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May 22 2018

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Thread Author: Eightman
Thread ID: 3991
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There are 12 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3323 times.
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Which to choose??
Now i need some help.
I want to get a good fighting game and im choosing between KoF 2000 and
KoF 2001.

Which one should i get?
For the record, ive allready owned 95,96,98 ,99 .
" Its better to burn out, than fade away"(Highlander)
Hi Eightman

Long time no see...

Id definatly go for 01 out of the two. Have you played both?

00 seems more like an unfinished game in my eyes, with the bland backgrounds.

...But truth be told if I were you Id much rather buy 96 or 98 again.

Good luck in deciding, I know that KOF 00 has its fair share of fans on this forum...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Happy to b back Smile
Thats the thing, ive never played 00 or 01, that why i want one of them.
02,and 03 ive played(Not on Neo )

I try to decide by looking at youtube videos.
On the one hand, KoF 00 is the last true KoF from SNK, but on the other hand, 01 seem fresher..

I will decide with the help of you lot. And im grateful for your help.Smile
" Its better to burn out, than fade away"(Highlander)
Hey Eightman

As for myself, I'd go for 2001, but I think it depends on what your preferences are.

What I've heard up to today is that 2001 has the better gameplay concerning the Striker system (although 2001 has less Striker characters than 2000). Furthermore both '00 and '01 have a pretty good background story revolving the NESTS, both with quite some good cutscenes i.e. cutscene artworks.

But as for everything else the KoF community is divided by disagreement. Some people find that '00 has the much better ingame character artwork than '01. In fact the artwork turned into a semi-realistic style into a comic-wise style, from which the latter seems to have turned down many KoF fans.

See for yourself, I'd say it's a matter of tastes ('00 on the left followed by '01).

Then there's the background stages and music. Both games are quite infamous for having not so detailed or quite bland stages, but I must say that there are some nice exceptions like the Egypt stage in 2000 or the Venice stage in 2001. In total I'd say that 2000 has a bit the better overall presentation, so if you are into graphics, I'd go for that one.

But in terms of the soundtrack I must declare '00 as the preferred candidate. 2001 might have a few catchy tunes like The Ruler of the Dark or Psychic Guys, but in general the soundtrack might be quite disappointing to the regular gamer. Not to mention the Japan Team theme...

The OST of 2000 on the other hand is traditional in the taste of the original SNK team, from themes like Wild Party up to The Trooper the last original KoF offers some solid tracks.

And if you still can't decide, there's still emulation to try out. Wink
Out of those I'd have to say 2000. It's the first KOF game that I played on the AES hardware and it will always have a special place in my heart. '94 was the first on MVS hardware so it too will always be special but I do like 2000 a lot.
Buy them both. They are both worth having.
NEO-GEO man wrote:
Buy them both. They are both worth having.

If you can afford it... yeah why not. Eventually I'm going to.
Murikov, some really nice comparision there, thank you for your effort.Smile
Not an easy choise i understand, but made the decision to go for 01 at first(got a good deal on that)
And going to pick up 00 if i get a nice deal.
My thought is to get one good game in every of SNK:s famous series, and actually have time to play them, and not just collect.

Thank you all for your response!
" Its better to burn out, than fade away"(Highlander)
Got my KoF2k1 toaday, and its awesome!

Im happy to bring another copy of this game to Sweden Smile
Its way better i real compared to watch youtube clipsWink

" Its better to burn out, than fade away"(Highlander)
Eightman: You made a correct choice between the two (IMHO)Thumbs Up

Yup, the more KOF:s to SWEDEN the better Wink

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Hi guys.
Now i have another question for u, and im using this thread, it may not be correct.
I hooked up my AES with scart rgb on my 50"plasma.
I have 2 scart connectors on my tv, one rgb and one standard.
When i hook up to scart rgb it gets to detailed and a lot of edges.
Its seem a little more smooth on scart 2, but a little blurried.

My question: I see there is a rgb to hdmi converter on the market.
Somebody tried it? Is that the best way to hook up on a 50"plasma?
Or du you recommend something else?
And of curse, if there is a thread somewhere about this, i apologize.
" Its better to burn out, than fade away"(Highlander)
Sharp is good. Blured is cause it is composite video.

If you go to HDMI from RGB, itll look the same.

If you go to component from RGB, itll also look the same.

Continue using SCART 1 and stick with the RGB you allready have Wink
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