 12th, ill be on all day Grin
Cool, cool. I'll send a bulletin out to all members soon, hopefully we get a good crowd. I should also have Anna_Bot in the channel permanently from now on, thanks to Lodestone! Thanks man! Grin

But in my eyes you're still a bot! Grin

I'll try to get on for the first time then.
Sounds groovy baby! I'll bring the beer... Wink
Shiny wrote:
Sounds groovy baby! I'll bring the beer... Wink

Mines a Hoegaarden, if you're buying I might as well have the expensive beer Pfft

Should be fun Smile

Goddamn posh city dweller, Hoegaarden indeed, suppose you want it in a glass too. what's wrong with Tennants Super? Must be good stuff, all the folk that sleep on our bus station drink it... Wink

Seriously though, yeah, should be good.
Shiny wrote:
Goddamn posh city dweller, Hoegaarden indeed, suppose you want it in a glass too. what's wrong with Tennants Super? Must be good stuff, all the folk that sleep on our bus station drink it... Wink

Seriously though, yeah, should be good.

LOL... I've always thought it ironic that the most popular drink amongst homeless people is one called "tenants"! Pfft I know that's mean, but it's true. LOL

Lucky: err... hi Smile

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